How to Use Figs for Hair?

How to Use Figs for Hair?

How to Use Figs for Hair?

Fruit of heaven, a gift for earth creature, full of nutrients, magical fruit for human health either it’s about skin, medical illness or either for hairs.

Fig trees, one of the earliest one, botanically called Ficus carica, belongs to the mulberry family. It contains vitamins, minerals, an antioxidant which you can’t get from a single food, good for hair.

You are impressed by model’s hairs in shampoo ad? Long, thick shiny, healthy. How they have such beautiful hair? You get impressed by the model hairs in shampoo ad and in a dream to have hairs like those. You can get perfect hair by using figs.

You can use figs for healthy hair in a variety of different ways. Figs are being used in combination with Aloe Vera, honey, lemon, glycerine and fig seed oil for hair growth.

Your hairs require nutrients to grow. Your hairs always tend to grow, old ones are replacing by a new one. But this requires nutrients. A hair follicle needs nutrients to grow. Which comes from your diet and also some natural ingredients and fig is at the top of the list.

How to Use Figs for Hair?

Figs are beneficial for hair. There are many ways you can use figs for hairs growth. Our editors have explained in detail all the best methods for using figs for your hair.

Eat figs

The simplest way to acquire figs benefits for hairs is to eat them. You have to eat 3 figs per day, but for children, 1 fig per day is enough. You can eat both dried and fresh figs but I like the taste of fresh fig, broken by me from a fig tree. It’s a great pleasure to pick up fresh fig from a tree and eat it. Ummmm I’m craving for this after imagining it.

During summer, figs season is no more. You can get dried figs. It’s better to soak dried figs before eating. If you don’t like soaked fig taste, no problem, you can eat as it is but after washing.

Eating figs will provide you all the ingredients required for hair growth. You must feel notice in your hair vibe, thickness, shine and growth with long term fig use.

Figs hair oil

For oil contains all the essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins for hairs growth.

Figs oil and extract are widely used in hair care products like shampoo,  conditioner, etc.

The best way you can use figs for hairs is figs hair oil, although you can also use through many other ways. It’s easy to apply and leave your hair tangle-free, promote hair growth, rehydrate your hairs and add shine to your hairs.

You can use fig oil alone on your hairs or you can also mix 10 -15 drops of fig oil in your hair mask, or can also add in your hair creams. Apply fig oil on your hairs in, either way, leave for one hour and then shampoo your hairs. With fig oil, you can better promote your hair health by using it twice a week. Fig oil, one of the best natural hair moisturizer on earth.

Coconut oil, figs oil and aloe Vera gel hair mask

Although fig oil can be used alone a hair mask is a better option. Hair mask provides nourishment deep to the roots, deep conditioning properties, quick treatment for dry, frizzed, damaged hair.

Damage hairs take time to recover completely but it’s a start of treatment. Within a month you can notice the difference even your split hairs may fix out.

In a clean bowl add coconut oil and fig oil in a 1: 2, mix them. From the fresh stem of aloe vera, separate out the fresh gel and mix in oils. After dividing hair into portions, with applicator apply on hair. Leave for a 30-minute minimum. Wash hair with fresh water. Apply twice a week

Figs, yogurt, honey, and egg mask

Worried from split ends, dry hairs? Tried a lot of remedies but didn’t work well? Tried so-called famous products but all fail in giving result? Try this natural hair mask.

Honey good for hairs, add shines and nourish your hairs. Yogurt moisturize your hairs, condition your hairs and you already know figs benefits for hairs. Egg yolk has protein essential for hairs.

How to make?

In a non-metallic bowl, add 2 figs fruit, 2 teaspoons of yogurt and one teaspoon of honey and one egg yolk. Mix well. Divide hairs in portions and with fingers apply this mask on your hairs. Leave for one hour and rinse off your hairs. Apply twice a week.

Fig smoothie good for hairs

Your hair needs nutrients for growth. Healthy food healthy hairs. There are many fruits which are beneficial for hair growth and by taking through diet is good both for hairs and for your taste buds also. Fig one of the oldest fruit, at the top of the list in fruits good for hairs.

when you take orally, absorbs in blood, boost up the blood circulation of your scalp, provide nutrients in a better way and not only nourish your scalp but also the whole body.

How to make fig smoothie for hair?

To make fig smoothie, you require

  • 3 figs
  • 1 glass of milk
  • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh butter

Put all the ingredients in a blender, blend well. Pour in a glass and in the morning, before breakfast, have this smoothie. It’s full of nutrients, a healthy drink can be equally used in summer or winter. Basically, it’s for hairs but has a lot of other health benefits.

Figs water for hair

Take  5 dried figs and soak in water for the whole night. In the morning, eat figs before the meal. Take figs water in a bowl, add one teaspoon of honey and apply on your hairs. Leave for 1 hour and then rinse off. Do this daily.

Figs water using daily provide essential nutrients to the scalp, with regular use, it will add shine, moisture to your hairs. Also useful in split, dry, damaged hairs.

Figs and date shake

Sound weird? Actually not. This delicious drink will care a lot about your hairs. This drink is specially designed according to your winter needs. It boosts up blood circulation, promotes hair growth, fixes split ends and with other health benefits, produce healthy scalp sebum and add shine.

Take 1 fig, 4 or 5 dates and one glass of milk. Add in the blender and blend well. No need for sugar. According to your taste, you may add half teaspoon of honey. This drink is equally effective for your hairs and your taste buds. Drink twice a week but not daily. It’s heavily nutritious drink so don’t use in excess.

Figs and carrot juice for hairs

Carrots, red vegetable, rich in fibers, vitamins, and potassium, when mixed with figs, have exaggerated effects. When drinks daily, helps in healthy scalp sebum which provides moisture to the hair, enhance blood circulation, new cell formation, and hence new hair growth and fixing of so many hairs problems.

It’s best for treating grey hairs. Aging and its signs are no doubt inevitable but greying of hairs can be minimized to a possible extent. Carrot and figs juice is best to stop hair greying phenomenon.

Take 3 figs fruit and 2 or 3 washed carrots of middle size. Add broth in a blender and also add one teaspoon of honey. If you don’t have honey, you can also use brown sugar but better not to use white sugar. Also, add one glass of water. Blend well and pour in glass. Drink daily. With regular use, you will have so many benefits.

Figs oil hair spray

Too many hairs sprays are present in the market but contain alcohol or menthol for fine spray and due to volatility but damage your hairs. You can make figs oil hair spray which gives out instant moisture to your hairs and adds shine and no doubt with prolong use the, you also have other effects like getting rid of damaged hair, end of split hairs, healthy and thick hairs.

For figs hair spray you require

  • 50ml of figs oil
  • 25 ml of rose water
  • Spray bottle

Mix all the ingredients and pour in a spray bottle. Each time you wash your hairs, give a fine spray on your hairs. Add this hair spray in your daily hair care regimen.

Figs for hair loss

For today’s question, How to Use Figs for Hair? This is a must. Many people claim that as weather changes, their hair growth affected badly. With a change in season, you may notice a change in hairs. With some other environmental factors, your diet also changes and also your hair care regimen.

During winter, you can eat figs, use fig hair oil but can’t do routinely in hot weather. Some people may have an allergy with hair oil. So you can change the way of figs usage.

According to hot weather, change the fig hair mask. Hair loss occurs more frequently in summer due to loss of hair oil by regular hair washing.

For hair loss treatment in summer use this mask.

For summer hair loss mask you require

  • 2 Figs
  • 1 fresh lemon
  • 10 ml rose water

How to make this mask?

In a bowl, add figs fruit, and 10 ml of rose water. Mix and squeeze one lemon juice in it and again mix better with a brush. Apply on hairs especially on roots. For proper application, you can divide your hairs in portion so that no area left. Leave for 1 hour or more.

Rinse off your hairs with fresh water. Apply this mask twice a week daily in the start and then may reduce the frequency with better hair condition. Figs will improve the health of your hair.

In which form figs are good for hair?

Figs are available in both dried and fresh form. In both forms, figs are effective for hairs but if you are making smoothies, figs juice then for this purpose fresh figs are better.

If you are going to have figs water, figs oil, figs hairs mask then it’s better to use dried figs.

Figs are not present throughout the year. Fig trees give fruit in autumn and present till winter. So as not present throughout the year, you can use either which you have.

How can we say that figs are beneficial for hair?

I’m not saying but science has proved that figs contain such nutrients which are effective for hairs. Figs contain

Vitamin B12:

Vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen, part of your promotes absorption of iron by your hairs for healthy hair growth and also vitamin C has antioxidant properties which protect your scalp from free radicals.

Vitamin A: It promotes healthy hair growth by production of healthy sebum. Vitamin A reduces hair damage, it strengthens your hairs.

Protein: Hair follicles need protein like keratin and collagen which fig provides

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is best known to turn frizzy, damaged, unmanageable hairs to shiny, luscious looks

Is there any side effect of figs?

Although healthy fruit is taken by any way has a lot of benefits for hairs and for the whole body but some allergic cases have been reported due to fig consumption.

The side effects develop due to fig consumption are either due to improper use, too much use, or due to already underlying illness like allergy or stomach disturbance.

The exact dose of figs is not literally defined but take into consideration some parameters like age, health condition or hypersensitivity.

Some people use fig leaf which is occasionally safe but not 100 %. In rare cases, it causes irritation.

Fig oil when applied on hairs for hairs growth although gives soft, shiny, free of a tangle, nourished hairs but if applied for a long time, cause scalp acne. tips for figs application for hair

  • Avoid overuse of figs. Figs are best for hair growth but you should not over-consume.
  • If you have a highly sensitive scalp, then either use in small amount or better to first perform hypersensitivity test.
  • If you are eating figs for hairs then use only 3 figs per day.
  • If you feel any distance due to figs juice like heartburn, nausea then drinks once a week.
  • In summer, reduce the number of figs as compare to winter.
  • Fig oil is good for hair growth.

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