How to Get Rid of Rashes on Buttocks?

How to Get Rid of Rashes on Buttocks

How to Get Rid of Rashes on Buttocks?

Redness and itchy skin can lead to the appearance of rash on your body, The rash can even be swollen and painful if not treated accordingly. The rash can appear on the buttocks that can result in a crusty skin with scales formation.

Rashes on buttocks can be extremely discomforting as you may have to scratch on the affected area repeatedly in order to get some relief. We have received a couple of emails about the causes of a rash on buttocks, while few have asked, How to Get Rid of Rashes on Buttocks?

According to, you can use coconut oil, a mixture of oatmeal, aloe vera, tea tree oil will help to get rid of rashes on buttocks. Over the counter, treatment includes oral antihistamines, anti-fungal creams, topical hydrocortisone, and ibuprofen are helpful to reduce buttocks rash.

How to Get Rid of Rashes on Buttocks?

Now, let us discuss a few methods that will help to get rid of rashes on the buttocks. There are many home remedies that can be used for the purpose. Also, over the counter treatment options are available to avoid the rash.

I will start by explaining home remedies to get rid of rashes on buttocks:

Coconut Oil

This is a moisturizing agent and is helpful to get rid of rashes on buttocks. Take a decent amount of coconut oil and put in in the fridge for 10 minutes before applying on the area of Dermatitis.

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Soak your fingers and palm with the oil and gently massage for a couple of minutes, let it be absorbed by your skin. It will help in relaxing the irritating rash and your skin will be better moisturized. Do not rub or massage forcefully, stay gentle with your skin.


You have to make a paste of oatmeal, for this mix it with essential oils and water and make a smooth consistency. Apply the paste to the affected area and let it stay. You may have to repeat the procedure couple of times, this will relieve the itching and you will feel relaxed with a better skin.

Witch Hazel

This is extremely useful in treating itch and rash at the genital area and buttocks. This is becoming increasingly popular among young girls to get rid of itchy skin.

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This is a natural blessing, apply and rubbing honey on the infected area may help you avoid rash and itchy skin. Take a decent amount of honey and gently apply to the areas of buttocks with rashes.

You will notice good results if honey is used on a regular basis. Honey will also make your skin moisturized and stay healthy.

Aloe Vera

This is a natural antiseptic and also helps to reduce swelling. Apply a small amount of aloe vera oil or gel and rub gently on the affected areas on buttocks. You should use this a couple of times a month to make your skin healthy and less itchy. It will make your skin moisturized and hydrated.

You can also use a mixture of aloe vera and honey, take 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of aloe vera oil. Make a gentle mixture and apply on the butt rash. This will calm down the itchy skin around the rashes.

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Tea Tree Oil

This is also a natural anti-microbial agent that is famous for its results with rashes on buttocks. This has unique properties that will make your skin healthy with reduced inflammation and redness.

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Staying Hydrated

You should drink more water and this will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Healthy skin is less vulnerable to infections that can lead to rashes on buttocks.

Avoid Sunrays

Sweating is one of the major reason for buttock rash, stay indoors and if you have to work outdoor prevent sunrays. Sweating is the main culprit here, you have to avoid it and must take bath after working in sunny outdoors.

Maintain Good Hygiene

This is a must for preventing rashes on buttocks, you should always maintain good hygiene. Regularly change undergarments, you can even use anti-prespirants to avoid moisture.

Use fragrance-free body washes for taking bath. Avoid re-wearing of sweaty clothes, itchy fabric, and also keep the genital area and buttocks dry.

Butt rash not create chances of infection but also creates an embarrassing situation for the person because you are forced to scratch. 

Over-the-Counter Medicines to get rid of rashes on buttocks

There are a few over the counter medications that can be used to avoid redness and rash on buttocks. These are commonly available and can be used accordingly. Let me explain a few, Over the counter treatment options to get of rashes on buttocks.

You should always use a gentle fragrance with an oil-free moisturizer for your skin. This will make your skin stay healthy and free of harmful ingredients.

Oral Anti-histamines

oral antihistamines can also reduce inflammation and itchy skin. These help to prevent aggressive rash and you will notice a soothing relief from the itchy buttocks.

If you are having rashes because of an allergic reaction, you will notice improvements with the use of oral anti-allergic medicines. Buy now.

Topical Hydrocortisone

This will help reduce inflammation and itching. This results in a decreased rash with less redness on buttocks. Take a decent amount of ointment and apply gently on the rashes ta buttocks.

You should repeat the dose twice daily and keep your skin dry and clean.

Anti-Inflammatory Medicines

Medicines like ibuprofen will help to relieve pain and swelling. Also, if you do not notice an improvement in your rash, visit your Dermatologist for better opinion.

Using antifungal creams and sprays

These creams will help to get rid of the rash that is caused by a fungus. If the causative agent is a micro-organism that is fungus, you will need an anti-fungal ointment to get rid of a rash on buttocks. 

Adding Zinc

Adding Zinc in your diet will help you prevent rashes and skin-related conditions. Also, using Vitamin D is beneficial for skin and helps boost your immunity.

What Causes Rashes on Buttocks?

Contact Dermatitis: This is one of the most common forms of a rash that may appear on the buttocks. Once your skin comes in contact with irritants that are causing dermatitis, you will experience immediate itching and appearance of the rash. Contact Dermatitis will need time before going away.

You may experience Allergic Contact Dermatitis or Irritant Contact Dermatitis. Itching, in this case, may lead to the appearance of blisters and bumps with painful skin around the rash. In this case, you consult your Dermatologist for an expert opinion.

Heat Rash: This is normal in the summer, the hot temperature can lead to sweating that will eventually cause appearance on a rash on buttocks.

You may experience rashes on buttocks if you work in hot temperature in the summer. This can even lead to skin infections if your skin is constant exposure to moist and hot temperature.

Ringworm Infection: This is a form of a fungal infection that can lead to a severe itching with swelling. You will be forced to itch and this may lead to skin wounds.

Rashes on the buttocks that are caused by the ringworms must be treated with anti-fungal products. You can start with an antifungal ointment or oral antifungal medication.

Psoriasis: Impaired immune system can lead to the Psoriasis and this can cause rashes on the buttocks. This can cause itchy red skin that must be treated accordingly.

Atopic Dermatitis: Commonly known as Eczema, this can lead to a discomforting situation if appeared on buttocks. You may experience very dry skin with itchiness at night.

Acne: This is an infection that originates from the hair follicles, even shaving and normal friction of skin can lead to acne. Acne can be itchy and you will notice rashes on buttocks.

Candida and Yeast Infections: This is one of the common causes of butt rash, this is a form of a fungal infection. There is red swollen with itchy skin, the infection may spread if not treated immediately.

When to See a Doctor for Buttocks Rash?

You should immediately seek an expert opinion if you notice any of the following conditions related to the rash on buttocks:

  • The rapid increase of infected rash on buttocks.
  • If home remedies and over the counter medicines do not work.
  • According to DuskySKin Experts, you should always consult a doctor whenever you have a fever with a rash. This may be due to a serious underlying cause and that needs an evaluation from an expert Dermatologist. 
  • If you notice massive swelling at the infected area. 
  • If there is weeping rash, in which you notice blood-dripping from the wound, immediately consult your doctor.

Feel free to ask questions related to today’s topic. Just post your questions in the comment section below and my team will guide you in detail.

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