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What causes skin peeling on bottom of feet?

Beauty is very important for everyone. Everyone takes great care of it and do so many steps to maintain. But unlucky there are so any disaster in the world that has a very bad effect on the skin. Skin peeling of various parts of the body is one of the effects of environmental change and few other causes.

What causes skin peeling on bottom of feet? Skin peeling on the bottom of the feet can be due to sunburn, allergies, dry skin and eczema. It is recommended that you take proper care of your feet according to your skin type.

There are many reasons due to which your feet can peel. You have to take proper care of your feet according to the nature of the skin you are having. You must take proper care of the symptoms that can you feel on your feet before it is going to peel for a long time.

 Your peeling of feet can be more worst if you are not taking proper care of your feet. Your feet can be damaged for a long time. Your feet recovery can be becoming more complex if you have not properly focused before. 

You can do a lot of things to be prevented from the peeling of your feet. You have to soak your feet many times in a day that can be very effective for taking care of your feet. You have to take the proper care of your feet as much as you can. 

What causes skin peeling on bottom of feet?

Skin peeling is somehow a painful activity but if it is due to some natural process it has no pain but the skin just looks ugly. On the other hand, if it is due to some disease it may be painful and irritating.

 Skin peeling can be mainly caused by your shoe contact dermatitis. Your shoe must be too soft to save you from any type of problem for you. Shoe must be proper in shape and size that you actually want. Shoe must give you proper ease to wear them. Shoe must be properly stitched and no leather must be detached from the sole of the shoes.

 Shoes are much important factor to create a big problem for you. Shoes must be stitched properly. You must buy your shoes from a dignified and recognized cobbler that may not create any type of problem for them.  

Trench feet can cause skin peeling

Trench feet is also the major cause of the skin peeling at your feet. These small things matter a lot in the matter of skin peeling. These small things are generally ignored by you and most of us do not focus pertinently on this issue.

 Trench feet can show major problems that can be easy to identify such as it may create itching in the feet and tingling problem for you. Pain is the most important factor for you to visit the proper dermatologist to whether it is a serious matter or can be ignored easily. 


Eczema is the other major cause of the skin peeling. It can also lead you to the bid disaster regarding your skin. It can also lead to the other problems of the skin. The skin problem can be properly fixed before it can lead to any big thing for you. Your skin can be too irritating due to the eczema in your body.

 Eczema is the major thing that you have to notice and consult the doctor as soon as you get free time. Because it can be more dangerous if you have not visited the doctor. The symptoms of eczema can be pain, redness and other irritating problems of the skin. Skin can be more vulnerable if not treated properly. 


Cellulitis can also become the cause of skin peeling for you because it is the bacterial infection to your skin. When you are suffering from cellulitis swelling and paining are the major symptoms. That you must have to note them at your skin. Your skin will be warm to touch in this disease.

 Disease can be cured if it is identified at the start of its rupture. Blisters may be developed on your skin that can be healed later on by using some ointments by prescription of the dermatologist. Cellulitis is the most important symptoms of the skin peeling on your skin. You just have to take proper care of the redness and pain of your skin. 

Sunburn can cause skin peeling on feet

Sunburn can also be the main cause of skin peeling. You must have to take proper care of your skin. You must be identified from the problem of sunburns. It is caused because of the problem of exposure to the sun for the most time. The normal occurrence of dry skin can be caused by bad care of your skin.

 You have to take proper care of your skin with the help of different moisturizers and lotions. You must have to identify the problem lies in your skin and do proper treatment of the skin. This occurs mostly during the summer season. If feet get directly exposed to the sun and ultraviolet radiations of the sun badly affect the skin. 

Skin Allergies

Allergies of different type can also become the cause of the skin peeling. Skin peeling is due to your carelessness that you have done in caring for your skin. Its symptoms are the scabbed area of the foot that can be damaged due to various reasons. They have to make it clear that allergies can lead to the skin peeling on the bottom of your feet. 

During the season of pollen your feet get exposed to the attack of some pollens and the organisms attach to this pollen cause infection on your foot. You during this season you have to take great care of your feet.

Observe it on regular basis. Never wear the unwashed socks or socks of any other person whose feet are allergic. Always wear neat and clean shoes. Before wearing it you need to clean the dust from your shoes properly. If your shoes are made of leather or plastic wash it before wearing.

If you suffer from this take anti-allergic medicines and if this situation is a severe need to visit dermatologists on a priority basis.

Athlete’s foot

It is an infection caused by the attack of fungi. It usually starts from the toes between the two fingers. It most commonly affects one foot and in some cases, it affects both feet. The most common symptoms are redness on the skin and the person always feels itching and stinging sensation. 

Further if not treated properly in the initial stages it causes dryness and blisters form on the skin. Then after a few days it starts peeling off and all the skin around the figure become white and rough.

It is a disease that occurs mostly due to the contact and it occurs when a person is addicted to walk barefooted. It occurs in swimming pools and showers because of this need to grow a moist environment. If the environment is hot it automatically move towards its decline. 

The other treatment of it is anti-fungal medicine. But you need to take great care of your feet if once you have suffered from this problem. To avoid its next time happening your need to more cautious and regularly observe your feet. You need to keep your feet dry and apply talcum powder so that your feet can dry properly and no fungi can grow in it. 

Always use your own socks never wear used socks of anyone so that you cannot get affected.

Dry skin on feet

If the skin remains dry for long the bacteria start attacking the skin. Due to the bacterial activity, the skin starts peeling off. The dry skin peeling off mostly occurs in those persons whose skin is over dry naturally and it has dandruff. The bacteria and fungi started their activities on the skin and as a result, skin started peeling off.

To avoid this situation you need to take great care of your skin and always need to keep it moist by applying the good quality moisturizer over it after washing it properly. Always wear neat shoes and properly cleaned socks. If the problem not solved apply lotion that is medicated and has anti-biotic activity along with moisturizing capability. In case of severe problem visit dermatologist for proper treatment. 

Symptoms of skin peeling on bottom of feet

You can identify that your skin starts peeling or not. You have to take proper care of your skin that it can lead to the skin peeling at the end. If you are feeling stinging at your feet. It can also be the symptoms of the skin peeling. 

The skin peeling also leads to severe damage to your feet. So you must take proper care of the feet by looking cautiously to the symptoms of the skin peeling.

Other symptoms of the skin peeling can itchiness and burning on your feet. It can also lead to cause a big problem on your feet. Skin peeling can also cause major problems in walking. It may create a serious problem. You may not walk properly for many days also. You may also notice dark spots under your feet.

Redness under your feet can also lead to the problem of the skin peeling. You have to consider the redness in your feet completely. Your skin can be dried up to a maximum extent if you have noted properly at the start of the dryness of your skin. Skin dryness is also major symptoms of the skin peeling. 

Preventive steps and treatment for skin peeling

Following are the preventive steps you need to take so that your feet remain safe from peeling off:

Always wear neat and properly washed socks and never ever try to wear the socks of another person who is infected. You need to wash your feet almost two times a time with good quality soap that is anti-bacterial in action. After washing properly dry your feet with a properly washed towel and also dry your feet properly from in between the fingers. This will helps to heal cracked feet overnight.

Apply good quality moisturizer over it. This also helps to lighten the skin of your feet. If you are infected use that moisturizer which your dermatologist recommended you and sprinkle powder in summers to avoid excessive sweating. If the infection is minor treat it with OTC drugs if the infection is severe consult dermatologist as soon as possible.

Final words

There are various causes due to which the bottom skin of the feet peel off if you take proper care you can remain safe from this. Almost two years ago I suffered from athlete’s foot, I took proper medication and take great care of my infection from that day till now.

I always wear neat and clean socks and washed my feet with a good anti-bacterial soap. Again I never get infected and my feet skin is absolutely fine. So you also have to take great care and if you get infected need to take proper treatment.

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