What causes dark spots under your feet?

What causes dark spots under your feet?

What causes dark spots under your feet?

Dark spots can appear on any part of the skin. Dark spots can be a result of anything like loss of pigmentation from the particular area of the skin. Dark spots have various shapes and sizes. As the prevalence of the dark spots not specified. There is not only one reason that can cause dark spots to appear on the skin. Sometimes these dark spots appear beneath the foot. 

Yes, dark or black spots can appear under your feet. These dark spots under the feet are caused by diabetes, pressure, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, fungal infections, and melanoma. It is recommended that you visit your Dermatologist for an expert opinion.

What causes dark spots under your feet? 7 Main Facts

Various reasons can cause the appearance of black and brown spots under the foot. These spots can appear beneath the foot and around the foot. These reasons are sometimes harmful and sometimes healthy. But the appearance of the places is not suitable for anyone. People find it annoying if they have spots on their skin.No matter these spots are brown or black, but these are harmful and annoying for the skin.

The reasons for these spots vary from person to person. Some people have these spots due to some medical conditions. The ideas for these spots could be diabetes, due to sunlight, internal bleeding, increased pigmentation, more pressure, lack of blood flow, melanoma.


Diabetes is one of the significant causes for having these dark spots under the foot. People with diabetes mostly suffer from these dark spots around the foot and beneath the sole. Due to the excess amount of sugar in the blood, various problems originate in people. One of the significant issues is the appearance of these dark spots on the and under the foot. These spots can be brown.

With increasing severity, the spots turn blacker in color, and these color spots can be dangerous for the skin. Nobody loves the presence of spots on their skin. But diabetic patients go through this problem of dark spots on the surface. Especially on foot and under the sole, some places appear between the fingers of the feet. Sometimes due to some other conditions which occur during diabetes.

These conditions also affect the skin, one of those conditions known as diabetic Dermopathy. In this condition, the supply of blood becomes inappropriate to the vein. Due to this improper regulation of blood, other problems occur on the skin. Due to diabetic Dermopathy, brown spots appear on the surface. These spots can vary from shape to shape and in size. Some places are circular, and some are oval in their appearances. This spot resemblance to those spots that occur due to aging. 

But obviously, the symptoms are different. These spots are brown to black color, but one point to note is that these spots are not painful. These are harmless to the skin but appear on the surface. Sometimes when patients go through the excess intake of insulin. This intake increases the amount of spots on the skin of the foot and the sole.


Sometimes, few spots appear on the skin and under the foot. These spots are usually occurring due to the sunlight. The sunlight affects the skin, and the skin starts losing the pigmentation from specific areas. Due to this loss, the skin becomes resistant to the ultraviolet rays.

Dark brown to black color spots appear on foot and under the foot. These spots are usually known as sunspots. Because these spots appear due to the ultraviolet rays, you can avoid these kinds of places by preventing the sunlight. These spots, which arise due to sunlight; these are not harmful to the skin. These spots do not cause any kind of pain to the surface.

Internal bleeding

Sometimes some problems are due to internal issues. There can be no sign and symptom of the problem which lies externally. But the problem lies beneath the skin and inside the body. These kinds of issues can occur due to the presence of internal bleeding in the body. This kind of problem needs emergency care.

Due to this internal bleeding, some dark spots appear beneath the skin of the foot. These spots can cause Pain to the surface; these spots can be so painful that they need emergency care and treatment. You can use some scrub for removal of these spots from the skin. Strawberry scrub can be the best scrub for the treatment of these kinds of places; you can make this scrub at home. Take at least ten strawberries.

Process these strawberries together. Then you can add these processed strawberries in a jar. Then add oil of your choice like almond or olive oil. By adding this oil, the scrub will get a creamy texture.

You can also add sea salt in this mixture. Mix it carefully. After that, you can rub this scrub on foot. This rubbing should be in a lively manner. During the process of rubbing, take care of the dark spots. Rub the dark places sturdily and vigorously. You can keep using this strawberry scrub until the spots get fade.

Increased pigmentation can cause dark spots under your feet

There are many reasons for dark spots. One of those reasons is hyperpigmentation. Due to hyperpigmentation in the dark skin spot appear. There are various causes of this hyperpigmentation.

But increased melanin plays the most crucial role. Melanin is the substance that provides pigments to the skin. Sometimes this melanin increases from the average level. Due to an increased amount of melanin, some dark spots appear on the surface. 

These spots can be anywhere. But sometimes the melanin increases beneath the foot. Dark spots become very prominent at the foot due to this hyperpigmentation. Some conditions like venous stasis occur. Due to this condition, there is an accumulation of fluid in those areas where dark spots appear. These veins have a function of returning the blood to the heart. When disturbance occurs to these veins, then in result, dark spots appear on the skin. These spots mainly occur beneath the ankle and toes of the foot.

More pressure

Sometimes dark spots on foot and beneath the foot appear due to internal reasons. But sometimes the reason for these dark spots is external due to a certain amount of pressure on some specific areas.

Dark spots appear there. Sometimes the reason can be a shoe. Due to the excessive and continuous pressure, the foot gets pressurized. This pressure causes changes in the skin. Eventually, the problem turns in to appearance of dark spots.

Due to this pressure, the flow of blood varies, and some of the time increases from a reasonable rate. This pressure can be the weight of the body. Obesity causes the appearance of dark spots. And these spots usually appear on the foot because this is the most exposed area due to pressure. You can see that there is an extreme color on the toes and ankle as compared to sole. This issue is because of that absolute pressure on these areas.

Lack of blood flow

Every part of the human body requires a moderate blood flow. This blood flow varies in different conditions. Sometimes due to increase pressure and sometimes due to lack of blood flow, dark spots appear. These kinds of dark spots appear beneath the skin of foot due to a lack of blood flow. 

The flow of blood gets disturbed due to obesity or pressure. Due to some internal changes, there is a lack of blood flow inside the skin. That is why it is imperative to consider this phenomenon. Whenever you notice dark spots beneath the foot, you should find out that either the blood flow is accurate or note. 

You can consult your physician for this analysis. You should find out that the foot and all parts of the foot are getting the right amount of blood or not. Decrease blood flow is very harmful to different parts of the body.


Melanoma is a condition in which there is a decreased amount of melanin in blood. Melanin gives the amount of pigments to the skin. These pigments give color to the surface, due to lack of this substance, the skin loses its color.

But the point here is these losses occur on certain parts of the skin. Due to the lack of this pigment, dark spots appear on the surface. When these spots appear beneath the skin, then this means that there are decease amounts of melanin in these areas. The conditions are known as melanoma; these dark spots should treat. You can consult the dermatologist about this problem. 

Fungal Infections

Some fungal infections can also cause the appearance of dark spots under your feet. It is better that you visit your dermatologist if you observe dark or black spots on or under your feet. These are not painful for the patients. But the treatment is necessary in these kinds of dark spots.

Here is some information related to dark spots underfoot and some reasons associated with this problem. I hope this data will help you in the best possible way. 

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