How to remove facial hair with Aloe Vera?

How to remove facial hair with Aloe Vera?

How to remove facial hair with Aloe Vera?

All women want a beautiful face, but a hairy look messes everything up. Facial hair is a problem of every single woman in the whole world. Some women have lesser hairs, while some have more hair naturally. These hairs are easily visible on their face; that is why they want to remove them.

There are many ways with which facial hair can be removed immediately, Razor or trimmers can be used, but they only suit men. Women also use machines to remove hair, but the face is a delicate part of our body. So, the majority of women do not use tools on their face to remove facial hair. The choice of every woman is different in this matter.

5 steps to remove facial hair using aloe vera:

  • Take a piece of aloe vera and cut its gel
  •  Put coconut oil in aloe vera gel
  •  Gently apply the aloe vera on your face
  •  Use Razor to remove the hair properly
  •  Apply ice using a cloth

Using a machine or a blade on the face without using any type of gel or hair softening cream can be dangerous for your skin. Most women wax or thread on their faces, but that is a bit painful. Some women have allergies because of which their face cannot stand any type of chemical or cream or hair removal material.

Also, because of this reason, women try to find different types of remedies for removing their facial hair. We have a specific way by which you will be able to eradicate your facial hair in no time. And if you perform this method often, you may get rid of your facial hair forever. The factor of permanently removing facial hair is not 100% correct.

How to remove facial hair with Aloe Vera?

This is a step-by-step guide that explains the best methods to remove facial hair with aloe vera.

Using natural remedies can slow the growing process of facial hair, and it can minimize the number of growing hairs too. But it can never stop the hairs from growing on your face. So, by using the recommended technique, you will be able to minimize the growth of facial hair.

Items required:

  • Aloe Vera Plant or gel
  • Coconut Oil
  • Razor
  • Knife
  • Cloth

Note: Do not perform this method if you have any type of allergy from the mentioned items that are required to complete this procedure.

So, let us move towards the explanation with which you will perform the procedure:

Step 1: Take a piece of aloe vera and cut the get

So, before starting, you will have to decide whether you want to use an aloe vera gel or an aloe vera plant. Some people might not find the aloe vera plant around them. Because it is not usually available to the stores. Some locations might have this plant for different purposes.

People also grow this plant in their lawn, and sometimes its plant is found in nearby parks. Well, it is up to you if you want to use a plant or you want to use a gel. If you choose an aloe vera gel, then there is no further explanation for that. If you select the aloe vera plant, then find a piece of plant which is 3 to 4 inches long and use it for this purpose.

You will have to take a piece of aloe vera plant, and you will cut it into smaller pieces. The more parts you have, the more aloe vera you can use on your face. It depends upon how big your face is. If one or two pieces are enough, then do so. If not, then get more aloe vera pieces and do the process of cutting it.

When you have the pieces of aloe vera with you, cut the aloe vera open and see what you have in there. You will see that the aloe vera plant has aloe vera gel inside it, which you will use in your process. This gel is very thick, and it is sticking to the aloe vera plant. After finding the aloe vera gel, take a knife, and create cuts in the gel in the form of boxes.

In this way, the aloe vera gel will have gaps in it.

Step 2: Put coconut oil in aloe vera gel to remove facial hair

If you have a separate aloe vera gel, then put it in a small vessel and put some coconut oil on it. The correct way to put coconut oil on it is to put it on the surface and let it stay on it. Some parts of coconut oil will remain in the aloe vera gel, and some will move away. Mix the aloe vera gel and coconut oil and let it stay for a while.

When the coconut oil and aloe vera gel are mixed, then you will be able to use the mixture on your face. But if you are using an aloe vera plant for removing facial hair, then you may already have cut it into pieces, and these pieces will have cuts in them.

Now, put coconut oil on the aloe vera plant so that it stays in the gaps of the aloe vera gel. When you put coconut oil in the differences of gel, let it rest for a while so that it is mixed with the gel. You can remove facial hair with Aloe Vera.

Step 3: Gently apply aloe vera on your face

After mixing the aloe vera with the coconut oil, you will have to use it on your face. Now, we will tell you the correct way of how you can apply the mixture to your face because you may have a liquid aloe vera gel or an aloe vera plant.

So, if you have a mixture of aloe vera gel and coconut oil, then take a brush and put it in the mix. When the brush is completely dipped in the mix, you will apply the scrub on your face. Dip the scrub into the mix and gently apply it to your face.

Before applying any type of mixture, make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned your face. There must not be any type of oil or makeup on your face, or you may face any severe consequences. So, there should not be any type of moisturizer or makeup on your face. Your face must be cleaned and dried before applying.

Now, if you are using an aloe vera plant, then you will not use any type of brush. You will take the piece of aloe vera plant that you kept before and use it gently on your face. If the part of the aloe vera plant is not providing any aloe vera gel after applying frequently, then take another piece and start using on your face.

Do not be too hard on yourself, and your face is very delicate as you will like to maintain its softness. If not, then you can do this process as much hard as you want.

Where to apply?

You will apply aloe vera on your cheeks, forehead, upper lip, chin, and lower lip. All places should be soaked in aloe vera where you have hair on your face, and you are going to remove them.

Step 4: Use Razor to remove the hair properly

When your face is thoroughly soaked in the mixture of aloe vera gel, take a good quality women razor and use it on your face to remove the hairs. You should not use a used blade as it can infect your skin. So, taking care of hygiene, use Razor in the opposite direction of the growing hair.

The correct way to properly remove the hair is, you must use the Razor in the opposite direction where your hairs are growing. In this way, the hairs are appropriately removed from the pores of your skin and do not appear sooner.

When you are using a razor, you will have to be super careful in your way of using it. Take care of your eyebrows when you are using the Razor near them. Do not even touch the Razor to your eyebrows. Be careful when you are using the Razor on your upper lips.

Using a razor is a very delicate procedure. You can get cuts or scratches. So, gently apply the Razor to remove your facial hair and then move on to the next step.

Step 5: Apply ice using a cloth

After removing all the facial hair using aloe vera and a razor blade, it is time to clean up your face. Use a material to clean up sticky aloe vera from your face. After cleaning up, get an ice cube and put it in a clean cloth. Use that ice and towel on your face to massage.

When you are massaging your face with ice, the pores that are open by using aloe vera and Razor will be closed. So, using an ice cube after this process is necessary. After all the steps, your skin is now clear, and giving a fresh look. You should not worry about applying anything on the face now. If you want to do makeup, then you can use makeup, but you must wait for a few minutes to rest your facial skin.

When you feel that your skin is dried and clean now, then you can apply moisturizer or makeup.

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