How to Use a Pumice Stone on your face?

How to Use a Pumice Stone on your face?

How to Use a Pumice Stone on your face?

There are many beauty products available in the market, but they are filled with chemicals and fat oil. We always need to find some beauty products that are free from chemicals and cannot hurt its natural beauty. Pumice stone is one of those particular stones that are created from lava and water.

Yes, you can use a pumice stone on your face for a healthy and glowing skin. It is recommended that you should rub it gently on your face and must use a moisturizing cream after using this stone.

It is known as an abrasive stone that helps to remove dead and dry skin. It is mainly used to exfoliate the skin, but there are several other ways to use it. There are several purposes to use this stone, such as removing unnecessary hairs, exfoliating the skin, or relieving the stress.

How to Use a Pumice Stone on your face?

In this article, we have added best and proven methods for using a pumice stone on your face for a healthy and glowing skin. However, you can take advantage of this stone daily, but some precautions are necessary to consider.

Before utilizing it, you need to know how to execute it properly. Because, if you do not use it carefully, you can remove a large patch of hair from your skin, risk it with some infection or cause bleeding.

Here, you can find the right supplies and methods to use the pumice stone on your face.

Ingredients required:

You can get pure pumice stone from a general store or local market, or you could buy it at a local beauty store. It is not that expensive and not so rare so that you will find it easily. You need to know that these stones are hard and contain abrasive portions for rough skin and soft parts for sensitive skin.

To softly exfoliate your face, you need some things such as a big bowl and soapy water. But these are just for feet. However, to use it for the neck, face, or elbows, you need the following ingredients.

  • Pumice Stone
  • Moisturizer (oil, cream or lotion)
  • Bristled brush
  • Soft and Flexible Towel
  • Moisturizing socks (non-compulsory)

Soak your skin very well

You will have to collect all the supplies in a single place, but you have to make sure that both the stone and water are pure and clean. After gathering these materials, wash your face with that water for up to five minutes. Rinsing your skin will make it soft and smooth. You need to use the pumice stone before showering, so try not to shower or use soap before using it.

You need to use only warm water while soaking because it is the only thing that can make it soft. I recommend you not to use the pumice stone on dry skin as it can cause rashes and redness on your skin. When a pumice stone is wet, it can easily be glided across the skin, which mitigates the risk of injury.

If you want your skin to be extra soft, drop some oil or moisturizer in the water but try to avoid soap, especially when you are using it for the face, elbows, and knees. Furthermore, you need to complete the following step in a warm bath so that the skin can become extra soft.

You need to keep the skin soaked until you feel that it has been softened. The reason is that dead skin becomes more comfortable to remove if it is supple and soft. In that case, touch your face several times while rinsing it. If you feel that it is rough or not softened yet, repeat the process for few more minutes. However, if you think that skin has softened, move on to the next step.

Some people also use the pumice stone to remove the unwanted hairs. In this case, you need to lubricant or shower get with mild water to remove the dead cells of the skin and unnecessary hairs.

Rub on pumice stone on the face

In this step, you need to be precautious. Before rubbing the stone on the face, wet it for one minute. Soaking it for a longer time can help to slide it effortlessly across the skin, instead of catching on it. In this case, you can dip the stone for one or two minutes or run it under the warm water.

Rub the stone carefully on your face in a circular motion to remove the dead skin. If your face skin is softened enough, it will take no less time to come off, but if it did not soften enough, then it could be rubbed more than the usual time. Use the light pressure while rubbing it. Try to move the stone in each direction and do not stick on just a circular one.

By applying gentle pressure on the rock, you will feel the top layer of your skin coming off, which is also known as calluses. Calluses are formed due to dead skin and do not contain any nerve endings, so the procedure is not very hurtful.

You can also do a slow massage on your face for like two minutes. If you feel that your skin is becoming sore, mitigate the process instantly because it can damage your skin due to high pressure. On the contrary, if you are using it for your feet, then you can apply high pressure because this is known as the hard area of your body.

If you want to remove unwanted hair, just rub the stone in a tiny area in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. Repeat the process until you get the hair plucked out. Before rubbing the stone, try to select a small part of the skin instead of going through the whole face.

After removing the hair from a small area, gently move to the next one. You can also reduce the irritation from the skin by applying gentle pressure on it.

Rinse and Repeat

After two minutes, rinse your face with warm water. If you still feel some portions of dead skin on your face, repeat the process. This process can be best for severe and acne scars on the skin. After wandering through dead skin and removing calluses from the skin, rinse it again.

After rinsing it and removing the calluses, clean the skin with a soft towel. You could use wet tissue or any other piece of cloth such as silk, as you like. Remove the remaining pumice stone from your skin to see whether it has removed the dead skin or not.

Sometimes, the pumice stone washes off by itself while using. In this case, you need to exfoliate your skin. For this purpose, turn over the stone and use it again so that you can easily exfoliate the skin. Exfoliating skin keeps the surface of the skin smooth, effective, and clean.

When you are done with the process, rinse it, or use a soft brush to scrub the stone. You can also use some chemical-free soap to remove the bacteria and let it dry. In the end, you have to rub the pumice stone against hard surfaces only to remove dry and rough skin.

You need to know that it is not a quick process, and you may not get the immediate results after the initial treatment. But you need to keep patience because it might give slow results. Just be careful while using and do not rub off to much skin instantly as it might cause some severe injuries or sores. However, you just need to know that pumice is a game of patience.

Use a moisturizer after using a pumice stone on face

This is the last step and necessary step in which you need to apply some kind of oil or cream on the skin. It could help you to maintain the skin and keep it soft and moisturized. Moisturizer or lotion can be considered as a boost for the pumice stone.

During this process, try not to share anything with anyone else, especially the pumice stone, because it contains dead skin with it and can cause allergies if used by another family member. Make sure that every family member has its separate pumice stone. To remove dead skin from the stone, wash it and rub it with a scrub brush while keeping it under the flowing water.

You can also add some soap to clean the pumice stone. In this way, the stone will be hygiene and ready to get used for the next time. After using the stone, let it dry by itself. Just keep it in a dry area where the environment is not moist. Try to keep it at a place where bacteria cannot grow soon.

If you want to clean your skin deeply, boil the stone for like five to seven minutes before using it. You could also add a small cap of bleach while boiling to kill the undesirable bacteria. After boiling, dry it by keeping it away from the damp areas. Some stones come up with attached strings that allow you to hand it so it can be appropriately dried and be used safely.

Pumice stone does not remain forever and wear off by time. If your marble becomes too smooth or small, replace it, because it will become ineffective. You can repeat this process, after one or two weeks when you feel some calluses on your face. But you must not create a routine for it as it can develop rashes on your soft skin, especially if the skin is sensitive.

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