How to remove upper lip hair using Gelatin?

How to remove upper lip hair using Gelatin?

How to remove upper lip hair using Gelatin?

In this beautiful world, every woman wants gorgeous skin, but unnecessary hairs on our skin ruin this wish. But now you don’t have to worry anymore because I am going to reveal some secrets that can help you remove unnecessary hairs from your face, especially from upper lips.

Yes, you can easily remove upper lip hair at home by using gelatin. It is recommended that you clean the skin and then apply the gelatin mask on upper lips, let it dry and peel it off to remove hair on upper lips.

It is a purely natural remedy that can help you get rid of upper lip hair instantly. The growth of hair on our skin is a natural process, but the bit of hair on upper lips, cheeks, or chin causes nothing but embarrassment. It also impacts our confidence level. But now, you don’t have to worry anymore because you don’t need costly methods to remove hair, such as laser treatments.

How to remove upper lip hair using Gelatin?

Today, most of the expert recommends using gelatin instead of costly wax products. It is a homemade remedy that removes dirt from the skin. It efficiently removes the hair from the skin, just like wax. Furthermore, it nourishes the upper lip portion of the skin, unlike wax or laser treatment.

Now, you can easily wax the upper lip hair at the spot, especially when you have to attend a party in an hour, and there is no one available to remove those hairs. Here are some helpful steps and precautions that you can use to remove upper lip hair easily with the help of gelatin.

Ingredients you need to make a gelatin mask for upper lips hair

Before getting rid of the upper lip hairs, you need to know how to make a gelatin mask, which is our main component. The materials that you need to make a gelatin mask are as follows:

  • Gelatin Powder- 1tsp
  • Lemon Juice- 4 tsp
  • Milk- 3 tsp
  • Aloe Vera Gel- 1tsp
  • Lavender oil- 1 to 2 drops
  • Rose Water – 1 tsp

Instead of box milk, you can also use raw milk, which is considered as the right agent of fairness. So, I suggest using raw milk to increase the complexion of skin and moisturizing the tone of the face.

Mix the ingredients very well

First of all, you need to collect all the materials accurately. Find a pure, clean bowl and add all the ingredients in it except for the gelatin powder. You need to save the gelatin powder for the next step because it can create complications.

You can also add sugar in the ingredients for improved results. First of all, add rose water and raw material and mix it. Use rose water instead of the simple one as it helps to maintain the PH level of the skin. It also soothes the skin and avoids the secretion of oil.

After this, you need to add aloe vera gel, which is known as a cooling agent for the skin. You need to know that it helps to lighten up the blemishes in your skin. After mixing everything very well, add the powder in the end and mix it.

Gelatin is considered one of the best ingredients as it helps to improve elasticity in the skin and remove the dirt too. It also helps to unclog specific pores in the skin and lighten up the dead cells. However, I advise you not to use any flavored gelatin because it can leave a stain on your skin. The same precaution is for the colored gelatin too.

Use the big boiler to blend the gelatin because you have to make it smooth. For this, find a large container and pour warm water into it. Place the big bowl over the mixture and stir it continuously. Repeat this process until the powder gets smoothly melted.

After mixing it very well, you need to microwave the mixture for about 30 seconds so that it could be easily applied. This process is optional or alternative, so it’s your choice to microwave the combination or not. You can also take hot milk if a microwave is not available. After blending, if you get a custard-like paste, then you are ready to go.

Additionally, you could also add honey in the paste or mixture is your skin is sensitive. Honey could help to heal the skin in case of any reaction, as it is best known for soothing properties.

Clean the skin

Moving on to the next level, you need to clear your skin, especially upper lips before applying it. Take some warm water and a soft piece of cloth. Soak it and clean your skin very thoroughly.

You can also use wet tissue instead of the fabric. Use the thing that makes the process easy for you. However, the alternative and simple method are to wash or rinse the face with warm water.

Apply the gelatin to remove upper lip hair

It is an important step, so you need to be very careful while applying. While applying the mask, try to keep your eyes and nose safe, especially when you are applying it on the upper lips. If you are applying the mask on your face instead of just lips, then you need to use petroleum jelly to keep them safe. You need to make sure that the mixture is not applied near the eye or eyebrows.

You can use a small thick brush to apply it on the face instead of using the hands. You can also use a better version of the face pack brush. It can be more helpful if you use Popsicle sticks for the upper lip area. As you need to apply only a thin layer of the mixture in that area, so Popsicle can be the best alternative.

After applying gelatin on the upper lip, leave the mask for about 25 minutes. However, I think 20 minutes are enough, but for better results, keep it for longer. You need to apply a thick layer on your skin, especially on the upper lips, so that the process of peeling off becomes less painful.

Sometimes, you feel that the mask is getting thick on applying. In that case, you can use a boiler or microwave to melt it again. After leaving it on the face, you will feel that it is sticking to your face. You need to be careful and do not try to talk after applying it as it can damage your skin. You will also feel that the dryness on your skin after a few minutes.

Peel it off

It is considered as a most painful but useful step. When you feel that the mask has been completely dried off, peel it off slightly in one quick second. Try to remove it in the opposite course of the hair growth for better results. It is a somewhat painful process, but after completing it, you will notice that all of your unwanted hairs are gone.

It is not very painful if you are using it for the upper lips only. Just snatch it in one single motion, and you will find out the most beautiful skin of yours. Most of the women also use gelatin mask to remove their blackheads. I also suggest you avoid other painful processes to remove these tiny hairs from your face.

Although, the gelatin face mask removes the hair from upper lips instantly but sometimes it results in some redness or patches. In that case, you don’t have to worry because this redness is temporary and usually occurs when it is your first time. So, I suggest you use this mask in the night or when you have a lot of time if you are first time user to avoid the redness of the skin.

Finishing Up

It is the last step of removing upper lip hair with gelatin, you need to moisturize your skin. Gelatin is made up of animals, but vegetarians can use vegetarian gelatin available in the market. After peeling it off from the skin, you need to apply some kind of moisturizer or milk cream because gelatin stinks a bit.

You can also wash your face with the leftover paste. However, you should avoid any chemicals like soap after using the gelatin mask. It is not a good idea and can cause skin reactions. Furthermore, if you have to go somewhere out after applying the mixture, use sunscreen after peeling off. I recommend you to use the sunscreen that contains moisturizer in it.

Some women usually ask a question about this process as, whether the gelatin mask removes hair permanently or not. In this case, I should tell that it is not a permanent process and does not remove the hair permanently. But I assure you that it removes the hair for a long time. However, the plus point is that there are no chemicals involved in this process, and it is ultimately a safe process.

Now, that you know how to remove the unwanted hairs from upper lips through gelatin at home, you can efficiently conduct this process one in a week or once in two weeks. It is a time-saving process and a 100% remedy for the skin. The one thing that is important for you to know is that this process is suitable for all kind of skins except for the highly sensitive ones and the one with the acne-prone.

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