Why does my skin absorb makeup?

Why does my skin absorb makeup?

Why does my skin absorb makeup?

Women face mornings, where they go to work with a simple throw of blush and light lipstick. But when it’s 11’o’clock, the makeup starts to wear off. It is like you never wore makeup, which is a significant problem. Most of the women hate this thing and tries to find out how they can wear makeup for a long time.

According to Duskyskin.com, here are the main reasons that can make your skin absorb makeup fast:

  • You get ready too early
  • Use lip balm before applying lipstick
  • Your skin is oily
  • Your procedure might be wrong
  • Problem of sweating
  • Your skin is fuzzy
  • Still using old makeup

Most of the women frustrate over these little things because they think that without makeup, they didn’t look. It is true because you want to look gorgeous every time. Sometimes it is not just fault of yours; it is your skin that absorbs the makeup. It happens due to many reasons. 

Why does my skin absorb makeup?

Sometimes, your skin is so oily that it absorbs all the makeup, or sometimes you get ready too early. Some women always touch their skin, such as rubbing their eyes or touching the face, which can smear off the makeup. Your hand is usually warm, which breaks down your composition on continuous touching.

Here, we are going to reveal some reasons due to which you will understand why your makeup does not last long and why your skin absorbs makeup so early. In this way, you could avoid those things, and will keep your beauty up to date for a longer time. 

You get ready too early

In many situations, women have to get prepared in a hurry. For example, they get an invitation to the business meeting and have to get there in like one hour. But in some situations, women get ready too early, and we consider that it is a logical reason because you want to get prepared before time. 

However, most of the women usually wash their faces, apply lotion on it for the miniaturization, and then put on some makeup. But if you are doing this too early, like one or two hours before the event, then there is a 100% chance that it will wear off quickly. You need to give a break between applying lotion and makeup. 

A famous makeup artist, known as Susan Posnick, states that applying foundation right after the moisturizer is not the right thing to do. You need to wait for like five to seven minutes after applying lotion so that the moisturizer completely gets absorbed in your skin. This process can help you to keep your makeup for a long time and prevent your skin to absorb makeup fast.

Use lip balm before applying lipstick

Another mistake that women usually make is putting their lipstick without applying lip balm. We suggest that you must use a good lip balm as it keeps your lips soft, moisturized, and pink too. Try to put lip balm first before applying lipstick, but there is something precautious here also.

As we have suggested not applying foundation right after applying lotion, We also recommend you don’t use the lipstick on your lips right after putting the lip balm. When you put on a lip balm, it produces scratches of oil to keep your lips soft and create a kind of slippery surface. If you immediately apply the lipstick after the lotion, the shade will vanish or smeared. 

In this case, you need to keep the balm for only five minutes so that it gets absorbed in your lips and then try to put on the lipstick for better and excellent results. We hope, in this way, your lips will not absorb the lipstick, and it will remain for a longer time. This will prevent your skin to absorb makeup fast.

Oily skin causes makeup to absorb quickly

Sometimes women don’t get that their makeup is not lasting for long due to their skin. Naturally, some women have oily skin, but this can be avoided easily. Oily skins are not bad for you, and it has both merits and demerits. For example, your face always gets moisturized by itself, and you don’t have to apply any lotion or cream on it.

On the other hand, the oily skin results in wearing off the makeup so quickly. In this case, you can use some advice to prevent this. First of all, try to exfoliate your skin. There are various methods to exfoliate that you can try at home. 

In this case, you can use a watery moisturizer or skip it on the whole. You can also try a mattifying product before applying the foundation, which is known as the great moisturizer. It acts as a primer and can fix your problem quickly. So, try to put on these things if you have oily skin so that you can keep the makeup for a longer time. 

Your procedure might be wrong

Sometimes women apply makeup with an incorrect method. For example, some women use foundation with the help of their fingers, and some apply it through the blender. But you don’t know what the right way to apply it is.

Most of the beauty products have different ways to apply it. Such as, most of the women apply foundation through foundation brush or blender only because it is difficult to blend it with the hand. Furthermore, you can use different products such as Laura Mercier primer or decay sprays. These products can be easily applied to your face and can last longer. It can also press the setting powder, which helps to stay longer. 

Some cheap makeup products can damage your skin if you get absorbed. You need to use the products that are of good quality likewise Sephora that are non-toxic and not so expensive. Try to check the reviews before buying the makeup products because you should know that your health is the most important thing. 

We also recommend you to add the powder in your makeup products to avoid the absorption. You can make your foundation last longer by setting or mixing it with a powder. Don’t use extra powder, try it with some liquid makeup so that it can be well settled; otherwise, the composition will be absorbed. 

If you do not like any powder, then try to procure the Hourglass Lighting Product, which is soft and goes with every kind of skin. Some women try to touch up their faces through a powder brush. You don’t know that a powder brush does nothing but moving the makeup further. So avoid using it in excess and try to blot before doing it. 

Sweating causes the skin to absorb makeup

Most of the women are professional today, and they have to run different errands, just like men. In this case, they have to go outside in the hot sun, which causes sweating. Most women sweat a lot because of their skin tone, which is a natural process. But sometimes, the slight sweat can melt your makeup in an instant. 

For example, you can get sweat by running up the stairs or through the heated run to your favorite coffee shop, which can affect your makeup. In such type of situation, the skin usually absorbs the composition, and it becomes you never wore it. 

You can avoid this by reducing these mundane daily exercises all day. Just try to remain calm when you wore makeup so that you can blush for a long time. 

Your skin is fuzzy

Some women have a fuzzy face, which means that there is always little hair on your face that hinders the application of makeup. We know that sometimes you don’t get to face wax when you are in a hurry, but it could be worth trying to giving it a whole shave before applying makeup.

The truth is that a fuzzy or hairy face can mitigate the process of excellent makeup application. If you are making the same mistake repeatedly, then you need to think about it. Try to remove the errant hairs from your face so that it could become much smoother. 

According to the experts, you can find pure beauty and can make the makeup last long though a perfect exfoliation and removal of small fuzzy hair from the face. So, it is no harm in doing a five-minute face wax before applying makeup on it, especially when you have a blurred look. 

Still using old makeup

Some women don’t understand the quality of the composition. They don’t have the idea that makeup products also have an expiry date and make it useless after the expiration date. If your makeup bag is too old and you have not checked it for a long time, it’s better to check it now. Look for the unused makeup products and check the expiration date on it. 

You should know that the old makeup products cannot stay longer, and it gets absorbed in the face too quickly. It usually functions less efficiently, which is a moment of concern. You also need to understand that the old makeup can also ruin your skin and can damage its cells.

So, we recommend you to use this excuse to buy new products and replace the old ones. After all, you are trying to look beautiful by painting your face so you should go for whatever it takes. Make your efforts worth to look elegant. 

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