How to lighten the skin on my feet?

How to lighten the skin on my feet?

How to lighten the skin on my feet?

Most of the time, people come up with the problems of skin darkening. They say that they have this issue where the tone of the skin is uneven. Somewhere it is very dark, and somewhere it is slightly opaque. Most of the people say that they have this darkening issue of the face and hands. But one body part which is almost neglected by most of us is feet.

Many people consult with the dermatologist about the darkening of their feet. There can be multiple reasons that is why the feet gets dark and inappropriate. The skin starts getting dark slowly, and eventually, the whole skin become dark. Even the skin tone becomes uneven when you compare it with the other skin or body.

Yes, you can lighten the skin on your feet with homemade remedies. Home remedies for lightening up the skin on feet include the use of Honey, use of different masks, use of citrus, use of baking soda, take care of your feet, less exposure to sunlight, do not apply many chemicals, use of vinegar and salt, chemical peels, application of moisturizer, whitening creams for feet, good diet, massage, and exfoliate the skin of feet.

How to lighten the skin on my feet?

In this article, we have added 13 best and proven methods to get healthy and glowing skin on your feet. All these are homemade methods for skin whitening.

We have explained all these methods in detail here:

Use Honey on feet

Honey is one of the most exotic skin lighting factors you can use raw HoneyHoney. The HoneyHoney in natural form removes the dryness of the skin only. Mostly the dehydration on feet causes the darkening of the skin on feet. By using HoneyHoney, you can make the skin soft.

By apply five to six drops of HoneyHoney directly on the feet, and you can leave the feet for almost half an hour. After the completion of time, you can wash your feet with plane water.No remedy is magic, but if you will continue doing it again and again. It will help you to get bright skin. 

Use different whitening masks

Sometimes scrubbing and rubbing is not the only solution. When the skin gets dark, you can mask it. For the feet, you can use different kinds of masks. These masks help in removing the tan of the skin. When the skin gets tanned, the first remedy should be the clay mask. Mix the raw clay in water and apply it on the dark skin. This mask will help to reduce the darkness of the skin.

Another cover is helpful in the whitening of the skin on feet. Egg white mask is beneficial and practical. Egg whites help in the lightening of the skin tone.No matter what it is about-face or feet. Egg whites help a lot. For making this mask, you can take an egg white of one to two eggs in a bowl. Then you can add some oil to your own choice in it.

Some drops of lime juice will make the mask more effective. Just beat all these things together correctly and apply the mask on darker areas. Leave the cover for fifteen to twenty minutes. It will form a thin layer. You can remove this thin layer after dryness. Wash your feet with plain water. These masks will help the skin of the feet to lighten up. 

Use citrus

Citrus helps in the whitening of the skin tone. It has multiple effective ways through which citrus lighten up the skin. Now it is up to you if you want to consume the citrus you can drink it in your food. But topical applications have more benefits as compared to consumption.

Because no one can take this much citrus in their diet, you can directly apply the citrus on the infected area. This method helps in the lightening of the skin. Citrus brights the darker areas and make them white and glowing.

Apply baking soda

Baking soda helps in the whitening of the skin tone. It helps in various skin problems. Baking soda helps in making the skin brighten the light. For the use of baking soda for the lightening if skin on feet, you have to make a solution. You can take three to four spoon of baking soda in a bowl.

Then add a small portion of water in it. Mix both things carefully. After that, make the consistency of the mixture like a solution. Then add this solution into warm water in bathtub. Dip your feet for at least fifteen minutes in this mixture. You can use a stone or a rubbing brush for the cleaning of your toes.

After the whole process, you can wash your feet with plain water. Use a towel to tap the feet and dry them properly. This method is safe and effective for the lightening of the skin on feet.

Take care of your feet

Today we are living a hectic life; everyone cares about their face and even hands. But nobody takes care of their feet. Because of their negligence, the feet start losing their tone. Dirt particles and other foreign particles start accumulating in feet. These factors make the skin darker and damaged.

For resolving this problem, you must take care of your feet. Clean and wash the feet regularly. Avoid exposure to dirt. And if somehow it happens, wash your feet with water. Keep them clean and hygienic. 

Less exposure to sunlight

Maximum exposure to sunlight causes the tanning of the skin. The darkening of the skin is mostly associated with sunlight. Due to the ultraviolet rays, the feet get dark in tone. Most of the parts of the body which get exposed to sunlight these parts start to get tanned. To avoid this kind of darkening, you must avoid exposure to sunlight. Cover your feet with socks or other footwear when you go to sunlight areas.

Moreover, you can also use a sunblock on the feet before going to sunlight. When the feel will jot expose to sunlight directly, they will be safe from tanning and darkening. This method is safe and effective. Consider this method daily, especially in summers.

Do not apply many chemicals

There are many chemicals in the market, which helps in the lightening of skin tone. There are also many products which are available for feet as well. Most people apply these products on their feet for removing the darkness, but sometimes they have different effects.

The use of many chemicals again and again finally reaches a level where the skin becomes resistant. The skin starts getting darken. To resolve this issue, avoid using too many chemicals on feet. Otherwise, they will lead to skin darkening. 

Use vinegar and salt

Salt plays a significant role in cleaning the skin. It has a wondrous property of cutting the dirt from the surface. Vinegar is another ingredient that plays an essential role in the cleaning and whitening of the skin. For this purpose, you can mix one tablespoon of table salt and half tablespoon of vinegar. You can add this mixture in warm water in the tub.

Then put your feet in this mixture for at least fifteen minutes. During this process, use a bristle brush to rub your feet. This method will help you to clean the feet and avoid the feet from getting dark. The process is easy and very effective. You can repeat this method every three days.

Chemical peels can lighten the skin of your feet

Instead, then scrubbing and sometimes rubbing feeling gives more benefits. You can use orange peel for the whitening of the feet. For this purpose, you can buy orange powder from the market. This powder is readily available in the market. Then you can take one to two tablespoons of this orange powder in a bowl and add half a cup of milk in it.

Mix the orange powder and milk. After that, apply this mixture on your feet with the help of a soft brush. Leave the mixture on feet for at least twenty minutes. This mixture will form a thin layer and after the dryness of the mix. You can easily peel off this mask. This peel will help you to brighten your feet.

Apply moisturizer

There are many methods through which you can brighten your feet. But there are some precautionary measures as well. By doing these preventive measures, you can keep your feet light and bright. One of these precautionary measures to maintain the skin white is using a moisturizer. You can use moisturizer of your own choice.

According to your skin, you can buy a moisturizer from the market. You can apply any kind ko moisturizing lotion or gel on the affected area. Rub your feet for some time and leave the skin overnight or for some time. After that, you can wash your feet with plain water.

This moisturizer will help you to keep your feet clean and light daily. Moisturizing helps in the cleaning and whitening of the skin. There is no specification for the can choose and buy any moisturizer. You can moisturize your feet by using oils like coconut oil or almond oil. Oil gives much moisturization to the skin. These oils help in the whitening of the skin.

Whitening creams for feet

In the market, there are multiple creams and lotions available, which helps in the whitening of the skin. These creams are available in the market quickly. You can buy any whitening cream or lotion from a beauty store or a cosmetic market.

These products help to reduce the melanin of the skin; melanin gives the skin pigmentation. Due to hyperpigmentation, the skin becomes dark. But as there is the use of these products, there are some side effects of these products as well.

You must consult your dermatologist before using any of these lotions or commercial creams for the whitening of the skin. You should not use any product which contains mercury in it. These products have a lot of side effects with benefits. Dermatologist will prescribe you the best product for the whitening of the skin.

Good diet

Although you can do multiple measures for the whitening of the skin, one of the most basic methods which you can applicate in the prevention of skin darkening, you can prevent the skin from getting dark with a balanced and fantastic diet. For this purpose, you need to eat various fruits and vegetables.

Try to eat fruits that contain vitamin c in bulk. Vitamin c helps in the whitening of the skin. That is why your diet should provide many green vegetables and fruits. A balanced diet will give your skin proper whitening, and it will help to avoid darkening of the skin for keeping the skin white and bright drink a lot of water.

But do not go with an excess of water. Excessive water can be dangerous for your skin. But whenever you feel thirsty, drink water. Try to keep your skin hydrated. Try to eat fresh and healthy. Prefer homemade food over the food of the market. Use fatty foods like avocados. These foods help to lighten the skin on your feet.

Massage and exfoliate the skin of feet

Massaging and exfoliating, the skin helps the skin to stay light and bright. You can use moisturizer of your own choice. You can use any lotion or oil of your choice. You can massage your feet with this lotion daily massaging will improve the circulation of blood and lighten the skin on your feet.

This method will help you to keep the skin bright. You are massaging avoid the darkening of skin because it prevents the dirt particles from the surface. Other than pressing, you can also use the method of exfoliation. For this purpose, you can buy an exfoliator your choose from the market.

You can make your type of exfoliator at home. You can just mix any oil of your choice with coffee grinds, sugar or oats grinds. Apply this on your skin for the whitening of the skin. Exfoliation helps in keeping the skin light and bright. Do not exfoliate the skin daily.

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