How to Use Star Anise Seed for Wrinkles?

How to Use Star Anise Seed for Wrinkles?

Star anise botanical name is Illicium verum. It is a flowering plant, and as its name indicates, it is star-shaped. It has six to eight points; all these points contain a single seed. Star anise is brownish in color. The flavor of star anise is somehow like licorice, which is both sweet and spicy.

Yes, you can use star anise seed oil for wrinkles. You can use star anise seed in combination with cinnamon, fuller’s earth and rice water to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on face naturally.

Star anise is an excellent source of various vitamins like Vitamin A BC and multiple antioxidants. Anethole is the main constituent of star anise. Anethole is present in star anise in both cis and Trans. Other than anethole methyl chavicol and Foeniculum are main constituents in star anise. Anethole is the main constituent that has its role in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles.

How to Use Star Anise Seed for Wrinkles?

In old age, our skin starts to lose collagen and elastin, which tightens our skin and gives it firmness. The wrinkles are a sign of aging, and no one wants them. The simple and cheap method to reduce or completely treat wrinkles is to use star anise. Star anise is the best ever remedy for treating wrinkles and fine lines. This simple herbal plant work miracles in treating wrinkles.

Star anise contains anethole which has detoxifying power. It effectively detoxifies skin and removes all the toxins. Star anise is also a rich source of tannins, which also help to make our skin tight and smooth. Tannins have astringent properties that help to smooth and soften the wrinkles and fine lines.

Star anise acts as a toner and deeply detoxifies skin not superficially but also deep layers of skin. Star anise should be applied regularly to see visible results. As it is a herbal remedy, you will see a visible, effective reduction of wrinkles over a period of time. In this article, I will describe some good recipes of star anise to treat all your wrinkles and fine lines.

Star anise can be used in several forms for treatment form. It can be used alone as a toner or in combination with various ingredients. Star anise can be used in powder form, or you can make its extract to form various face masks.

Star anise oil is a potent ingredient to treat wrinkles and fine lines effectively. It deeply soothes and detoxifies all the fine lines. Anethole, which is essential for wrinkle treatment, is in concentrated form in star anise oil. Here are some of the recipes of star anise for the treatment of wrinkles.

Star anise toner to treat wrinkles

Star anise extract alone is the best toner to treat wrinkles. The extract of star anise seeds is very simple to make. All you need is star anise seed water and a pot or kettle. Firstly boil some water in a pot. Then add star anise seeds in it and let it boil for some time. This boiling will release all the active constituents of star anise in water.

Make sure to boil it slowly until all the constituents are completely released from seeds. Then turn off the stove and allow the solution to cool down. This cooling further releases the remaining constituents in water. Then strain the solution to drain all the impurities and seed shells. Then put this solution in an airtight container.

Apply this star anise extract daily at night and leave it overnight to treat all wrinkles effectively. The extract should be applied on a regular basis as it takes time to see visible results. Leave it overnight, and it deeply soothes and softens the wrinkles. This will help in speedy removal of wrinkles.

You can use this extract within seven days to keep it in a clean and dry place. Refrigerate the extract to avoid any microbial action in the extract.

Star anise oil

Star anise oil is a more concentrated form of all the constituents to treat wrinkles. Star anise oils can be extracted from star anise seeds by steam distillation. Star anise oil alone or in combination with some other essential oil is a more potent recipe to treat wrinkles.

For better results, take one teaspoon of star anise oil and one teaspoon of some other essential oil like jojoba oil or argan oil.

Mix both these oils thoroughly.

Apply this mixture on your face with a brush and leave it for fifteen to thirty minutes.

Then remove this mixture with lukewarm water or with rose water.

Apply this mixture overnight and on alternate days to treat wrinkles.

Star anise seeds with cinnamon

Star anise seeds, when combined with cinnamon, give excellent results in wrinkles treatment. To make this recipe, you need some star anise seed 2-inch cinnamon piece water and kettle.

Firstly boil water in kettle for some time and then add star anise seeds and cinnamon in water.

Let it boil for sometimes until all the constituents of both constituents are released in water.

Be careful that both ingredients should not be burnt because they lose their efficacy when burnt.

When boiled, allow it to cool down and then strain it to get the extract of ingredients.

Please keep it in an airtight container.

Apply this extract overnight daily to effectively treat all wrinkles.

Star anise seeds with fuller’s earth 

Star anise seeds in combination with fuller’s earth or Multani Matti are an excellent recipe to treat wrinkles. The fuller earth deeply cleanses and tightens the skin. It also helps in removing dark spots from the skin and makes it healthy.

For this recipe, you will need star anise seeds Multani Matti and water.

Firstly make an extract of star anise seed by boiling it in water.

Then mix this star anise toner and Multani Matti in a separate bowl. Mix both ingredients thoroughly to make a homogenous mixture.

Apply this face pack on your face for thirty minutes.

Then wash your face with Luke warm water or soap.

If you have dry skin, you can add aloe Vera gel or some essential oils.

Apply this face mask twice a week for better results.

Star anise seeds with rice water

Rice water also plays an essential role in the treatment of wrinkles along with star anise seeds.

For this recipe, you will need star anise seeds rice and water.

First of all, make an extract of star anise seeds in water. Boil the seeds in water.

Then pour this extract in bowl of rice and let it stand for six hours or overnight.

Then strain the mixture and keep the extract in an airtight container.

Apply this extract daily to treat lines and wrinkles.

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