How to Use High-Frequency Machine for Wrinkles?

How to Use High Frequency Machine for Wrinkles?

How to Use High-Frequency Machine for Wrinkles?

High-frequency machines are devices of interest in today’s beauty spa professionals. The high-frequency machine performs multifunction for our skin. In the late eighteen century first, a high-frequency machine was invented which perform various functions in medical sciences. In the nineteenth century, some spa professionals discovered its benefit in skin cell stimulation, and its use started widely in-salon for various skin treatments.

Yes, you can use a high-frequency machine for reducing wrinkles. High-frequency machines are also called violet rays. High-frequency machines are available in various sizes and shapes in the market. All these machines operate on the same technology and principle. Commonly all these high-frequency machines operate a frequency ranging from 10000GHZ to 2500GHZ in salons.

The high-frequency machine working principle is the same. A high frequency oscillating current increases the circulation of blood in the skin, treating various skin problems.

High-frequency machine is used widely to treat fine lines and wrinkles in older ladies. In this article, I will discuss in detail the use of a high-frequency machine in treating wrinkles and fine lines. This article will also highlight the tips and precautions regarding the use of a high-frequency machine.

How to Use High-Frequency Machine for Wrinkles?

High-frequency machine consists of two glass electrodes inserted together in a handpiece. These electrodes feature a variety of shapes and sizes, depending upon the function they have to perform. He electrodes to treat wrinkles are of orange color and are filled with neon gas.

An alternating current is produced in the device which passes through glass electrodes. This current on contact with skin ignites neon gas in electrodes and produces an unstable light, which increases warmth in the skin. These lights also convert molecular oxygen into ozone, causing oxygenation of the skin.

This gentle current upon contacting with skin increase blood flow and circulation in the skin. The warming effect of this current also causes our blood vessels to dilate and also to our smooth muscles in the skin. This dilation of blood vessels caused increased blood flow but also caused an increase in vitamins and nutrients supply to the skin.

These vitamins and minerals are necessary for the growth and health of skin cells. The dilation of skin cells pushes away all the toxins. The alternating current also helps in removing old dead skin and the generation of new epidermis. This new epidermal will be fresh and cause the fine lines and wrinkles to disappear.

The high-frequency machine also plays an important role in the production of collagen and elastin in our skin. This increased collagen and elastin are necessary for the production of new skin cells. The elastin present in our skin also keeps our skin tight and prevents it from sagging. The high-frequency machine also contains hyaluronic acid serum, which helps in whitening and tightening of pores in the skin.

Step-by-step procedure for using high-frequency machine for wrinkles

Before using a high-frequency machine, make your customer comfortable and ask your customer to change its clothing and wear a proper dress for this treatment. The customer should not wear anything of metal. If necessary, use any cream on the face or gauze on electrodes.

After laying down, your customer prepares your high-frequency machine a place electrode of desire like an orange electrode for wrinkles and fine lines. Now adjust the power of the high-frequency machine. The high-frequency machine usually operates at a power of five to ten watts. The oscillating frequency of the current should be according to the customer. If the customer is new and the first time going through this treatment, keep the power low. The oscillating frequency of current should be at 10000 GHz.

Now high-frequency machine is ready for use. Before placing it on the skin of the customer, keep your index finger on the glass electrode. Please do not remove your finger unless you place it on the skin of the customer. Placing too early can produce a spark on customer’s face.

After placing electrode on the face, glide it on the face. The gliding should be in a circular motion. Continue the gliding on the face. Try not to pull away from the electrode frequently from the face. If you are pulling it away, that should not be more than ¼ inch away from the face. Start gliding the electrodes on the forehead and glide gently on all the wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead.

After the forehead, place the electrodes on the nose and move it on the nose in a circular motion to remove fine lines from the face. The place the electrode on cheeks and glide it thoroughly to remove the entire wrinkle from the cheeks. At last, place the electrode on the chin and glide it on chin thoroughly.

When you are done with all the parts of the face and want to pull away from the electrode, place your index finger again on the electrode and pull it away from your face. Then clean the electrodes with a solution of some soap and then clean it with dry cloth or towel.

High-frequency machine is also available in a portable size and in-home devices to treat your wrinkles problem at home. The procedure to use these in-home devices is also the same. These devices are also very easy to use, and you can use it where you want to use them. They provide a very portable and convenient way to treat your wrinkles at home.


Wear loose, comfortable clothes before treatment

Do not wear any jewelry while performing this procedure.

Take a shower before treatment to remove extra dirt and oil from the skin

After treatment, start using any SPF cream to avoid direct sun exposure. Direct sun exposure is the main reason skin aging too fast.

Eat healthy and drink plenty of water.

Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

Start a complete skincare regime to keep the effects of treatment long-lasting.


The high-frequency machine should be used at some proper place away from water or any open area.

The high-frequency machine treatment should be avoided in heart patients sand pregnant ladies to avoid any harmful effects of oscillations to the patients and the fetus.

The high-frequency machine should not be used if the customer has some injury or open wounds. The oscillation of current and warmth may further complicate the situations.

The high-frequency machine should be operated with a three-pronged plug. The third pin is necessary to prevent any risk of electric shock to you or your customer.

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