How Often to do Galvanic Facial?

How Often to do Galvanic Facial?

How Often to do Galvanic Facial?

Galvanic facial uses electric current improve moisture retention and ingredient absorption in which water-soluble introduce in the surface of the skin. Galvanic facial is also called a non-surgical facelift, which gives you youthful or younger skin without poking needles into your skin or without surgical process. It is a low level of current in which medicines are infusing into your skin.

You can get a Galvanic facial every 4 to 6 weeks. Galvanic facial use medicines infused current into your skin to stimulate skin cells, drive creams into your skin deeply, and soften your skin. Galvanic facial is used to improve blood circulation and hydration levels to your face. Galvanic facial is appropriate for a particular type of skin such as oily, dry, or average.

If your skin is dry and your skin is less dehydrated than galvanic facial is the best thing because it increases the water level or moisture retention. If your skin is problematic or sensitive and becomes easily targeted, then galvanic facial is best to eliminate pores from clogging and decrease oil from your skin, which causes acne or pimples.

How Often to do Galvanic Facial?

Galvanic facial is best suitable for you if you are trying or using countless things or products to reduce wrinkles, brighten your skin or exfoliate or cleanse. Still, you did not have a satisfactory result. The skin cells block the absorption of all products directly on the epidermis; even the expensive products did not show difference to the upper layer of the skin.

Galvanic facial is the process of apply electric current on the surface to increase the penetration of medicines or drugs.

There are many benefits and steps and ways of galvanic facial.

Types of galvanic facial

There are two types of galvanic facial. The first one is Iontophoresis, and the second one is Desincrustation.


In this galvanic facial, the therapist first applies gel, complex, and positively charged serum to the skin. After this therapist place negative electrode in hand and shoulders of the client. The positively charged current is delivering through positively charged molecules or ions into the deep skin of the client.

In this treatment, water-soluble introduce into the skin. This type of facial is suitable for all skin types. In this method, the cream is applied with water-soluble to the face. Then a metal roller is used to conduct current, which helps to increase blood circulation, open up pores, and push the cream into the deep layer of skin.


This type of galvanic facial is only used for extremely oily skin. The therapist in this type firstly covers the skin with sodium chloride, and after this therapist applies wand or metal tweezers with wrapped moist cotton around it. This facial helps to open up pores, remove all sebum or oil from the skin and deep clean.

How to do galvanic facial?

You can do galvanic facial at home under the supervision of a therapist or an expert, or you do facial at home if you have previous experience. There is a step by step procedure to do facial at home. You require some tools or components to do facial.

Components are required for facial:

The first one is a galvanic facial machine, effective facial cleanser, galvanic gel, best moisturizer which is suitable for your skin, and the last one is a soft and wet towel.

The steps of doing galvanic facial are given below:

Cleansing: The first step of the galvanic facial is to cleanse your neck and face with facial cleanser. Gently or softly petting the skin with a towel to dry your face. Apply facial toner with tissue paper or cotton and left it to dry.

Apply gel on face: Apply a thick layer of galvanic gel and switch on the galvanic machine because most machines require some time to start or work.

Exfoliate the skin: exfoliating the skin helps to remove the upper layer, which is mostly dead skin of the face. Removing the skin is the best or essential step of galvanic facial. It helps to receive all necessary or vital nutrients.

Grip the galvanic machine: wet your hands and place the galvanic machine on your forehead and start moving the machine smoothly in a circular motion. Move the device on your face and neck. You are using the same method for chin, cheeks, and nose. Move the machine around your face or neck according to the time has given in the direction of your device.

Remove excess gel: remove the extra gel by a soft wet towel.

Apply moisturizer: After this, apply a moisturizer, serum, or sunscreen to your treated skin after treatment.

Benefits of galvanic facial

After first galvanic treatment, you will see considerable difference to the skin and look. There are several benefits of galvanic facial, which we discuss below.

Increase blood circulation:

Galvanic facial helps to increase blood circulation through moving machines on the face or neck. It helps to activate enzymes and increase cell metabolism and improve the firmness and quality of the skin. It helps to produce new fresh skin cells and collagen.

The new skin cells will replace the older cells and stimulates the blood flow of your skin, which increases the supply of oxygen, and oxygen helps to make your skin, tighter, fresh, and contributes to moisture retention.

Remove wrinkles or anti-aging: 

Galvanic facial helps to minimize or eliminate wrinkles and work as an anti-aging treatment. Wrinkles and fine lines are present around eyes and mouth, which are also called expression lines and seen clearly when you are talking, smiling, crying, and laughing.

Fine lines and wrinkles are also caused by sun exposure. Herbal peels or chemicals and brightening masks contain ingredients such as vitamin C, retinol, plant extracts, and other oxidants. When we are using these chemicals through facial can boost plump the skin, collagen production, brighten your skin color, and reduce fine lines.

It helps to increase the elasticity of the skin and helps to smooth wrinkles and make muscles tightened. Aging and continuous exposure of skin can damage the surface. Galvanic facial once in a week will refresh your skin, reduce wrinkles or fine lines, tighten your skin, and helps to prevent the premature signs of aging. You can see the result in the first few sessions. Galvanic facial works as an anti-aging treatment.

Eliminate the effects of stress:

Stress is quickly evident or shown on your face when you are stressed. Effects of stress cause you to lose your skin sag or lose elasticity. The current, which is pass through galvanic facial, helps to tight your skin or give you a fresh look. Your skin feels relaxed or great after galvanic facial.

Galvanic facial helps to regain elasticity by inducing low DC voltage in the skin. This helps to make complexion fresh, which form new skin cells and replace wrinkled or old cells and give more firm, youthful, and supple skin tone.

Remove harmful toxin:

Galvanic facial gives more benefits than traditional facials. The electric current of galvanic facial will stimulate your skin and enable lymph drainage. This improves the skin’s ability to remove harmful toxins and cleanse your skin by itself. It draws out deep toxins from your skin and makes your face healthier or brighter.

Eliminate or prevent acne or scars: 

Acne or scars are the primary reason to down your confidence, especially women who feel embarrassed because of pimples acne or blemishes. They are trying several products or cream to get rid of acne, but nothing helps them. In this problematic situation, the professional or dermatologist recommend galvanic facial.

The galvanic facial, especially the second type of galvanic facial Desincrustation, helps to clog pores and target hair follicles. It helps to clean your skin from all wastes or impurities stuck, and this helps to prevent or reduce acne or scars. The primary cause of acne is a toxin and clogged pores.

Galvanic facial helps to bring radical changes in the skin. The galvanic facial increases blood circulation and oxygenation, and this helps in the drainage of lymphatics. Long term accumulation of lymph nodes and toxins causes skin dullness and infection, which leads to developing acne or scars.

Reduce dullness and make skin fresh or improve complexion:

The dull skin is the sign of aging, and galvanic facial helps to eliminate all skin impurities and improve oxygen concentration. This cleansing makes your skin fresh, glowing, and healthy. It also improves your skin complexion. It doesn’t mean that this facial makes your skin fair.

When your skin is cleansed, it looks bright and clear. The negative ions of current eliminate all dirt, toxins, and impurities.

Precautions: people are not suited for this facial that are diabetic, people who have metal implants in the body, pregnant women are not suited for this facial, people who have wounds, abrasions, and cuts on your skin, people who are suffering from high blood pressure and epilepsy.

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