Can Dandruff Cause Acne on Cheeks?

Can Dandruff Cause Acne on Cheeks?

Dandruff and acne both are different things, and both have different causes. But many people experience acne when they have dandruff. Dandruff is a substance in which the skin of the scalp becomes too much dry and flaky. You can be notice dandruff if your shoulders and hair dotted with white flakes, which is due to itchy or dry scalp.

There are a number of causes of dandruff such as fungal infection, too much bare skin, Seborrheic Dermatitis, not regularly wash your hair and contact dermatitis. Dandruff can affect both gender and at any age. Due to dandruff, skin becomes dry, and excessive dryness leads to acne.

Yes, dandruff causes acne on cheeks. Many researches shows result that dandruff cause acne on cheeks due to extreme dryness or hormonal imbalance. Dandruff associated with fungi, yeast, and also associated with abnormal skin, which causes acne on cheeks. Dry skin flakes, which cause the people to develop acne. The flakes clog the surface of cheeks and turn that skin into acne, zits or pimples. Cheeks are a prominent part of the face, and acne on cheeks destroy or left adverse effects on the beauty of the face.

Acne is a more problematic situation for everyone, especially for women, because women are more beauty conscious, and they can not bear rough skin. Women feel embarrassing while meeting with their fellows or in social circles. They want to get rid of acne as soon as possible. For this purpose, they make a lot of effort to prevent acne.

Can Dandruff Cause Acne on Cheeks?

In this article, we have explained proven and best methods to avoid acne on your cheeks that can be caused by dandruff. 

It is possible to avoid cheeks acne from dandruff. Several techniques are easy and straightforward and do not time-consuming. 

Cover your head to prevent acne on cheeks from dandruff

It is an effortless way to prevent acne due to dandruff is to cover your head with a scarf, hat, or cap. When your head is covered, then no white flakes are spread on your cheeks, which cause clog your skin and develop acne.

keep your hair away from your skin, and when your hairs are lying on the skin, then it causes acne because hairs have dandruff. So keep your hair off from the face. It is a very effective way to get rid of cheeks acne due to dandruff, and it does not contain much effort or money. So when your face out of dandruff, then it will be free from acne or pimples.

Using anti-dandruff shampoo

To remove dandruff from hair, you should use an anti-dandruff shampoo. You should use the best anti-dandruff shampoo and apply on scalp, hairs, and ear, which are affected by dandruff, and you can use anti-dandruff shampoo two times in a week. If you are using any conditioner after shampoo, then you should make sure that you apply conditioner just on your hairs and away from your scalp from the conditioner.

You should avoid hair styling products because they can cause your hair too dry or oily, and extreme dryness of your hair cause acne on your cheeks. Dry strands lead to dandruff, and dandruff leads to develop acne. So when your hairs are dandruff free, then your face automatically saves from acne, which is caused by dandruff.

Using aspirin tablet on your scalp

Aspirin contains salicylic acid and has qualities of moisturizing. Aspirin is mostly present in conditioners and face wash. Aspirin is an OTC pain killer who is mostly used to relief from pain. Aspirin helps to exfoliate dandruff flakes, prevent the scalp from producing oil, and from decreasing inflammation and dryness of the scalp. 

You should crush 2 or 3 tablets of aspirin when it comes in a powder form, then you can mix well in your shampoo. Apply this shampoo on your scalp, give gentle massage with the help finger pores for 2 minutes, and then you can rinse out your head. You can use aspirin in your shampoo twice a week.

This helps to prevent your scalp from dandruff, and your dandruff free scalp and hairs prevent your cheeks to develop acne or pimples. 

Using aloe vera on the scalp to prevent cheeks acne due to dandruff

Aloe vera has used for many beauty tips and medical purposes across all cultures and countries. It is best to treat wounds, burns, dandruff, and also used for allergic reactions of the skin. It is safe and secure and readily available at home as fresh aloe vera, or you can buy from drug stores as aloe vera gel.

For good results, you should use pure aloe vera, but if you do not have the plant of aloe vera, then there is no need to worry about it, you can buy it from the market. Aloe vera is a very effective treatment for your itchy scalp or dry hairs, which causes acne on cheeks that is not good for you.

The vitamins and minerals which are present in aloe vera gel keep your hair and scalp healthy, secure and prevent cheeks acne due to dandruff. Aloe vera is used to treat for both acne and dandruff and also prevent your cheeks to develop new acne. 

You can use aloe vera gel directly to scalp give gentle massage in a circular motion and left it for half an hour after 30 minutes you can rinse out your scalp with lukewarm or freshwater. You can also apply aloe vera gel on your acne, which is caused by dandruff. You can also use aloe vera gel with lemon. Mix well aloe vera gel in lemon juice and apply thoroughly on your scalp. Left it for 20 minutes, and then you can wash your scalp.

Using lime juice on the scalp to prevent dandruff and acne

lime juice has the properties of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Lime juice helps to get a ride from dandruff and helps to clear your cheeks from acne and give you a moisturizing and beautiful cheeks.

Take a pot and squeeze out the lime juice from the fresh lemon in it then make a different portion of hairs and then apply lime juice directly on your scalp, make sure that lime juice is used to all of your scalp thoroughly. Left it for 30 minutes, and then you can rinse out your head, it will clog the pores and prevent your cheeks from acne. You can apply lime juice directly on your acne. 

Brush your hair regularly

Regularly brushing your hair helps to remove dead cells on your scalp and increase blood circulation and do not clog pores, which causes acne on cheeks. You should brush your hair two times in a day. Brushing regularly helps you to prevent cheeks acne due to dandruff, and it also reduces dandruff on your scalp.

Using salt and garlic to get a ride for acne on cheeks

Salt has an abrasive quality, which works surprisingly to beat with dandruff and acne. Garlic beat with dandruff and has a pungent smell and has anti-fungal properties to fight with dandruff and prevent your cheeks to develop acne.

Take some salt and a few crushed garlic and one teaspoon honey. Mix all ingredients well and apply this paste on your scalp before shampoo. Give slightly massage in a circular motion on your scalp just as scrubbing. This mask helps to clean your scalp from dandruff and left it for 5 minutes, and then it is ready for shampooing.

Take care of your diet

Diet is an essential thing that has excellent effects on your body. Food may not be caused by dandruff, but it can worsen the situation. Fruits and vegetables consist of many vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, which help to reduce dandruff, acne, and inflammation. Most researches show results that people who are consuming fruits and vegetables were less likely to have dermatitis seborrhoeic.

The results also show that people who consume western food were more likely to have seborrhoeic dermatitis. Research also indicates that deficiency of biotin may lead to various skin disorders such as biotin, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and vitamin B7 supports to has healthy nails, hairs, and skin. Try to use a diet that is loaded with fiber, such as fruits and vegetables.

Try to avoid foods that contain extreme oil, sweets, red meats, contain carbohydrates in food, eggs, and also avoid dairy products. Drink a lot of water in a day because it is beneficial for your scalp and skin. This type of diet helps to prevent dandruff and get a ride from cheeks acne.

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