Which Is Better Face Scrub or Face Mask?

Which Is Better Face Scrub or Face Mask?

Which Is Better Face Scrub or Face Mask?

When it comes to our daily skincare routine, we may come across many options. From cleansing to shining to flawless skin, we want to get the best of all. For this, we must be aware of what skincare product has what type of effect on our surface.

Now, a lot of our regular readers have asked us about the difference between Face Mask and a Face Scrub. Some even ask us to recommend which one has a better impact on our skin with the least side effects.

There is a big difference between both of these beauty products.

A face mask is a peel-off mask is applied on the face for a certain amount of time. Then the mask is peeled off, and it makes your face look stunning. A face mask hydrates your skin, cleanses your pores, and makes your skin smooth and subtle. We can apply a face mask once or twice a week; it is effortless and lets you sit, relax, and enjoy while it is on.

A face scrub, on the other hand, is used for exfoliation. It is one of the best cleaning techniques. A scrub has tiny granules in it, which, when rub against our skin, clears it off all the dirt particles. It also removes dead skin particles from your skin and helps you rejuvenate it.

So let’s have a deep look at the topic and let me tell you all about the face masks and scrubs. The comparison chart is also available so that you may see what suits you better.

Which is better: Face Mask or Face Scrub?

Let us draw a comparison table to understand better what the main differences are and which is much better.

Features Face Mask Face Scrub
Messy No Yes
Effortless Yes No
Recommended in Acne Yes No
Time Consuming Moderate High
Side Effects Least Depends on skin conditions
Oil-Control Yes Less likely
Deep Cleansing Yes Yes
Suitable for all Skin Types Yes Less likely
Skin Rejuvenation Moderate High

Why is a Face mask better than a Face Scrub?

There are many reasons for that. Let me explain in detail:

Skin types:

The face masks are better if you have an oily or combination skin type. The face mask will peel off your dead skin and also absorb the oils on your skin and makes it smooth and glowing. You should use a face mask more often to get a clear and smooth surface without oil.

The face scrub, on the other hand, is also a fantastic thing for your skin exfoliation, but not all skin types are prone to scrub as the friction can cause disturbances and side effects on the skin. If you have acne-prone skin, then you would most likely get harsh results by using a hard scrub, even milder scrubs can cause issues.


  • Apply face masks with natural ingredients.
  • Use face masks that have essential oils and fruit extracts in it.
  • Use gently to mild Scrub thrice a week.
  • Do not over-exfoliate the skin.
  • Always do a patch test for allergic reactions.


The usage of both these skincare products is a leading factor of why face masks are better than the scrubs.

You see, face scrubs contain tiny particles that we rub on our skin to remove the dead skin cells. This process carried out twice or thrice a week. But exceeding the usage of scrubs or daily exfoliating, your skin can cause harm to your skin.

The biggest issue is that you will remove not only the dead skin cells but also the essential skin cells and oils from the skin if you overuse the Scrub. It will make your skin layer thin, which can lead to several issues like acne, direct UV rays induction, and dryness.

Face masks, on the other hand, are less harmful. With the mild ingredients present inside the cover, they not only hydrate our skin but makes sure that our skin’s layer gets healthier.

The nature of face masks is mild, they just peel off the dirt and other dust particles from the outer layer of the skin, leaving it nourished and hydrated. They can be used more frequently than face scrubs. The masks don’t need hard friction on the face, so it doesn’t leave rashes on your skin.


  • Always scrub gently on the face.
  • Know the difference between body and face scrub. Body scrubs are relatively hard, and if applied on the face, its particles can cause rashes.
  • It is better if you apply a mask after scrubbing your face for the best results.
  • Do not use a scrub more than two or three times a week.
  • Always look for the best brand with natural extracts.

Effects of Face Mask on the skin:

While both of the skin products have some significant impact on our skin, there can be side effects too. We want to use such a product that gives the least reaction to our skin.

The face mask is a great thing. You just need a couple of minutes for a perfect application of face mask. The issue occurs when you try to keep the cover longer on your face than the intended time. If you leave the mask longer than the time, it can cause severe itching and irritation, which will lead to redness and skin damage.

The issue happens because the acids and chemicals present in the face mask are beneficial if you use it for a short time, but if they stay longer, they can cause you trouble.

Other side effects can be dryness, redness, or allergies, but it does not happen much often due to natural ingredients inside. It is much essential if you use a good quality face mask instead of poorly manufactured low-quality covers.

If we take a look at the face scrubs, they have some amazing effects on our skin. The tiny grains in the Scrub used for exfoliation. Scrubbing makes your skin looks bright and vibrant. They peel off the dead skin from your face and rejuvenate it.

The Scrub can have side effects on our skin too. The granules of the Scrub are great exfoliators, and if we rub them gently on the face, it turns out great. But if you rub fiercely for a more extended amount of time, it will cause severe itching and redness on the skin.

Moreover, if you rub the Scrub for a more protracted amount of time, it will lead to severe rashes and skin burns. If there is an acne outbreak on your skin, you must avoid applying the Scrub in that time; otherwise, it would hurt your acne and pimples.


  • Do not use a face scrub in place of a face wash; they are two separate things
  • Always read the instructions before applying a face mask; different products have different application times.
  • If you feel burns or itching right after applying the mask, remove it at once.
  • Always use a gentle face scrub for the face; scrubbing in a circular motion is most effective.
  • Protect your face from heat waves after applying a face mask or Scrub.

Face Scrub is Effortless

When you have a busy work routine, you sometimes care less about your skin issues or often want to find easy ways to do a thing. That is why you always prefer wearing a face mask than a scrub.

A face mask does not require any effort. You just need to wash your face, sit back on the couch, turn on your favorite music, and apply the mask thoroughly on the front. By the time your playlist plays a song or two, you are ready to remove the cover. Just peel it off and Voila! 

A face scrub, on the contrary, requires constant use of hands and fingers. You need to rub the Scrub on your face for a certain amount of time, which is quite tiring if you are already exhausted from work. Scrubbing is also messier than applying a mask; you may even need to change clothes or take a shower after scrubbing.


  • Always wear a deep neck and light clothes while using a scrub or mask.
  • If the weather is too hot, try scrubbing or masking in a more relaxed environment.
  • Do not go into the fire while you have your mask put on.
  • Do not speak a lot while wearing a mask; it can cause wrinkles. 

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