Can We Apply Face Mask After Face Pack

Can We Apply Face Mask After Face Pack?

Can We Apply Face Mask After Face Pack?

A face pack is similar to a face mask. The only difference between a face mask and face pack is the application time. The application of the face pack is quite instant. You do not need to leave the face pack on for a more extended amount of time. It is unsettling and gives quick results by cleansing your skin and clearing your clogged pores.

We have been receiving lots of queries that it has become a FAQ. So our team Duskyskin.COM wants to answer this question in detail about whether it is okay to apply a face mask after a face pack.

No. It is not wise to apply a face mask right after a face pack. Excess of anything leads to wrong results. There are multiple reasons for this, and we will tell you in detail about all the bases.

Can We Apply Face Mask After Face Pack?

  • Always check your skin if it gets enough moisture or not.
  • Do not apply the mask right after the pack; give it a day or at least some hours.
  • Daily usage of face mask and face pack can also lead to skin dryness, try doing it in intervals.

The following are the purposes for which you cannot apply a face mask after a face pack.

Applying a face mask after a face pack can cause Dryness of skin

Dehydration is one of the most noticeable side effects that can happen if you apply a face mask after the face pack. It happens because both the products take out dirt and other impurities from the skin and make it quite dry. If you do not put a moisturizer on skin after using a face pack and apply another face mask instead, it will make your skin dry like a dead leaf. Do not try it at all.

Diverse nature of both products

A face mask and a face pack are two different products by nature. A face mask is a settling mask that stays on your face and dries off after a certain amount of time. Then it is peeled off from the front or washed off.

A face pack, on the other hand, is an unsettling type of mask, which stays on the face but does not dry up. It remains for relatively less amount of time on the front, and it is more useful when you are in a hurry.

Both things do the same thing, almost which is clearing your skin of excess oil and dust. But using them one after another would not be any better. It would be like mending an already mended shoe. So it is better to save your time and do one thing at a time.


  • If you still want to apply both face mask and face pack, then give a time break.
  • You can apply the face pack in the morning and face mask in the night before sleep.
  • It is beneficial to apply the face mask before going to sleep. Sleeping will help you rejuvenate the skin and prevent pores from clogging.

Removal of skin oil

Our skin has a natural oil of its own. It is beneficial for the skin and makes our skin hydrated and fresh. When we apply a face mask or a face pack, it removes the harmful oils and dust particles, and only good oil is left behind on our face.

But if we apply a face mask right after using the face pack, it will not only be harmful to the skin, but it will also take out the natural oils from the skin, which will cause severe dryness and redness.


  • Apply moisturizing milk or lotion right after the face pack.
  • If your skin is already dry, try using a mask or pack, which is made especially for dry skin.
  • If you accidentally applied both face mask and face pack, try putting aloe vera gel directly on the skin, it will soothe your skin out.
  • Avoid going out in the sun if your skin is dehydrated.
  • Drink plenty of water to overcome this issue.

Timing issues

Face pack is an instant and fast way to make your skin look flawless and gorgeous. But leaving it on for a more extended amount of time will cause you big trouble, mainly if you apply a face mask right after using the face pack.

There will be consequences and side effects of leaving an instant face pack for a more extended time; it will make the skin sensitive for quite a time. But if you put on a face mask right after that, then you will have the wrong time in making your skin healthy again.


  • Do not put on the face pack for a more protracted amount of time.
  • An instant face product must never exceed its prescribed time.
  • Always use a good quality face pack; some cheap face packs burn your skin in the name of fast action.

Face Pack Can Cause Skin Redness

If you wax your soft skin twice, it will become red due to the excessive waxing. The same is the case with a face pack and a face mask.

If you have already applied a face pack, it is most likely that it has taken out all the dirt and excessive oil from your skin, leaving it shiny bright and subtle. But if you apply a face mask right after it, it will kill the glow and moisture you wish you had on your face.

The settling face mask will be an issue, especially if it is a peel-off mask. When you peel off the hood, you will see your skin stretched harshly and redness due to the friction caused in pulling the cover off. You will see cracked skin, and in severe cases, you may also feel skin burns.


  • Try to buy a face pack with mild ingredients
  • Do not opt for a cheaper and full of chemicals type mask.
  • Always do a patch test for allergies and side effects.
  • Do not leave the face mask or pack longer.
  • Air-conditioned rooms are best if the temperature is high.

The difference in Formulas: Face Mask Vs Face Pack

Sometimes, if we apply two different products simultaneously on the face, it can create a severe reaction. The reason for it is because there are certain chemicals on one product that can react if combined with the formula of another product.

For example, if someone is allergic to honey extracts and one of the products has honey inside, it can cause a severe allergy to the face.

So it is recommended if you do not apply two different products one after another.


  • Always check the product’s ingredients carefully to check if you aren’t allergic to any ingredient.
  • Always apply a small amount of face mask or face pack on your hand to check if it gives any allergic reaction.
  • If you want to apply face mask after face pack at least wait for some hours, then do it.

The time required for a face pack

Let’s suppose for a minute that it is quite okay to apply a face mask after a face pack. Can you imagine the time wasted on using both these products?

A face pack usually takes 2 minutes to apply and takes 3 to 5 minutes to work and is washed off. Washing off will require additionally 2 minutes. Then drying our face will take one to 2 minutes.

After that, you have to apply the face mask, the application time of the cover will be around 3 to 5 minutes, then the mask will take 10 to 15 minutes to settle on your face. Afterward, the peeling and washing of the time will take 2 to 4 minutes.

If you combine both the times, it will be almost 30 to 45 minutes. Now, if you are a working person and you want to spend much lesser time on things like these, then you should avoid applying the face mask after the face pack.


  • Try to use such a face mask that has all the nourishment qualities of a face pack.
  • Use a face pack that gives you maximum benefits in lesser time.

What if we apply the face mask before the face pack?

That will be the same. There is no difference if you apply the face mask before or after the face pack. The effects will be similar to your face.

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