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How to Use Botox for Hyperhidrosis?

How to Use Botox for Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a disorder in which produces excessive or severe sweat, which causes unhappiness for the patient. Hyperhidrosis is common, including underarm sweating, palms and also includes sole of the feet sweating. The underarm sweating mostly begins in the late adolescence and sloe of feet, and the palm of hands sweating starts at the age of about 13.

If these problems do not treat on time, then it will continue throughout your life. So it is essential to treat this disorder without getting late. You may be a client of Botox when you are failed to reduce sweating with antiperspirants.

Sweating is irritating and so embarrassing, especially when you are in a social gathering or business interaction and during your job. It can be severe with passing the time and when no treatment has started.

Sometimes hyperhidrosis is limited to some parts of your body, and in other conditions sweating is more generalized, and it covers the whole body. Botox is the best treatment for this disorder or excessive sweating.

Botox is a substance that is injected into the skin to prevent hyperhidrosis, remove wrinkles, and reduce sweating of underarms. Botox is mostly related to cosmetics such as wrinkle reduction, and it is also an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis.

Botox use substance botulinum toxin, which paralyzes muscles, which responsible for wrinkles and sweating, Botox block the sweat glands to produce excessive sweating. After 4 to 6 months of treatment, the nerves and sweat glands regenerated, so retreatment is needed.

How to Use Botox for Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is treated well with Botox injections. The underarms, feet, and hands and other body parts glands respond well to the injection of Botox. The clients feel more pain when Botox is injected on feet and hands because nerve and organ endings are found there. 

Some people cause hyperhidrosis who are suffering from infectious, neurological, systematic, and endocrine diseases. Most people suffer sweating because of heat, emotions, healthy, and in the waking hours.

Different body parts are sweating treated by Botox, but Botox especially treats the excessive sweating in underarms.

Botox used to treat hyperhidrosis of underarms

Botox was approved by drug administration and U.S food in 2004. Botox is used when it is impossible to relieve from sweating with antiperspirants. It is produced by California, Allergan, Inc. of Irvine, which is the brand of botulinum toxin.

When we talk about underarm sweating, then Botox injection treat or relief 82 to 87% of armpit sweating. Botox shows recovery results about 2 to 4 days and will give full results approximately within two weeks.

To treat underarm sweating, you need Botox of 50 units to inject in single armpit, and the more unit injected will give you more long-lasting results. Botox injections are usually painless, and it is a quick method to relieve them from sweating.

The number of Botox units depends on the intensity of the disease and on the patient. Most patients require 100 Botox units to treat excessive sweating of both underarms, which costs us about $1000 except fees of dermatologists or practitioners.

Mostly dermatologist fees are $500, and Botox unit cost is $1000, so per session of Botox injection is approximately $1500. The Botox injection cost mostly depends on the size of your treated body. The effect of botulinum toxin lasts about 6 to nine months, and after this period, it is guaranteed that you will surely forget about the sweating problem.

Normal sweating is the necessary function of the body to keep people from overheating. But excessive sweating is a disease, and all disease needs to be cured. Botox is an effective treatment for hyperhidrosis for many years. Botox injection can also be used in the condition of mild to severe sweating, and Botox does not act on muscles. It operates on glands and stops sweat glands on the particular part of your body.

Botox injection works as a localized injection; it means blocking the sweat glands does not affect the other sweat glands of body parts. According to some dermatologists, the efficacy of Botox may vary to the people. For some people, it works very well and efficiently, but for some people, it flops.

There is a step by step procedure to inject Botox on armpit

First of all, one day before your treatment, you have to avoid deodorant, and you need to shave or remove hairs before your appointment.

Your treatment of Botox can be useful if your doctor is certified and administered by an international hyperhidrosis society. He is experienced and has received specialized training from well medical institute.

After that, a dermatologist will draw a map on your armpit to specify the points of injection.

Your dermatologist will make a test of starch iodine to see where sweat glands present. Most of the doctors do not take this test because it is the daily routine where people sweat. But it is best to do this test before treatment.

After this test doctor applies numbing cream on the treated area of your armpit, but it is not common or necessary to apply numbing cream.

Before injecting Botox on your skin, dermatologist takes much care of using a sterile syringe and should wear neat and sterile gloves.

One thing that is more important to take care is about Botox product Allegan with rainbow lines should present.

A tiny and thin needle is used to inject Botox on your armpit about 100 to 150 units in one armpit, and this process takes just 10 minutes, and after treatment, the client can resume his daily task.

Patients who are suffering from a neurological disorder such as Eaton lambert syndrome, Myasthenia, and are allergic to Botox should not use Botox.

Patient should not receive Botox treatment of you have an infection on your skin.

Botox injection for palm and sole hyperhidrosis 

Botox injections are also used for the palm and sole of feet excessive sweating. The hands and foot sweating is exceptionally embarrassing, stressful, and confidence wrecking problems. Sweaty palms left a negative impact on your education, social life, and career.

The epidermis of hands and foot is thick and hard, and nerve cells are ending there, so Botox injection causes more pain than other body parts. Botox injects by medical professionals on your palm and sole to reduce excessive sweating there. The Botox injection result lasts about six months, and injections may be painful discomfort. The professionals use icing to minimize discomfort, pain, and rashes after treatment.

Before injecting Botox, an iodine starch test is performed to find the area of sweat glands. After this test, a patient is given the tablets to manage the pain of injection so the patient will temporarily lose the sensation of pain. The medical professional marks the points where the Botox was injected. Multiple needles are used to inject Botox because hands and foot skin is hard and thick. The retreatment is needed once after six months.

Risks after Botox treatment for Hyperhidrosis

The Botox side effect can be mild to severe. The Botox risks are described below.

If you already have problems speaking, swallowing, and bathing, then you should not be recommended Botox.

Botox treatment may cause drowsiness, muscle weakness, and Botox did not recommend for the people who already have muscle and nerve problems.

Botox may cause a rash, wheezing, dizziness, itching, asthma symptoms, feeling faint, and red itchy welts.

Botox may cause symptoms like flu, eye tearing, bruising, and pain on the injection site. 

After Botox treatment, patient may experience vision problems such as blurred vision, drooping, double vision, eyelid swelling, and dry eyes. If you suffer from all these severe symptoms, then you should say to your doctor because these symptoms can lead to death.

The body area which away from the site of Botox may be affected by problems, but this is not confirmed to spread toxin effect when Botox injections are used at the dose recommended by your trained physician.

The effects of Botox injection are temporary, and you can restart your daily activities immediately after Botox treatment. After two weeks of full injection, dryness occurs, and it may last on the treated area, and stop sweating will take about seven days after Botox injection.

The Botox injection result may last a few months, and after that, you may need more doses. Effects of Botox on armpit not long-lasting as foot and hands, patients may need Botox injection about six again to nine-month.

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