How to treat an infected wound naturally?

How to treat an infected wound naturally?

There are many natural ways to treat infected wounds at home. In this article, we have explained 14 best and proven homemade methods to get rid of infectd wound at home.

How to treat an infected wound naturally? The treatment of infected wound is very easy you can easily do it at home with natural products like onion, turmeric with water and lemon, garlic, aloe Vera, potato, coconut oil, almond oil, neem tree, chamomile, and also through chemicals, like potash alum, and powder of limestone. 

An infected wound is an infection that is caused by bacteria or other micro-organisms in an open wound. In this condition, the wound takes more time to get well. In infected wound pus formed due to harmful activity of that microorganism. An infected wound is very sensitive so we need to tackle them with great care.

These natural methods are very effective and good to treat the wound naturally. You can easily use one of them according to the situation of your wound. An infected wound can cause a severe problem if you are not going to treat it seriously. If the infection persists for long the micro-organism could invade bloodstream that is very difficult to treat. So start treatment immediately.

How to treat an infected wound naturally?

Treatment of an infected wound is a complex process. You need to tackle it very great care so that it can be treated soon. Wounds are natural but an infected wound could something terrible if the infection sustains long. 

The most important among all methods is the cleanliness of the wound. If you keep your wound clean and remain it covered from flies and other insects. It will start healing itself. To maintain its cleanliness you need to wash it with an antiseptic solution. 

Following are a few steps that you need to follow to keep the wound uninfected:

Keep the wound clean

The first and most important step is the cleanliness of the wound. For cleanliness, you have to wash it with an antiseptic solution. If any the bandage covers the wound you also need to clean bandage or change it.

If pus or blood coming out also need to remove it with cotton or clean cloth. As you keep your wound clean it is good to treat it fast. Always clean your hands before touching the wound.

Remain it safe from flies and dust

Wounds are of great attraction for germs, dust, and flies. Flies sit again and again over them so you need to keep your wound covered so that it can remain safe from flies and insects. Dust particles also cause infection when you keep it covered it remain safe from all harmful activities. 

Proper care of the wound

If you give proper care to your wound it will get well soon and remain uninfected. For proper care, the most important is proper treatment. So if you give your wound proper treatment and proper care and keep it dust and insects free it will be treated soon. 

Natural treatment is good among all treatments. It is occurred by some natural products that you can get easily. These products are available easily and present their amazing effects. In some cases, its result may be delayed but their effect is natural and guaranteed.

The use of natural products to treat wounds is common since ancient times. Natural treatment can easily be done by the use of commonly used kitchen items, chemicals, trees, and herbs.

Use Onion

Onion is the basic element of everyone’s kitchen. It is found almost in every kitchen. It is considered as the best to treat wounds and stop them infecting. Because onion has great anti-microbial activity. It stops the germs from infecting and kill them.

To use onion on the wounds you have to peel it off then have to cut it in small pieces. Then put it in the blender add half tablespoon of honey in it and half teaspoon of coconut oil it. Mix them well until a thick paste formed. Apply it directly at the wound and then leave it unwashed for 2 to 3 hours.

It is best to treat all the open and blooded wounds and heal them within a week if the infection is severe. Apply it twice in a day and do the same until the wound heals completely. This also helps to treat itch from old stretch marks.

Apply almond oil to treat infected wounds naturally

Almond oil has amazing abilities to treat the wound. It is full of vitamins especially rich in Vitamin E that has a great ability to heal wounds. Almond oil heals the infected wounds and soft formation of pus because it has amazing antimicrobial properties. Almond oil does not cause any itching so you can use it and enjoy its positive impacts.

The use of almond oil to treat wounds is very easy. So can take its one to two drops and apply it on the wound with the help of a finger or with the help of a cotton swab. Cotton swap is better because it is can easily apply the oil all over the whole wound. Let it absorb for 5 to 6 hours. Do the same twice daily until the wound heals properly.

Use of potato

Potato is the first-line treatment to treat all the infected wounds. Potato has amazing healing power. It heals the wound fast than any other local treatment. Potato has amazing coagulant properties that stop the flow of the blood from the wound and healed it.

The use of potatoes is very easy to treat the wound. You have to use boiled potato for this purpose. So to heal wound first take a medium-size potato then boil it. Let it cool and then peel it off.

After that mash, it, then add one to two drops of vitamin E serum in it. Mix it well then apply it to the wound. Always apply its thin layer for good results. If required then cover the wound with a bandage and leave it for 2 to 3 hours.

Vitamin E provides great help in healing the wound fast and removing the mark of the wound. Do it until the wound heals completely. After that to reduce the mark using the serum of vitamin E and keep it applying until the complete mark removed.

Use of garlic

Garlic is the common kitchen item. That has a very important role in our daily food items. The use of garlic remains you safe from many diseases. Garlic is used as an anti-bacterial agent. The garlic has awesome results to treat all wounds either they are internally in the organs of the body or above the body at the skin. 

To treat the wounds that are at the skinned garlic is simply the best and it has no competitor. Garlic shows its anti-bacterial activity fast and treats the wound immediately and stops the formation of pus in it. To use it to treat as anti-bacterial use this in the following way:

Take 2 to 3 pieces of garlic dip them in water for almost 5 to 10 minutes. Then peel it off when it becomes soft. After that mash, these pieces make a thick paste by adding one to 2 drops of castor oil. Mix them well.

Apply it over the wound for the whole night. The wound will properly be healed after 2 to 3 days. If it has pus it also removed because the anti-bacterial activity of garlic kills all the germs that are the reason for the production of pus. Use it until the wounds heal.

Coconut oil

It also has an amazing role in treating the wound. For this purpose take 2 to 3 drops of coconut oil apply it on the wound with the help of a cotton swab so it can be applied properly. Coconut oil shows the best anti-microbial properties due to which it treats the wound and reduces the pus.

When you have the fear that when you use water and it enhances the chance of infection. Then take a few drops of coconut oil to apply it on the wound. Take an ice cube to wrap it in a cloth and after that massage it over the wound where you applied oil.

This fixes the layer of layer and water will not affect your wound. Use this procedure until the infection reduced and wound start healing. This also helps to heal the red bumps on the bikini area after shaving.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera gel has an incredible activity to fight with all types of germs. It is best to fight against acne and pimple producing germs. If you have infected pimple or acne that has pus at your skin you can use aloe Vera. It acts as a prophylactic treatment against any wound if you use it on a regular basis.

It is the best and ultimate remedy to treat acne and pimples. To use it treat infected wounds to make its paste and apply it on the skin for at least 3 to 4 hours. Use it until the wound along with its bad mark removed easily. 

Use of turmeric with water and lemon

Turmeric has an astonishing effect to fight against all the germs. If you are suffering from any type of infection you can use turmeric to treat it. Turmeric is a common kitchen product. That heals all the wound and treat them from their root cause. 

To use it to treat infected wounds take one tablespoon and mix it with water lemon. Make a thick paste of it. Lemon is better than water because it heals the wound fast. But it also has a stinging effect so you can water instead. You can also use water and lemon at once both in equal ratio to form a thick paste.

Apply it on the wound for at least 5 to 6 hours and cover the wound with a bandage. Use it until the wound heals completely.

Use of potash alum

Potash alum is a common chemical that is available in stones form and you can easily found in every home. The common name of potash alum is phatkari. The common color of its appearance is white. It is used very commonly to treat cuts, wounds, and infections.

Its use is very simple and easy. You can use it simply by rubbing it over the affected area. It can easily melt in the water like ice and you wash your infected wound by this water. It is best to remove all wounds of the skin. You can use it twice or thrice in a day until the infections last.


It has great anti-microbial activity you can use it on the wound to remove its all infection. All parts of chamomile are used to treat wounds but leaves are of great importance among all. You can use it by making the paste of leaves in the blender.

Apply this paste over the wound and leave it for the whole night. Wash your wound and again apply this over the wound. Your wound gets well soon and infection recovered urgently. 

Neem tree

It is the best plant to treat all types of wounds. It is very famous for its anti-microbial activity. Its bark is used to resolve all types of infection in the mouth. The leaves of it are applied in the form of paste at the wound.

Apply it twice in a day it is the best to remove all type of cuts which are infected. Even the wound of a sword or knife having an infection in it can easily be treated by applying the paste. Keep applying it until the wound heals.


All home remedies are best to treat the infected wound. You can use any of them according to the situation of your wound. But if the infection persists and you feel not well visit the doctor for a better recommendation.

The use of all-natural products should be according to the prescribed manner. Slight carelessness can create a huge problem. So remain cautious and conscious. If you notice skin bruising when you scratch, consult your doctor for an expert opinion.

Final words:

By using any of the above treatment you can treat your wound at home and get well soon. So if you have any infected wound treat it by following any of the above procedures.