Can I use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean my hands?

Can I use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean my hands?

Isopropyl alcohol is used to disinfect hands and keep your germs free. You can use it twice a day to keep your hands clean.

Can I use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean my hands? Yes, you can use isopropyl alcohol to clean your hands, it helps to disinfect, kiss germs and bacteria. It is recommended to carefully apply isopropyl alcohol on your hands and let it dry.

This compound not only found in industries and big commercial places. But this is also present in the household. The safer use of isopropyl alcohol provides hundreds of benefits. It is such an amazing cleaning compound that you can get the maximum advantages from it.

Can I use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean my hands?

It is one of the most amazing chemical compounds which is used for cleaning and sterilization. It not only cleans but also disinfects. The product is used for the cleaning and sterilizing of not only human parts but also the mechanics.

The large machinery and other electronic things can be cleaned by using isopropyl alcohol. This liquid is used in the cleaning of hands as well. There are various ways through which Isopropyl alcohol can clean and disinfect the hands.

Disinfection of hands

It plays a vital role in the disinfection of hands. In such cases, you can use 90% isopropyl alcohol. This alcohol plays a vital rule in cleaning the hands. It can remove germs and dirt. It is one the amazing compound which cannot only kill the germs which lie in the hands but this also keeps the hands safe and germ-free for a longer period.

It is used in various products that are used for cleaning and killing the germs. These products are very beneficial for the cleaning and disinfection of the hands. It fights with all kinds of germs which can contaminate the hands. The chemical compound is extremely useful for cleaning purposes. People find it very useful and make this their first choice sometimes. 

This ranges from 60 percent of the isopropyl alcohol to 90 percent of the isopropyl alcohol. There is one other point is there which is you can also add ten percent of water in this isopropyl alcohol.

This means that if you are preparing a bottle that contains isopropyl alcohol for the disinfection of hands. You can add water to this bottle as well. This will make a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol. This mixture is very helpful for the disinfection of the hands and cleaning the hands from the presence of germs. 

If the concentration of the alcohol is below 90 percent it will work but less than the original concentration. If the concentrations drop from 60 percent. 

Keep the concentration according to the instruction given above. Otherwise, the results will not be the same, The mixing of water in isopropyl alcohol is another beneficial feature of this whole process. The water with isopropyl alcohol has the capacity that it can kill the smallest of the germs and organisms. 

Water increases the process of disinfection. This is one of the amazing qualities of water when it is used with isopropyl alcohol. In such a way the isopropyl alcohol can kill the bacteria more deeply.

When the addition of water is carried out in the same container of isopropyl alcohol. Then the alcohol evaporates in more time. It stays on the surface for a longer period. 

This whole process of mixing water with certain concentrations of isopropyl alcohol makes the whole process more amazing and long-lasting. The chemical compound kills the germs in a very fast and effective way.

Use to kill bacteria and fungi

There are various uses of isopropyl alcohol. But one of the most amazing advantages is killing the bacteria and fungi. The bacteria accumulate on the palm of the hands and they stay there for a longer period. Sometimes even cleaning and washing the hands with normal soap is not sufficient.

The most long-lasting and effective advantages are there. It not only kills the bacteria which are present on the hands. But it is also helpful in removing and killing the fungi. 

The fungi although is not present in its original form on the skin. But the fungi appear in the form of spores. These spores of fungi are vegetative in their original form but one the fungi start affecting it. You can also apply benzoyl peroxide with tea tree oil on your hands.

That is why it is really important to kill these spores and removes them from the hands. It plays an important role in different concentrations in killing all these bacteria and fungi which can contaminate the hands in any way.

Isopropyl is used to clean hands

Sterilization is a process which is different from disinfection. There are many people out there who mix the disinfection and sterilization. Some people even assume that disinfection and sterilization are the same processes. But this is not true in any way.

Both processes are different from each other. Isopropyl alcohol is important in hand cleaning and sterilization. 

These are known as sterilants. The concentration in the sterilization process remains the same. But the exposure duration becomes much shorter as compared to the process of disinfection. You should properly clean your hands before applying makeup on your face.

Used as cleaning wipes

 Wipes are one of the evolution when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting the hands. These wipes are wet in alcohol. These wipes used to remove the contamination which is present on the surface of the hands.

You can easily grab a wipeout of the packet and then easily can wipe all the bacteria and other germs that can contaminate and are contaminating the hands and skin. The cleaning and disinfection become so easy and less time-consuming. 


Everyone should be so careful while using this chemical compound. There are some precautions that you need to follow when you are using isopropyl alcohol for cleaning purposes.

These precautions are a must and without them, you will harm yourself. That is why it is important to read and follow these precautions. 

Do not use near fire

It is highly flammable. Whenever you put a small quantity of isopropyl alcohol near the flame of fire. It immediately catches the fire. That is why it is strictly prohibited to use and apply it near the fire.

When you have applied the chemical compound on your hands. Avoid going near to the fire. The substance is extremely dangerous if it catches the fire. Because the fire does not stop burning until the whole isopropyl evaporates.

Do not leave the container open

It is a chemical compound that has a larger tendency of evaporation. If you will leave the small quantity of isopropyl alcohol open in the environment it will take less than a minute and the whole quantity will evaporate.

That is why you mustn’t leave the container open. If you will leave it open the isopropyl alcohol will evaporate. It is the loss of the chemical compound and money as well. Make sure that the container is tightly close after you have used the chemical compound. 

Wear gloves and face mask

The use of alcohol is a very technical process. You cannot use it in the same way as you are using the other chemical compounds. There are needs to follow the precaution while using isopropyl alcohol.

Make sure that you are wearing gloves and masks when you are working with this chemical compound. The mask will help you to not inhale this chemical. 

Moreover, it can damage the physical state of the human body. Make sure to avoid inhaling and smelling the isopropyl alcohol. Wear the precautionary measures before using this liquid chemical. 

Toxic for health

This chemical can be toxic to health. That is why when you are using alcohol then make sure that you are not consuming it. Sometimes during working in the laboratories, the chemical can be drunk by the workers. Its consumption can make the human system worse when it is ingested by a human.

The lungs can be affected. But is why avoid consuming isopropyl alcohol. If mistakenly you have these few drops of isopropyl alcohol then immediately split this isopropyl alcohol out of your mouth and system.

Avoid eye contact

 Try as much as you can that it does not touch your eyes. This can be very harmful to the eyes. Use the precautionary glasses while using this chemical in the laboratory. Because it can evaporate quickly and fumes can reach to eyes. This liquid can cause allergy to the eyes.