How to change your face shape with makeup?

How to change your face shape with makeup?

Women around the globe are using makeup to change their face shape. In this article, we have explained the best and proven methods to apply makeup on your face and get your desired face shape.

How to change your face shape with makeup? Yes, you can change the shape of your face by using foundation, contour brushes, and face powder. Beauty blenders and sponges are essential when you are reshaping your face.

There are various shapes of the face. These shapes are designated with their names. The names are designated according to your face to the related items. The names of the shapes are oval face shape, heart face shape, Rectangle face shape, triangle face shape, diamond face shape, an oval face shape. There are many other face shapes that exist.  

Oval face shape

This face shape is considered an ideal face shape. The people who have an oval face they have wider foreheads. The face is in a balanced form. The cheekbones appear very prominent. This feature adds the beauty of a person’s face.

If someone has another kind of face shape and that person wants to get the oval face shape. Then the contouring will require much effort and expertise. It is hard to attain an oval shape of the face with cosmetic but that does not mean that it is impossible. 

Diamond face shape

This face shape is with wider foreheads and wider cheeks. The people having the diamond shape of their face they have sharp chins. The chins are like the natural edge of the diamond. The people who get the diamond shape they get the maximum of the contouring of their forehead, cheeks, and chin.

Triangle face shape

Everyone in this world with a triangular face shape has wider foreheads. The cheeks and cheekbones travel in the downward direction. The chin is sharp and thin.

The contouring to the face is carried out when a person who does not have a triangular face, yet try to attain. The forehead remains the big focus while contouring.

How to change your face shape with makeup?

There are various people in the world who like to change the shape of their face using makeup. Cosmetics play an important role in reshaping and changing the shape of the face for a certain period.

The products and tools which play a vital role in shaping and changing the one shape of the face in another shape of the face are concealers, contour, and highlighters. The contouring shades and contouring colors that are available in the form of liquid sticks play a vital role in not only giving color to the skin but also creates a specific natural look.

The concealer helps in the wider and straighter appearance of the face features. Highlighter plays a significant part in making prominent the feature after contouring. The highlighter sometimes determines the face by making it sparkling.

Oval to the triangle face

When you want to change the shape of your face. Then mostly cosmetics play a vital role. Cosmetics are something that is technical as well as impressive for the shape of the face. If you are a person who is having an oval shape of your face. And you want to change the shape of your face from oval shape to triangle shape using cosmetics. Then you have to follow a specific procedure.

First of all, if you have decided that you want to change the oval shape face to triangle face shape. You need some tools which are related to cosmetics. You need cosmetic products which should suit your skin tone.

There is a need for some brushes and contour sticks. For changing the oval shape to triangle shape. There is a stepwise guide that you need to follow. Wash your oval shape face properly. Then dry the skin of your face with a soft dry towel. Set yourself in front of the mirror. Now the first thing which you need is a contour stick. 

This contour stick should be a brown color and should be one tone darker than your skin tone. Apply the stick in such a way that the first line should be on the forehead. The contour stick should be highly pigmented that with one swatch the stick can make a line.

Make a straight line in the middle of the forehead just above the eyebrows. Well, the line should be straight but the ends of the lime should be in downwards direction for making a triangle. Then apply two similar lines with the contour sticks beneath the cheekbone on the cheeks.  

These lines should be in loop shape as the line should move from the ear and in a downward direction to the lips from both sides. Then apply a small amount of contour stick on the middle side of the chin. Then the second step is you need a concealer that should be according to your skin tone.

Apply the concealer above the contour line which is the cheekbone. Apply some concealer beneath the eyes. Conceal small area of the nose with the help of concealer. Apply a small amount of concealer beneath the contour lines as well. 

Then you need a sponge or a beauty blender with amazing blending qualities. Use this blender to blend all the contour lines and concealer lines. But make sure while blending keep the lines separate. Blend in the triangle shape.

Blend thoroughly that it should mix properly in the skin. Then you need a powder which is a darker shade than your skin tone. Apply this dark shade powder on the contour lines of your skin. Then this is time for the contouring if the nose.

For this purpose take a small blending and contouring brush. Take that dark shade powder. Draw a line in the sideline of the nose starting from the edge and start for the eyebrows. Move-in the down word direct. Make a bridge with this darker shade using this contour brush. Then move in the down direction and contour the nostrils. Move the brush in triangle shape without a roof over the nostril. It should be a v shape contour.

 Then in the final step use a loose powder that goes with your foundation. Apply this loose powder with the help of the brush under the eyes. This area is above the contour line. Apply the loose powder on the nose and chine as well.

Now use a brush and blend this loose powder all over the face. You can see in the mirror that the oval shape of your face is now appearing as a triangle shape. You can these makeup methods to cover prominent veins on your hand.

Change face shape from circular to V shape

The changing of the shape of the face from the circular to v shape is a very tricky method. If the face is circular and chubby as well then the process becomes more crucial and needs expertise. The whole process requires multiple tools which are cosmetic products various brushes and a mirror.

If you are a person who is trying to do the makeup of her chubby face which is circular in shape into a v shape makeup. Then try to set up yourself in front of the mirror and follow the stepwise guide. When starting the makeup, clean hands with isopropyl alcohol to kill germs.

The whole process requires extreme attention as well. First of all, apply the foundation of your skin tone on your circular face. If it is liquid foundation then blend it with the help of a blender. Then use a concealer that should go with the tone of your foundation. Apply the concealer on the nose and on the cheekbones.

Draw line on the area which is over the eyelid then go to the eyebrows and apply some concealer over the eyebrows. Then blend the concealer with the help of a sponge and dab at least three times the foundation and concealer thoroughly. You can apply tea tree oil with benzoyl peroxide for better results.

Make the eyes a bit pinkish by suing a pinkish eye shadow. While making a V shape of the face from a circular shape. You can use powder contour as compared to the liquid contour stick. Take a co tour brush and rub a lighter brown color from the contour pallet then contour the cheeks area first.

As we are trying to reshape the face from the circular to the v shape. That is why contouring of the forehead is not required .only the contouring of the cheekbones and chin is done by using the lighter brown powder. You can apply mint leaves for better results.

Now moving the brush while doing contouring is a technical thing and it requires expertise. Take a small amount of powder on the brush. Now move the brush on the area which is below the cheekbones.

Right after the ear moves the brush and comes straight a bit then move slightly upwards and then straight to the chin. You do not have to move towards lips you have to move downwards which is towards the chin.

Do this movement of the brush at least three times on one side. Then on the second side of the cheek perform the same movements of the brush with powder of contouring. Then move the brush near the hairline and most left corner of the forehead.

Move the brush in a circular motion. Mix the powder from sideline to the cheek lime towards the chin. Then apply a small quantity of the pink color blush on the cheekbone this will make the skin pinkish. Apply a small amount of highlighter on the nose in the straight line.

oval to diamond face shape with makeup

If you have an oval shape of the face and you want to change the face shape with a diamond shape. The cosmetic can play a very important role in this.

The whole process of transforming the oval shape to diamond face shape may need some cosmetic products and some brushes and beauty blenders. Then if you want to reshape your oval face into a diamond shape. Tighten your head hair very carefully.  

There should not be any hair flick on the face. Now set the mirror in front of you. As you are trying to shape the face as a diamond. Make sure that the end which is the chin should be sharp like a diamond.

The forehead part should be wider like the diamond has a wider top. And the sides of the face which are the cheekbones and cheeks these should be straightly sharp and downwards towards the sharp end which means the chin.

For this purpose, first of all, you need to decide whether your skin dry or oily in nature. If it is oily then use the powder contouring shades. If the skin is dry then use the liquid contouring stick. By using the contouring shade make sure that the shade is much darker than your skin tone.

Then an application of the contour shade must be appropriate. Try to put a spot of the contour shade upper side of the cheekbone. Then one spot on the cheekbone then one in the moving shade area of the cheek and forth according to the row. 

These spots form a circular shape when you have applied them on the cheeks. For the blending use a blending sponge. And blend these spots ina way that all the color moves towards the hairline. Blend the spots in the hairline to give a natural look to the skin.

Now apply the contour shade with the help of a small brush on the chin. To make the chin sharp and not flat apply the contour shade in the middle of the chin which is almost beneath the chin. The spot on the left side and other on the right side. 

One spot should be placed over the first spot. Then blend the shade with the help of beauty blender. Try to make the edge of the chin sharp. When the face is oval mostly the noses are big chubby and flat. That is why the contouring is important. For this purpose use a thin lip brush for making fine lines. Use a brownish shade to make thinner lines on both sides of the nose. The lines should be straight. 

Blend the lines with the help of a blender and shape the nose. Now the final task is making the forehead wider like the upper part of the diamond. For this purpose take a concealer brush and apply a small amount of concealer on the side of the forehead near the hairline in a slightly circular style.

Blend this concealer with the help of the beauty blender. This step will make the forehead wider. Apply a small amount of concealer beneath the eyes. Put some highlighter on the nose in the form of a straight line. This is the way to get a diamond shape face from an oval shape with the help of makeup.