What causes red bumps after shaving bikini area?

What causes red bumps after shaving bikini area?

Red bumps are common after shaving the bikini area because the skin of this area is very sensitive. So that it can prone to infections immediately. Infection can occur easily due to slight negligence as a result of which bump becomes red, itchy, and warm.

What causes red bumps after shaving bikini area? The red bump occurs on the bikini area after shaving due to the use of the dirty razor, sharp razor, lack of moisture, ingrown hair, reaction with shaving cream, hot wax, sun exposure, and can also due to presence of acne and rashes.

The red bump can be treated after a few hours of infection if the infection is slight. On the other way if the infection is severe you need to undergo proper treatment and medication. So no need to take these reasons casual and deal them with great care and consciousness. 

What causes red bumps after shaving bikini area?

Redness occurs because the skin of this area is very soft and sensitive. It gets affected by many infections more often than the other parts of the body. That’s why it demands more care. Especially take great care of its cleanliness. The products you are going to use for shaving must cross-check them.

There are so many causes of redness that make your skin itchy and red. Few of them are as follow you need to follow them with great care and must try to remain conscious about them:

Due to the use of razor

Razor is the main weapon used for shaving. Without shaving is almost impossible. A razor is a gadget that has a blade in it. This blade removes the hair and makes skin clear. Both the blade and razor should be of good quality. Before using check the status of the blade carefully either it is in good condition or not. There is a great possibility that it may have rust due to in contact with water.

If you use this type of razor it causes redness on bumps after use. This type of razor has not so a good effect on the skin and unable to remove hairs. So always use a new and clean blade because there is no chance to take risk of skin.

The blade can cause severe cuts and infections. That last so long and cause redness and itching. The use of razor should be very careful especially when you have a sharp razor, dirty razor and your razors blade is not smooth and it gives you cuts or redness.

The bikini line is very sensitive you need to take great care of it while shaving it with the razor. Because the razor is sharp it has a great ability to give you scratch that is the main cause of the redness. This scratch could be the cut if it is deep.

The use of sharp razors is not good. It creates the huge patches of redness even if you are using it with great care and by following proper instructions just because of sharp nature.

Dirt razors are also a problem causing tool. So when you are using it always use it after washing it properly. The dust has severe germs in it because it carries all types of bacteria, viruses, and many other microbes.

When you are using dirty razor it can become the cause of severe infection on the bumps. Because the skin of bumps is very sensitive. So you need to check cautiously about the products you are using in this sensitive area. Redness and itching can cause a severe problem for the bumps and need proper treatment and care.

Due to cuts during shaving

The razor cuts can also become the cause of severe redness and if the cut is deep it can become the reason for inflammation and wounds. The razor cuts mostly due to carelessness. Always use a razor with a soft hand and target only the upper skin.

If you use it fast or in a hurry it can give you severe redness. For this redness, you need to use ice-cubes. So that it can get in proper form soon. The sides along the cut will become severe red and itchy. This can also cause bruises on the skin when scratching.

Lack of moisture causes red bumps after shaving bikini area

The lack of moisture also the common cause of redness. Moisture content is very necessary for good shaving. If the skin is dried then due to dryness it also becomes hard then there is a great probability that it gets red after shaving.

So before shaving the bikini area you need to treat it well and keep its moisture content full by applying good quality moisturizer. If you are planning to shave before one or two days of shaving start keeping it moisturized with some good quality bikini area moisturizer. 

Apply this moisturizer in the bikini area and bump with soft hands in the form of massage. After two days of this process do shaving you feel that your skin is soft and smooth. No redness or cuts appeared.

If you are not going to do this especially in the winter season. The whole skin of the bikini area and bumps will become red. Patches of redness are just according to the severity. Severity and sizes of patches of redness depend upon the severity of infection of that area. So do shaving at the properly moisturized skin that is good for you to remain safe from pain.

Ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are also the cause of the redness. When you shave your bikini area all hairs removed. But the growth of hairs all over the body remains continuous throughout life. After one or two days of shaving, hairs start outgrowing from the root again. This small hair is very hard and pointed.

When it rubs with the bump or other parts of the body it causes severe redness and stinging effect. So try to remove hairs from deep inside the roots. So that it could not come soon and you remain safe from the problem of redness.

This redness is severe and forms large patches on the bumps. That needs a complete treatment to become well. These ingrown hairs if inject in the bump it can become the cause of whole bump redness.

Reaction with shaving cream

The use of shaving cream is very common to remove hairs from especially from the bikini lines. As the bikini line is very soft and sensitive so to use hot wax is the cause of more dangerous for it. The use of thread is also very painful so the easy way to remove hairs from this area is shaving cream.

People have various types of skin that’s sensitivity varies from person to person. If the person having extremely soft skin. The use of shaving cream could be very dangerous for him. Because shaving cream has severe chemicals that’s presence a sensitive skin could not bear and become red. 

The use of shaving cream has also severe effect on the nearby parts of the bikini area. If the reaction is severe the redness can lead to the burning of the skin. Due to the side effect of shaving cream the whole bikini area and bump become red. 

Always use shaving cream of good quality and before applying it on this sensitive test it on the back of legs or arms. So that you can remain safe from any type of redness and itching. 

If you feel the stinging effect after application immediately wash it with running tap water. Use moisturizer to soothe the skin if the reaction is severe immediately to visit the dermatologist. Otherwise, redness leads to inflammation and permanent marks formed on the skin. So we need to remain much careful in this matter. 

Due to the use of hot wax

Hot wax is also one of the commonly used products to remove hairs from the body. The use of hot wax can remove the hair from deep inside the skin. But as the name indicate that hot wax is hot and applied hot in the bikini area. 

As the bikini area is very soft and smooth. It has very little capability to bear such a hot product. So after the application of hot wax, both bikini area and bump become severe red. Along with redness it also gives the mark of burning if used more hot form of it.

So never use it on the bikini area or if it is necessary to use it no option you have other than it. Then you need to use it with great care and consciousness to remain safe from the problem of redness.

Use of Strips and threads

To remove hairs from the bikini line you need to be more careful and alert. To remove hairs the used items are strips that help in wax to remove hairs, a razor to cut hairs, and spatula to apply cream and remove hairs.

If you use thread then thread is also the tool along with all previously mentioned. These all are the tools that remove hair from your skin after getting direct contact with it.

So during the use of these products you need to be much selective and careful. If the tool you are using is already used on by someone else. It can be the cause of the problem for you. It can cause severe infection and become the cause of infection spread.

Immediately after contact with your skin, they will make your skin red and itching. The redness is severed if the person who already use it suffering from any kind of infection. Wash the by gently rubbing it and apply an antiseptic solution over it. If the redness is severe visit dermatologists for proper medication.

Sun exposure

Shaving is a necessary and difficult activity that demands a lot from you. You must fulfill all demands other your skin will become red or can damage. If you get exposed to the sun immediately after hair removing the harmful radiations of the sun will make your skin red.

The bikini area is sensitive to other parts of the body after shaving it become more sensitive and the sun has harsh radiation. So they had the power to badly affect your bumps and make them red. This can also cause infected wounds on your body.

So at least after 3 to 4 hours of bikini area shaving, you should remain under shade. If this is no possible for you then shave it with great care during the night. 

Otherwise, exposure to the skin could permanently damage your skin, and dark patches formed over it. In other cases, if necessary to go out then you need to cover your skin properly with the cloth. So that you can remain protected from sun damage.

Due to acne or rashes

The presence of acne or rashes is very common in the bikini area or at bumps due to the use of tight jeans or underwear. Acne or pimple could be due to the unhygienic condition of the bikini area. So if you shave this area in the presence of them. This can also make your sweat smell like cheese and this odor is bad.

They may become get reacted with the shaving tool and become the cause of redness on the bumps. If they get badly affected due to shaving the level of problem enhanced at a much higher level. So before shaving try to treat them first so that problems could not occur. You can apply your period blood on your skin for better results.


Shaving is a tricky activity especially the shaving of the bikini area. Due to shaving if you notice any problem treat it soon and stop shaving. If the problem is of a greater level then consult a dermatologist.

Because the small infection in this area can cause severe diseases like infection of the colon and urinary track etc. So remain careful and active and try the best to save yourself from the problem. Use the products of good quality and fresh for the betterment of your skin.

Final words

The redness could occur due to slight negligence. If you remain careful and alert then you can remain safe from the occurrence of huge problems. Bikini area and the bump is the sensitive part of the body so try to give it more care to remain them free from any problem and infection.