Why does my skin bruise when I scratch it?

Why does my skin bruise when I scratch it?

Skin bruise is a condition in which skin gets hurts whenever you scratch it even with soft hands. This occurs when your skin is sensitive and weak. It cannot bear any slight touch. The skin bruise is common in most of the people due to various reasons. 

Why does my skin bruise when I scratch it? Your skin can bruise when scratching because of liver disease or hepatotoxicity, obesity, diabetes, thinning of capillaries, addiction of drugs, cancers and tumors, AIDS, old age, the side effect of medicines, deficiency of necessary vitamins and minerals, less exposure to skin, and lack of moisture.

Skin bruise can lead to a severe problem if not treated it in the initial stages. Skin bruise is a complicated disease that can lead to bleeding of the skin even when you scratch it slightly. In this condition, the passing of cannula is much difficult. Because it causes severe wounds on the skin, so treat it immediately when you notice the initial signs of the skin bruise.

Why does my skin bruise when I scratch it?

The skin bruise is a common and painful activity that can occur when the blood vessels under the skin tear or burst. The bursting of these capillaries leads to leakage of blood due to which the bruise occurred. 

It occurs due to some accident that hurts the skin and even due to some disease that makes the skin weak and due to which the nutrition necessary for the wellness of skin could not reach it. The bruise, if due to an accident, can be treated soon on its own within a few weeks. But if it is concerned with some disease, it treats with the treatment of that disease.

A skin bruise is a very irritating situation. That gives you discomfort and pain. If you want to remain safe form, you need to fight with the following problems that are the root cause of its occurrence.

The disease of liver or hepatotoxicity

The most important reason for skin bruise is a liver disease or the severe toxicity of the liver. The liver is the organ that produces blood and has the leading role in supplying it to all other parts of the body. If there is an infection in the liver, it is not able to perform well. 

If the liver is not able to perform, the whole body has to suffer a lack of blood due to which it becomes anemic. When there is a lack of blood in the body, it means the organ has a lack of blood to perform, and the blood necessary for skin to perform well would not reach it. 


To remain safe from the problem, you need to take great care of your liver so that it can perform well. For this purpose, you need to take a healthy diet that is full of iron for the well-being of the liver. You can apply jasmine oil to your skin to moisturize it.


This is also one of the most common factors that cause skin bruises. Obesity is a dangerous disease because it is the root cause of many diseases. Due to the obesity level of fats is at an increased level. These fats form a thick layer between the skin and the blood vessels. 

This thick layer presses the blood vessels due to which these are not able to perform in a prescribed manner. Due to a lack of strength and support, the skin becomes weak, and the skin can’t resist any type of invading infection. The skin becomes extra sensitive, and in this condition, the skin bruise occurs more commonly.


Diabetes is a disease that is common in almost every 3rd to 4th person of the world. Diabetes has a significant effect on the liver and other organs of the body. Diabetes has a significant effect on the capillaries and other blood vessels. It acts on them and becomes the cause of the narrowing of them.

These narrow capillaries leave the skin due to which the skin becomes loose and weak. The loose skin affected more by scratch or external touch. If any diabetic patient gets any accident or injury, it means the skin of that part would damage because it has no resistance power.

Diabetes damages the skin internally and destroys its base due to which skin bruise occurs more commonly in diabetic patients than the normal ones.

Thinning of capillaries

Skin is intact and strong due to the internal strength that is given to it by a huge and complicated network of capillaries. These capillaries supply blood to the skin. If due to any disease, the capillaries become thin. Or the wall of capillaries becomes thin or ruptures due to which it loses the capability to support the skin and make it intact and strong.

The person who is suffering from this disease would have loose and patchy skin. The skin of this person is just like people of old age. The skin becomes just like having wrinkles. In this condition, if you slightly scratch your skin it will bruise. The skin bruise of this type of person is much different and complicated than the other.

The initial sign of this problem is the removal of skin peel. If the skin of your body peels of more often than the normal. Then you need to be careful and visit the doctor for the treatment of the skin. If once the capillaries become thin then it is difficult for you to treat it.

Addiction to drugs

The person who is addicted to drugs and take drugs and drink a lot. His immune system is very weak and he is prone to diseases much more than other persons. The person who is addicted to drugs his all organs are destroyed after the regular use of drugs and the consumption of alcohol. 

Some drugs are taken through an injection that damages the skin from the nearby sites where the insertion of the needle is done. The skin around it will swallow and patches of redness appeared around it. Regular insertion of the needle makes the skin sensitive.

So the regular use of injection is enough to damage the skin permanently and the skin to bruise more easily. When you slightly touch it. The oral and inhalation route of drug-taking can damage the internal organs that would lead to skin damage and skin bruise after slight touch and scratch.

Cancer and tumors

The skin bruise is very common if the person is having cancer or a tumor. Due to the presence of cancer cells and tumors in the body, the skin bruise occurs. The skin bruise occurs if the cancer is of the skin or at that part where the tumors are present. But the most common cause of skin bruises is due to the treatment of cancer.

The treatment of cancer is very harsh. It can damage the skin due to which the skin bruise occurs. The sensitivity of the skin enhances at a very high level if you are undergoing cancer treatment. 

The chemicals and the drugs used for the treatment of cancer makes the skin thin and loose. If you are suffering from laser treatment then the laser would also damage your skin. The skin becomes sensitive and the skin bruise occurs. 


AIDS is an acquired immune deficiency syndrome. This weak the immune system and cause the problem for every organ of the body. In this condition, the skin also suffered a lot. The blood vessels ruptured and start internal bleeding in this condition the skin and capillaries lose their contact and skin become sensitive.

Even if you pass cannula in this patient it can cause a bruise. If the patient slightly scratches his body the bruise formed due to the sensitivity of the skin.  

Old age can make your skin bruise when scratching

Old age people have a weak immune system and their organs are also weak. The skin has a lot of wrinkles, it is loose. If the person of old age gets hurt slightly then the skin has bruises over it. The bruise also forms in old age due to the narrowing of blood vessels and lack of blood supply to the skin. 

To remain the person of old age safe from this painful condition you need to do regular massage. So the blood flows properly and give strength to the skin and make skin tight and reduce wrinkles.

The capillaries supply proper nourishment and strength if you take healthy food that is good for the capillaries and blood vessels. Many people also complain that their skin is getting darker as they get old.

The side effect of medicines

Few medicines have very serious side effects that skin cannot bear that medicine could be topical or oral. The use of this medicine at the skin to treat any type of infection could cause the skin bruise. 

Because due to the use of these skin become soft and after interaction with any other thing would cause the skin bruise. If you observe any side effect after the use of that medicine leave its use and if the reaction is severe immediately consult the dermatologist so that you can remain safe from the problem.

Deficiency of vitamins and minerals

The use of vitamins and minerals is very necessary for the well-being of health. If the person is suffering from necessary essential nutrients the skin will become loose and weak. Due to which the skin can get hurt more even after the small scratch.

Lack of vitamins and minerals causes a lack of blood supply to the skin. Due to which the skin becomes sensitive. If you hold tightly any part of your body even with your hand the skin from that part will bruise. If the holding is tight it may cause internal bleeding from under the skin.

To fight from this condition you need to take multi-vitamins regularly and take proper care of your diet. Initially, in this condition, you feel weakness so take it seriously at that time so that you can fight with every problem related to skin. You can use period blood on the skin to get better results.

Less exposure to the sun

Less exposure to the sun, especially in those areas where their winter remains long, can also the cause of skin bruise. Sun gives energy and strength to the skin without the skin become dull and inactive just like dead skin.

The sun nourishes the skin due to which it does not bruise so soon. If exposure to the sun is less. Then it is not good for skin and it will bruise just due to slight scratch.

Lack of moisture

Moisture content is very necessary for the skin it makes the skin soft. If the skin remains soft it will remain safe from various problems. The moisture content is very necessary to remain the skin safe from the bruise. If the skin has a lack of moisture it will become hard due to which it will bruise after small scratch. You may also notice red bumps on skin after shaving.

So you need to take care of your skin and keep its moisture content intact so that it can remain safe from various infections. Especially form bruises because it is a painful situation.


Skin bruise is a painful condition you should try best possible to remain safe from it. You need to very be cautious if your skin is sensitive. To treat skin bruise you can use ice if it is not severed if the severity is more.

You need to consult a dermatologist. If you are suffering from any of the above diseases then along with the treatment of that disease. You need to take proper medication to treat skin bruises. 

Skin bruises can occur easily but need attention because it can occur due to any of the above conditions. If you are suffering from any of the above conditions you need to be much careful about skin. So that you can remain safe from this painful condition.