Why do my old stretch marks itch?

Why do my old stretch marks itch?

Itching in old stretch marks can be caused by 5 main reasons. In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about stretch marks.

Why do my old stretch marks itch? Your old stretch marks can itch because of weight gain, pregnancy, tearing of stitches, skin infections, and fluctuations in hormones. It is recommended to visit your doctor if the condition persists.

Stretch marks are lines that may appear red or white. These marks can appear in the abdomen area of the hip area mostly. Sometimes the stretch marks can appear on the thighs of the person.

These marks are the lines that may appear after the stitches or any operation activity related to the body. These stretch marks can be itchy. Mostly the stretch marks are itchy when the marks are new and wet. This can happen right during pregnancy. The pregnancy causes a severe kind of itchiness. 

Due to itchiness in the stretch marks the person gets so comfortable that the remedy is required immediately. Some other cases may cause the itchiness of the stretch marks. But here the discussion is about the old stretch marks.

The old stretch marks usually do not itch. But when they itch the itchiness can cause severe irritation on the surface. These stretch marks are not harmful. Medically the stretch marks are not proven to be a disease. But the itchiness can be a problem. 

Sometimes the itchiness is mild and sometimes the itchiness is severe.

Moreover, the reasons behind this itchiness can be anything. As the stretch marks have got old that is why to evaluate and understand the problem behind this itchiness becomes so difficult. But you can consult your doctor about this problem. 

Why do my old stretch marks itch? 

There are several causes due to which there is some kind of itchiness and irritation in the stretch marks. The itchiness can lead to severity sometimes. When the old stretch marks start to itch.

No environmental factor can do this. But the body and different functions of the body affect the body in such a way that itchiness may generate in the stretch marks. These reasons can be multiple.

Some reasons can be severe and some reasons can be normal. The same is the pattern for the movement of this itchiness. Sometimes in some areas of the body, the itching in stretch marks is normal and in some areas it is severe.

Weight gain can irritate the stretch marks

When the stretch marks itch mostly they are new. But when the old stretch marks start to itch. Then the problem is real. Because the reason behind this itching can be harmful.

Obesity is a cause that can cause the itching in the stretch marks. Sometimes after a certain age or condition, the people start eating vigorously. This increases the rate of body weight. The person starts gaining weight so immensely.

Due to increased weight a certain type of pressure developed in the human body. This pressure can stretch the marks more than ever before. While sleeping, eating, and even moving you can feel a certain amount of irritation. This condition might be so uncomfortable.

The condition in which the itchiness is due to the increased weight gain is severe. Because you cannot lose weight in one or two days. You have to wait sometimes. And during this time there is a certain amount of pressure in those areas which have the stretch marks. The pressure pulls the stretch marks severely. 

This increased pressure on the stretch marks which is due to increased body weight. This weight is not about gaining the mass in months. But this weight is the actual weight which can be gained by the person in a very short time.

The gaining of the weight becomes so fast and the time taken is so short. There is a complete growth process that is followed by the body. The body grows so much fast in the weight that the skin starts reacting. The skin starts to compensate for the increasing weight daily. 

Due to the weight, the skin starts feeling more pressure than ever before. In such cases, if you have stretch marks on several parts of the body. These stretch marks start to react. No matter how old these stretch marks are but due to certain conditions, the stretch marks become so active.

The feeling of irritation starts to develop in these stretch marks. The person can feel a pulling and tearing force in these stretch marks. The weight gain which takes a shorter span can be associated with some medical conditions. The cause behind this kind of weight gain is that the person has gone through any operation of some medical changes. The weight starts to increase abruptly. 

Tearing of the stitches

Several causes can demonstrate why and when the stretch marks can cause itching. But when the itching occurs in the old stretch marks the reason can be genuine

One of the reasons which can irritate the stretch marks in the old stretch marks. The reason can be tearing of the stitches. Some of the stitches can be open then cut and eventually removed from the body. 

But some stitches are there which are allowed to remain in the body for a lifetime. These stitches dissolve in the human body and these can also create the stretch marks on the body. When the stretch marks and even the dissolved stitches become old. These stretch marks stop itching and irritation. But all of a sudden the irritation and itching start to appear on the skin.

This is due to some kind of body stretching. Hence the stretching of the body is unpredictable for the stretch marks. They start to itch in a very uncomfortable way. This stretching of the body could be due to some injury. Some excessive pulling forces might also cause this kind of itching in the stretch marks.

The injury can cause that type of itching that the person feels that he or she gets these stitches recently. The stitches become so new and wet. The person can feel like someone is tearing these stitches with a pulling force. Do not apply coconut oil on the stretch marks, many people do not like the smell of coconut oil.

The itchiness sometimes becomes so severe and uncomfortable that the person starts feeling pain. Immediate requirement of remedy becomes desirable by the person who is suffering from the itchiness and irritation.

The injury and any kind of wound which may be external or internal can give a tearing feeling to the stitches and eventually the stretch marks. Although the stitches do not tear in the physical form. But the feeling matches the same pain like the stretching and tearing of the stitches. The stretch marks become so painful and undesirable that the person wants to remove them from his or her body. 


When the stretch marks are new and wet they appear in red. But when the stretch marks are getting older. That means that the stitches are healing. During this healing process, the person can feel itchiness and irritation in the stretch marks.

The red color of the stretch marks starts to turn in to white color. Due to this healing process, the stretch marks start feeling irritation and itching. Those stretch marks are new in appearance. 

 These marks have more tendencies to get severe itchiness in them. But even when the stretch marks become older and the color of the marks turns white. But then this whole process creates a sense of itching. You can also use natural ways to treat infected wounds.

The turning of the color of stretch marks from red to white color eventually leads to the complete healing of the stretch marks. The marks heal and during the process, stretch marks can itch.

Although the condition is not severe and itchiness can be relieved by using some moisturizer. But the itchiness is so uncomfortable. That the person feels that there must be any remedy for the relief of this itchy feeling. If you feel severe itching, wash your hands with isopropyl alcohol before itching on the stretch marks.

Pregnancy after stretch marks can cause itching

There is a common perception of this phenomenon that pregnancy can cause stretch marks. This phenomenon is true for every female who goes through surgery. Pregnancy can cause the itchiness of the stretch marks.

If a female has the stretch marks on the abdomen and thighs after one pregnancy. These stretch marks can heal after some time. But if the female goes through another pregnancy the state can cause the itchiness of the stretch marks.

The stretch marks become new once again and the irritation becomes severe. The weight gain becomes immense in cases of pregnancies. That is why the weight of the increase increases the pulling of strict marks.

The pulling force gives the feeling of tearing the stretch marks and stitches. A sense of itchiness developed in the stretch marks. This sensation makes the female uncomfortable. The irritation can lead to pain.

The fluctuation of the hormones

Sometimes due to fluctuation of the hormone can cause the stretching of the stretch marks. It is one body internal condition that can lead to the itchiness of the stretch marks. Due to these hormonal changes in the human body.

Sometimes the internal changes may occur. Sometimes an increased amount of sweat produced due to sweat glands. An excessive amount of sweat has minerals in it and these can cause the itchiness in the stretch marks.