How often should you change your facial sponge?

How often should you change your facial sponge?

To make you beautiful there are so many things which play an important in your beauty and attraction. Sponge is one of them. It is the commonly used and well-known by everyone. Although it is a small and soft but it has great importance. It is mostly used during facial and face cleansing and face scrubbing. It is commonly known as a facial sponge.

Facial sponge is a small round or oval-shaped in look. It is soft in nature and becomes extra soft when it is dipped in water. It is commonly used during facial, face cleansing and face polish. It is easily available at every cosmetic store at a low price.

As it is applied directed on the skin and it has direct contact with pollution and infection on the skin. So it need to be changed more often and properly washed and dried after every facial. It needs to be changed almost every month.

How often should you change your facial sponge? You should change your facial sponge every 6 to 8 weeks. It is recommended that you must clean, disinfect and dry the facial sponge after every use.

 They are used to activate the skin cells that are dead due to the different factors such as dust, heat and other harmful objects. The sponge is used daily for the activation of skin cells to stay active and keep glowing all the time. They are also used to prevent the skin from damages that can harm your skin.

Facial sponge shows a very good effect on the skin. Due to the regular use of facial sponge you are able to say goodbye to your dead skin cells. It has the amazing ability to exfoliate your skin and make your skin clear. It also prepares your skin for the application of any type of mask.

It provides the best pampering when you use it at night. If you use this sponge in a circular motion it makes your skin glowing and fresh.

How often should you change your facial sponge?

You have to take care of your sponge after every single use. You have to consider it compulsory to rinse it after every use. Facial sponge has to be replaced with every three months of use. One person’s sponge cannot be used by the other person. The facial sponge cannot be used by another person.

It may cause skin inflammation. Skin inflammation can be occurred due to the inappropriate use of sponges. These sponges can be too harmful if the sponges are not rinsed properly. Sponge has to be washed with warm water. 

Your sponge use must not exceed by two months of use. After two months, it can be harmful to the skin. So, you have to change your sponge after three months. Skin specialists also revealed that it is better to use that sponge, not after three months. Skin specialists also explain that one person’s sponge should not be used to another person. By using another person’s sponge can lead to serious diseases. If one person is infected from any disease, it can be transmitted to another person.  

Benefits of using a facial sponge

So, one must take care of these things to ensure that all the things they are using on their skin are germ-free and no bacteria is present there. It can lead to serious skin diseases. Konjac sponge is very easy to use rather than other types of sponges. You have to consider it a remedy for your skin. It provides you proper cure of the disease. 

 It reduces redness from the skins and provides a gentle look to your face. The more radiant skin can be cured from the daily use of a facial sponge. It can very useful for the proper glow of skin. It activates the skin and provide smoothness to the skin cells. It stimulates the hormones for the health of the skin. Sponge gives the best cleansing to the skin and gives the effect of neatness and cleanliness on the skin.

 You can also use some cleanser that does not contain alcohol. These things can be used with the help of the sponges. Simply wet your face with the water and use the facial sponge with your chosen cleanser that perfectly matches your skin. Your skin will be getting fresh and neat with the help of the sponge. Sponge is available in different forms that can be used according to your choice. It will give you soothing pleasure that can be required for the proper working in the daily routine. 

There are many benefits of the facial sponge. It gives you cleaning and softness which can provide you good feel to your body and helps to get even skin tone naturally. It will remove the dead skin cells and want to generate new healthy cells for the purpose of the beauty. It is effective on any skin type and could get better results on that.

They are the best amazing and cheap product for the skincare. Anyone from anywhere can use these sponges because they are cheap and easy to use in your life. You can get many benefits from the use of a facial sponge. 

Sponges are good to use to wash your face that can be used for makeup purposes also. They are round or oval in shape that provides the proper facial experience to you. It removes all the dirt, oil and clean out pores. You cal use a jade roller after cleaning the face.

You have to take proper care of your sponge. You have to clean it with freshwater and dry it after every single use. Every use will give you soothing relief. It gives you proper relief more than the regular brushes. 

You can also rinse the sponge so quickly as much as you can under warm water. You can reuse the sponge after every use till the three months. They can be laundered using bleaching powder. Some countries do not allow to reuse the sponge. Because it may disinfectant the skin according to you want. 

How to use a facial sponge?

Facial sponge is very good for the skin. It makes your skin beautiful and glowing. For its best effect, the proper use of facial sponge is very necessary and important. It gives your skin a fresh and fairer look that everyone wants.

The facial sponge is very easy to use and understandable to every person who wants to use it. The process is simple to use. Facial powder has to be mixed with the calcium hydroxide. Then you have to heat it. Freeze it for some time and dry it. Then this calcium yields an alkaline as an end product to normalize the acidic skin. These all things are added to put benefit to the skin to glow properly.

They have to consider it as a treatment on the skin to cure it perfectly. The sponges work perfectly for the health of your skin. Body brushing will give your ability to increase circulation and it will clean the pores out. They have to consider it helpful for the dry patches, acne, and blackheads. You have to manage the situation regularly regarding the care of your skin.

Its use also completes the deficiency of the vitamins, proteins, lipids, fatty acids, copper and other metals in the body also. These all these things are totally natural and non-toxic. They are bio-degradable in nature and do not possess any side effects to the skin. 

The facial sponge is very easy to use and it should be used after cleansing and scrubbing. It gives a glow to the skin. It is the best item that helps to fight against bacterial infection and inflammation on the skin.

Another important use of facial sponge is to use it for removing makeup. It removes the makeup in a very good way and gently cleanse the skin. It removes the makeup from the deep skin. It is very useful in removing the leftovers of makeup and make the skin bacteria-free and removes all dust and dullness.

How to Wash and disinfect the facial sponge after using it?

Facial sponge must need to disinfect because it cause severe issue if not disinfect properly. For disinfecting it requires two basic steps its simple washing and if it is extra dirty need to disinfect it by a proper procedure.

For washing place in slightly warm water let it dip in water for 3 to 5 minutes then rinse it by rubbing. If it is much dirty with makeup wash it with soap and after apply soap or any other detergent rub it properly so that it may wash properly.

For disinfecting take some water in a bowl and add a few drops of cleanser in it. Water should be slightly warm. By shaking it make a soapy mixture then put the dirty sponge in it. Leave it for almost 10 to 15 minutes. Then wash it properly after that take some more water add a few drops of good quality anti-bacterial solution in it. Then dip the facial sponge in it. Let it dip in the solution for almost 10 to 15 minutes. Then take it out from it and let it properly dry.

In this way, your sponge is properly disinfected. You need to disinfect it almost twice a week and need to wash it properly after every use. 

Precaution using a facial sponge

There is no common disadvantage of facial sponge until it is used properly. Persons who are very sensitive if use sponge hardly may suffer redness or irritation. Otherwise, if you use it properly you only enjoy it benefits not any side effect. Its use in the proper direction is also necessary for good results. So before using it collect complete and proper knowledge about it. So that you may not get any harm.

The main precaution of using a facial sponge is to use it after properly and gently. Always use it after proper washing and disinfecting it in a good way. The main precaution is that never use the already used facial sponge of any other person it may serious infection and inflammation.

 If you visit beauty parlor request your beautician to use properly washed facial sponge on your face. If this is not possible take your own sponge with you and request her to use this one. Never need to compromise on your skin because it leads to serious issues.

Final words

In short, it is very good to use facial sponge twice a day for the health and glowing skin of your face. Regular use of facial sponge is very good for you. It removes all dead cells and enhances the blood circulation in facial bones that give you glow. So start using it. If you start using it replace it after every three months and disinfect it twice a week and wash it after every use.

After taking these precautionary measures you will notice that this facial sponge how makes your life easy and simple. I also use it on a regular basis for cleansing and makeup removing you also need to start using it so start it today so that your skin will become fresh and glowing.

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