What causes dead ends in hair?

What causes dead ends in hair?

Everyone wants smooth and shiny hair. Nobody wants the hair with split endings and dead falling. Smooth and healthy hair is a requirement for everyone.No matter what it is a male or a female everyone wants hair which is healthy in texture and beautiful and shiny.

What causes dead ends in hair? Dead ends in the hair are caused by physical damage, damage with chemicals, excessive brushing, sunlight, lack of hair nutrition, genetic problems, and not using hair oil. These reasons are treatable.

People with weak hair always remain anxious about their hair. These people try to find out some ways through which they can improve the texture of hair. There are many reasons for the dead ends in the hair but the problems and reasons are resolvable. There is no need to worry about it. Some precautions also help in the treatment and recovery of the dead ends. 

What causes dead ends in hair?

Dead ends are not good for the growth of the hair. It is a common survey that people who have dead ends of the hair have the least amount of growth chances. Due to dead ends, the hair stops growing. The length not only reduces but also stops to grow. This problem is very sad for both the genders of human but it causes anxiety in females.

The women are very concerned with their hair and growth of their hair. When the dead ends occur in hair the women feel anxiety and after this anxious feeling, the dead ends start to occur more.

Physical damage

Physical damage is a problem that causes the presence of dead ends in the hair. This physical damage can occur due to various reasons. Especially when the hair is wet. Then you can stretch the hair to at least thirty percent. There is friction present in the hair. If you try to stretch the hair more than thirty percent then the hair starts getting damage. The dead ends can occur in the hair. During the wet hair, the combing can become a more relaxing phase as compared to the time when the hair is dry.

During the wet hair, the combing is easy and somehow smooth but it does not mean that you can comb the hair again and again while the hair is wet. This kind of combing which increases beyond friction of hair. This method of combing causes the damage of hair and eventually, the dead ends occur in hair.

Moreover, when the hair is dry there are many more chances of damage as compared to the time when the hair is wet. When you brush your dry hair there are more chances of dead ends in hair. The growth of hair becomes slow and dead ends increases in number. That is why the preference is that you should not comb the dry hair again and again. It is not like that, you cannot comb your hair in dry form. But avoid the combing of hair again and again. This combing otherwise will cause dead ends in hair.

Chemical damage can cause dead ends in hair

Another cause of split or dead ends in the hair is the use of chemicals. Chemicals of various kinds cause the dead ends to occur in the hair. Many people use different chemicals for the coloring of the hair.

These colors may include the hair dye and other chemicals for the color of the hair. These chemicals affect the roots of the hair and eventually cause damage to the hair follicles. Dead ends can occur due to these chemicals.

Some people prefer the perming and curling of the hair. Although both of these things lie in the styling of the hair. But the perming process includes the permanent curling and straightening of the hair. This process causes damage to the hair. Dead ends occur and they restrict the length and growth of hair.

Perming is a process that involves reducing and destruction of the hair follicles. Perming decreases the disulfide bonds of the hair. The disulfide bonds are very essential parts of the human hair. With the decrease of these bonds, the hair stops growing. The length gets affected and eventually, the damage happens.

These kinds of chemicals like hair dyes and procedures like perming and curling causes the damage of hair. Dead ends occur in the hair follicles. Chemical damage is more deadly as compared to physical damage.

Brushing causes dead ends

Some people have this habit of combing and brushing their hair again and again. These people consider excessive brushing as a habit and routine for their hair. But due to excessive brushing dead ends happen in the hair. These dead ends cause the damage of the hair.

By brushing the dry hair again and again results in the development of damage in the hair. The dead ends occur in the hair follicles. These kinds of dead ends are due to excessive brushing and combing of hair. You should use a wooden comb for your hair.

Because the teeth of a brush causes the dry hair to lose their friction to survive to comb. Eventually, the hair follicles become weak and dead ends occur. To avoid this kind of issue for the dead ends is to reduce the excessive brushing of the hair. This process will help to reduce the brushing of hair and eventually directly or indirectly dead ends will reduce.


Sunlight plays an important role in the damage of hair. It does not mean that the hair follicles get damaged due to the exposure of the sunlight. But it is like that the excessive exposure to sunlight causes the damage of the hair and hair follicles.

The sunlight contains ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays cause damage to the hair when hair is exposed to the sunlight. Ultraviolet rays cause both kinds of damage to the hair. This damage can be physical and chemical.

When there is excessive exposure to the sunlight. Then the hair starts losing the hair dye or hair color. This hair color is the natural hair color of the hair. The hair starts losing the pigmentation of the hair. That is why it is a common survey that the hair looks lighter in the summer as compared to winters. You should use a Loreal hair conditioner for damaged hair.

Because in summers the ultraviolet rays are heavier. The excessive exposure to the sunlight and ultraviolet rays causes the damage of the hair. Dead ends appear in the hair. This damage is the damage of the chemicals of the hair. Then there is another kind of damage due to ultraviolet rays. This damage is called physical damage by ultraviolet rays.

Due to excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays, the hair and head start losing their protein which lies inside the hair. This damage of hair eventually leads to the appearance of dead ends. The loss of pigmentation and protein of the hair leads to the development of the dead ends in the hair. 

Protein provides flexibility to the hair and when there is a reduction of this protein in the hair. This directly means that there is no flexibility in the hair. And this results in the occurrence of the dead ends in the hair. With losing the pigments and protein the hair loses its flexibility and shine. The hair becomes brittle and rough. They lost their shine and texture.

Lack of hair nutrition

Like the body and different parts of the body, the hair also requires a certain type of nutrition for growth and development. The hair grows faster and better with these nutrients. These nutrients are very important and somehow essential for the growth and betterment of the hair.

Millions of hair follicles are on the human head and these hairs require a certain type of nutrients for growth and development. For the hair growth, the hair requires the energy and nutrition. Nutrition plays a very important role in the growth of the hair. For this purpose, a balanced diet plays a vital role. This diet should contain all the essential nutrients and proteins for the growth and development of the hair.

There must be essential vitamins and nutrients in the hair for the growth and development. Many nutrients play a vital role in the growth of hair follicles. One of these nutrients is zinc. Zinc helps in the growth of hair and ultimately the hair gets lengthy.

If there is a lack of zinc in the human body and diet then it will decrease the chances of growth of hair follicles. There are foods like oysters and chicken which helps in increasing and maintaining the amount of zinc in the human body. 

If there is a lack of that nutrient in the human body this directly means there is no enough oxygen supply. This will lead to a decrease in the growth of hair follicles. The hair follicles get weak. Different vegetables and nuts contain this iron in them.

Some amino acids provide the essential protein to the hair follicles. This protein is necessary for the strength and growth of the hair follicles. If the hair lacks the essential protein the hair gets rough and dead ends appear.

Genetic factors

Although there are some physical and chemicals causes for the generation of split and dead ends. But there are some other causes as well. These are genetically caused. Some diseases prevail and transmitted from parents to the children.

These problems can be chromosomal problems. Due to these changes in chromosomes, the hair gets damaged. Dead ends can occur to the hair follicle in case of these genetic changes and genetic factors.

Lack of oil

Oil is like food to hair. Everyone should use oil of their own choice for the growth and beauty of hair. But some of us do this thing that we do not use oil for our hair. Due to a lack of use of oil, the hair starts weakening. The hair stops growing.

Due to a lack of use of oil, the hair starts drying. Eventually, dead ends appear in the hair follicles. For resolving this problem you can use the oil of your own choice. Just by resolving the problem of dryness, you can get rid of dead ends.

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