Should I use toothpaste for acne

Should I use toothpaste for acne?

Acne is a common skin problem and people adopt many ways to get rid of it. You may hate the unpleasant, big, painful zit that pop-ups of nowhere on your face. People often use toothpaste to get rid of acne and there are some rumors that every toothpaste is a treatment of acne. This concept is wrong because all kinds of toothpaste are not suitable for the skin.

The major function of toothpaste is to whiten your teeth and it is not designed for your skin. There is a major difference between teeth and skin. The skin is very sensitive as compared to the teeth. The strong chemicals are used in toothpaste and these chemicals are harmful to the skin. The dermatologists do not recommend toothpaste as a treatment of acne.

Should I use toothpaste for acne? No, you should not use toothpaste on your face for acne. The toothpaste contains menthol which is harmful to the skin. If you have acne on your face then you should not waste your money and time while applying toothpaste on your acne.

According to dermatologists, the toothpaste was used for acne because most companies added triclosan as the anti-microbial property. Triclosan has the property to kill the acne-causing bacteria on the skin. However, in recent researches, it is recommended that triclosan can cause hormone disruption. Therefore, toothpaste is not a prescribed primary treatment for acne.

Should I use toothpaste for acne?

In this article, we have added 5 main reasons for not using a toothpaste on your face. It is recommended that you should contact the dermatologists for the treatment of acne. The baking soda, alcohol, Xylitol, triclosan are present in the tubes of toothpaste and this can cause severe dryness and dark spots in your skin.

Therefore, toothpaste is not safe for your skin. When bacteria enter our skin cells, they plug our skin pores and start to grow in the hair follicles where oil glands are present. The concentration that works for your teeth will certainly be harsh for your face. Hence, using toothpaste on a pimple can be irritated and it can cause more breakouts.

Using toothpaste on your face can cause skin irritation

The toothpaste contains harmful chemicals that are not suitable for the skin. You should not try toothpaste on your acne as a home remedy. You may think that if toothpaste can remove the bad breath from the mouth then it could remove the acne from the face. Unfortunately, it is not true that there are no side effects of toothpaste on the skin but toothpaste can irritate the skin. Few people can develop an allergic rash.

The skin is a sensitive part of our body and it needs a lot of care. The toothpaste is only designed for whitening and cleaning the teeth and it is not designed for the skin problem. The ingredients that are used in the toothpaste are completely different from those ingredients that are used for the treatment of skin problems.

Every part of our body is different from each other when it comes to their different problems and solutions. You never use the skin cream in your mouth. You never use the cream for jaw pain which is being used to apply on the burned skin. That is because these things serve a special purpose and would immediately give you dangerous side effects if you use them the other way.

Not only the reason of being the sensitive part of the body is enough, sometimes, people also have some serious skin allergies that they do not know about until they find out. You may have been through the acne problems and you may have recovered from by using toothpaste on your skin but it does not always work out for everyone.

Recently, the Food and drug administration of the USA has banned the use of Triclosan in the tubes of toothpaste, soaps, and face wash, and body washes. Triclosan does not contain long-term safety to the acne. It has harmful side effects on the skin. If you will apply toothpaste on your skin then it will cause severe irritation on your face.

On the other hand, if the person to whom anyone may have recommended to use toothpaste, may have any skin allergy from the chemicals used in the toothpaste. They will eventually get into more trouble than the acne. So, it is recommended that there are many other methods for the removal of acne. You should adopt other treatments instead of toothpaste.

The pimples look worse after applying toothpaste on them. The other harmful chemicals that are added in the toothpaste are sodium fluoride and sodium Laureth sulfate. These chemicals are the basic irritators of the skin.

Toothpaste increases acne

The toxic chemicals are found in toothpaste and it can cause an increase in acne. There are 99.9% chances of an increase in acne due to the use of toothpaste. Sodium Laureth Sulfate can cause an increase in acne. These chemicals clog the skin pores and cause an increase in acne.

Sodium Laureth sulfate is the skin irritant and it removes the natural beauty of the skin. It is recommended that you should not use toothpaste on your acne. Toothpaste is like a poison for your skin that you put on your face. There are about 20% of women who suffer from adult acne and acne is increased due to the use of toothpaste.

These chemical substances can prove to be so good for teeth that dentists would recommend you using a particular toothpaste two times in a day. But that does not work out for anyone’s skin nowadays.

The acne increases on the forehead, chin, cheeks, nose after the use of toothpaste. The chemicals of toothpaste block the hair follicles and it results in the pimples. The pimples can cause pain and swelling after the use of toothpaste on them. After applying toothpaste on acne, the pimples produce in large sizes and excess amounts on the face due to an increase in pus.

The toothpaste will increase the pimples on your face and severe acne will hurt your self-esteem. The use of toothpaste on acne can cause whiteheads, blackheads, black spots on your face. The acne increases due to the application of various products on the acne without any consultation.

Makes your skin dry

If you will apply toothpaste on your acne your skin will become dry. The toothpaste has its pH level which is not suitable for the skin. The pH level of toothpaste may have an acidic effect on the skin and it may cause dryness and irritation to the skin. When the toothpaste is applied on the acne then it may decrease the size of pimples and you feel relaxation to see this.

Unfortunately, this is not the reality that the use of toothpaste will remove all the essential oils from your skin pores and also make your skin dry. Your skin will face much dryness due to the toothpaste. The pimples are dried out by toothpaste because of the high concentration of chemicals. When the pH of the skin is unbalanced due to the use of toothpaste then it causes skin dryness.

If you will apply the toothpaste on your skin daily then it will cause severe dryness on your skin. The dryness of skin leads to the lines and wrinkles on the face When the surface of the skin is cracked by the toothpaste then it will become difficult for the skin to survive. The skin dies due to dryness and the face looks ugly. If the skin remains dry for a long time then it may result in the severe dryness of the skin.

That is why moisturizers are available in the market to cure dryness on the skin because they serve the purpose of moisturizing the skin. Logically, the dry substance cannot moisturize dry skin. So, you should not use your ways to cure something because it can also make it worse. Always consult a specialist.

Red spots

When the toothpaste is applied to the acne then it causes the red spots on the face. After irritation on the skin, the red spots appear on the skin. The face looks ugly due to red spots. The ingredients of toothpaste such as alcohol, triclosan, baking soda, essential oils, hydrogen peroxide cause the red spots on the face. So, you must never use toothpaste for acne.

Toothpaste increase the life cycle of acne and these acne turns into red spots and scars. It is recommended that you should not use toothpaste on your face as it causes permanent red spots on the face. The red spots will cause itchiness and pain. The bumps on the skin can cause due to the toothpaste.

Red spots are a type of allergy that can cause due to the use of toothpaste. Your pimples may turn into black spots. The baking soda in the toothpaste is very harmful to the skin and it causes redness on the skin and worsens acne. If toothpaste is applied to the skin daily then baking soda can irritate the skin.

If you have sensitive skin then toothpaste is not suitable for your skin as it will cause severe damage to your skin. The alcohol is also a harmful component of toothpaste and it removes the oil from the body and also causes permanent red spots and scars on the face. The alcohol damages the skin cells and thus increase the dryness, red spots and acne on your face.

Toothpaste causes skin burn and rashes

The toothpaste can burn your skin and it can also cause rashes on your skin. The pH level of toothpaste is acidic for the skin and it can cause inflammation and rashes. The toxic ingredients that are present in toothpaste are saccharin, aspartame, propylene glycol, parabens, carrageenan. The saccharin is the main cause of skin burn therefore you should never use toothpaste for acne.

The aspartame is very harmful to the body as well as skin. The skin burns permanently due to the toothpaste. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is the common cause of rashes on the skin. The skin burn is painful and makes bumps on the skin. People have been using toothpaste on the skin burned in the past because it had some substances that were beneficial to cure damaged skin particles.

But after the ban on triclosan, it does not help nowadays. There may be some toothpastes in the market that are not certified globally, which may have been using that chemical substance. People may disagree with us on the issue because they may have been using toothpaste on acne and may be getting good results.

But we would still recommend that you should not use toothpaste on your skin because it will cause skin burn and rashes. The acne on your face will increase due to rashes and skin burns. You should consult a dermatologist instead of applying toothpaste on your face. The rough spots also cause due to the use of toothpaste but these are painless. Therefore, the use of toothpaste for acne is considered a myth.


When your skin has acne, it becomes prone to chemicals or substances that you use on your face. It is open and the layer of skin becomes thin. So, thin skin can get involved very easily with toxins or chemical substances.

So, if you use anything on your skin that has acne, you must be sure that it will not harm your skin from inside. Because that particular substance will surely go under the skin and will affect the skin in a good or bad way. So, trying remedies that had some advantages in the past but you do not know what is inside those things is not a better way to overcome any skin issues.

You should always go to a skin specialist if you are having trouble with your skin that you cannot understand. Because it is a better way.

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