How to numb face for microneedling?

How to numb face for microneedling?

Micro-needling is a process in which thousand of needles involved. these needles are painful for the skin. Mostly the process involves the improvement and whitening of the complexion. Micro-needling is a procedure that involves needling which is a far more painful procedure as compared to laser techniques.

How to numb face for microneedling? Apply a thin layer of numbing cream on your face, gently massage the cream and wait for 10 minutes. Reapply the cream on the entire face and wait another 10 minutes before starting the procedure for micro-needling.

There is a vast difference in the results of micro-needling and laser techniques. micro-needling uses needles to insert a protein in the area which is damaged in case of stretch marks. Otherwise, micro-needling improves the whitening of the skin. People find micro-needling as one of the most beneficial and long-lasting procedure for the whitening and improvement of the skin tone.

How to numb face for micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a very effective process for healing the lines and wrinkles of the skin. Moreover, micro-needling helps the skin to penetrate more medicines inside the skin as compared to the normal routine.

Micro-needling involves processing with multiple needles. These needles penetrate deep down the skin. The process of micro-needling is painful for the skin. Before doing the procedure skin requires something which can numb the skin and skin pores.

For this purpose, various products are available in the market. These products can be applied to the skin and these can cause numbness of the skin.

Mostly the products contain the anesthetic ingredients inside the products. These products are in the form of creams these can be applied and rubbed all over the surface where the micro-needling has to perform.

Anesthetic creams

Many products are available in the market which have anesthetic effects in them. These effects cause the numbness of the skin. After the numbness, the micro-needling becomes less painful. Without the pain, the whole process of micro-needling becomes more effective and simple.

One of the most advanced and effective products for the numbness of the skin is known as BLT cream. This cream contains all the anesthetic components inside the cream. The name depicts the presence of benzocaine, lidocaine, and tetracaine.

These products contain all of these three components in certain quantities. These components help in the anesthetic effect of the skin. The skin get numbs and the process of micro-needling becomes easy and effective.

How to apply numbing cream for micro-needling?

There is a proper procedure through which this anesthetic cream can applied to the skin. This cream can be applied to the skin before half an hour of micro-needling. There are injectable anesthetics in the market as well. But the topical anesthetics have more effects and more durable after effects. These anesthetics are more useful and effective.

You can apply this topical anesthetic on the area where the micro-needling can be carried out. For the best effects, the time before micro-needling is half an hour. The reason behind this time is that the components should work accordingly and in a proper way.

Apply this anesthetic cream on the skin and leave it for a certain period. After the application, the skin can be numb. You can do the process of micro-needling on the skin after the application of the anesthetic cream. Through this application the skin becomes numb and needles of micro-needling procedure as well as instruments will not affect the skin badly.

After the process of micro-needling, the skin will start to come back to the normal state. The skin will start losing the numbness and will come back to the original position as it was before the application of the cream.

As far as anesthetic creams are associated many other anesthetic creams can cause the numbness of the skin. These creams are available in the market and medical stores. These creams are only associated with the process of micro-needling. All of these creams give the best possible effects with this procedure of micro-needling. That is why they are especially associated with micro-needling. 

There is a method through which you can apply the anesthetic of numbing cream to the skin. First of all, before applying the cream on the skin. Make sure that you have cleansed your face or the skin properly. After cleansing tab your skin with a soft towel.

Make sure that the skin is not wet and properly clean before applying any kind of numbing cream. Whenever you are going through the process of derma rolling. Keep this in mind that the process is not that much pain. That is why try to use a very small quantity of the cream. There is no need to use the numbing cream in bulk quantity if you are going through micro-needling through derma rollers.

When you are applying the numbing cream on the skin or face make sure that you are wearing gloves.

If you will use your hands for the application of numbing cream the hand will also get numb. That is why you should use gloves either or otherwise you should wash your hands immediately after using your hands for the application of numbing cream.

For the application of numbing cream, you must take only a small quantity of the cream. Do not cover the face with the numbing cream. The cream can cause extra numbing effects otherwise.

After the application of the numbing cream, you must wait at least fifteen to twenty minutes. After the completion of the time, wipe the cream off from the area of application. Otherwise when you will derma roll the skin in the presence of the anesthetic cream. The micro chemicals of the cream will penetrate in the skin which is harmful anyhow.

Benefits of using numbing cream

Although the process of micro-needling is not that much pain. But the needles penetrate the outer layer of the skin. By this penetration, the skin can cause bleeding and some times scratches. This procedure can be painful for the person who is going through the process of micro-needling.To avoid this kind of pain these numbing cream used.

These creams have amazing effects on the skin. Because they decrease and somehow can detach the skin from any kind of pain. The skin loses the sense of pain when the needles move on the skin by using these creams.

Precautions when using numbing cream for micro-needling

There are certain precautions before using these numbing creams. First of all, you must consult your dermatologist before using the numbing cream. The dermatologist can help you find a hood numbing cream as well. The precautions which you need to follow before using a numbing cream are as follow.

Most of the people think that numbing cream is only used for the numbness of the skin But it is really important to understand that there can be side effects of using the numbing cream. It is recommended that you clean your face with a facial sponge before applying numbing cream.

Some people have several types of skin allergies. These people are sensitive to the use of normal creams. The skin starts burning and rashes appear on the skin when they use skin. When it comes to the numbing cream it becomes a really big issue because the allergies emerge in a severe form. That is why people with skin allergies must not use numbing creams. These people should contact the dermatologists before using these creams.

Some people are allergic to lidocaine and tetracaine. If such people will use numbing creams. The results will be severe and rashes can occur to the skin and even bleeding can occur. That is why the use of numbing creams is prohibited for such people as having allergies with lidocaine and tetracaine.

Some people have very sensitive skin. That is why it is really important to check the sensitivity of the skin. before applying the numbing cream on the skin you should apply the small quantity of cream on a certain portion of the skin. If the skin will burn or you feel some kind of irritation. That directly means that you have sensitive skin. In such cases, you are not allowed to use the numbing cream even if you are using the numbing cream for micro-needling.

if you are testing the numbing cream for your skin then the best place for checking cream is the back of your can apply a small quantity of the numbing cream on the back of your hand. Then you can find out the results whether the cream is safe for you. As you are not checking the effects. You are checking the sensitivity of the skin.

If you find any allergy or irritation on the back of the skin. This directly means that you can not use the numbing cream for the skin. But if you do not find any allergic reaction then you can apply the numbing cream on the skin. But for the best effects use a small quantity of the cream. Form a thin layer of the cream on the skin. 

If you are a woman and are in a state of pregnancy. Or you are planning for the pregnancy then it is advised for you that you should not use the numbing cream for the skin. Women who are doing breastfeeding should not use the numbing cream. Otherwise, it can cause extreme effects on the skin and body as well.

You should consult the physician if you are in a state of pregnancy. The physician can prescribe you the numbing cream. If he or she will say that you can use the numbing cream. Then you can use this cream for the numbing effect.

But it is advised that you should use this cream on the back of your hand first. Otherwise, there is a greater risk of an allergic reaction. After finding that it is completely safe to use the numbing cream. You can go for it before the process of micro-needling. You can even apply rose water spray after the procedure.

Here is some information regarding the numbness of the skin before micro-needling through numbing creams. The process of using these creams and precautions also explained. I hope this data will help. you in the best possible way.

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