What to do if Apple Cider Vinegar Burns your Skin?

What to do if Apple Cider Vinegar Burns your Skin?

What to do if Apple Cider Vinegar Burns your Skin?

Apple Cider Vinegar is a new trend. I have seen many females using it for a variety of different purposes. The critical problem that people face relative to the skin, is skin burn due to apple cider vinegar.

Females often apply different creams, remedies, and various remedies to make their complexion fear or to make their skin attractive. These remedies sometimes harm their skin and cause some allergic reactions, skin cancer, and skin infections.

People do not even take advice from someone before using any cream or vinegar. In its manufacturing, the apples and yeast are mixed, and alcohol produces by the process of fermentation in sugar. The fermentation again takes place by adding bacteria in it, and then it is converted into acetic acid.

Now, let’s discuss a step by step procedure that explains methods to recover yourself if apple cider vinegar burns your skin.

  • Step1: Wash the burnt part of the skin with cold water
  • Step2: Use Aloe Vera on the burned area
  • Step3: Use honey to reduce the pain
  • Step4: Use coconut oil to heal the burned area of skin
  • Step5: Avoid the sunlight on the burned area of skin

It is recommended that you get yourself checked up by a Dermatologist.

The acetic acid is harmful as it causes skin burn and severe infections. Apple cider vinegar is helpful in daily life like for weight loss as a treatment for pimples or scars, but its undiluted form may cause severe skin burn. Apple cider vinegar contains acid, so we always recommend keeping the apple cider vinegar away from the skin.

The diluted form of apple cider vinegar helps in many problems like skin problems, stomach problems, blood sugar problems, tooth deterioration. The excess use of apple cider vinegar lowers the pH of the skin and may cause a severe burn of the skin. Therefore, it is better to use apple cider vinegar in less quantity as its excessive use may cause some serious skin problems.

What to do if Apple Cider Vinegar Burns your Skin?

People often ask different types of questions about taking care of skin if apple cider vinegar burns you. We will try to cover most of them in our article by explaining the best and proven methods for maintaining healthy skin after using Apple Cider Vinegar.

What are the essential things that you require to perform this method?

  • Coldwater
  • Mild soap
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut oil
  • Honey

This is a step by step guide for the treatment of skin burn from apple cider vinegar.

Wash your burned part of skin with cold water

The first and necessary treatment of skin burn is to shower the burned part of your skin with cold water for a few minutes for the removal of infection and itching. The cold water helps to decrease the ache in the wound, and it stops the deepness of disease in the burned area. It is a better way to reduce the chances of the effects of the burn. You will notice that the sensation and pain at the burnt area are reduced.

Now, after about fifteen to twenty minutes, wash the burned area with a mild soap so that it could stop the germs from spreading. The soft soap will help to improve the process of healing of the burned area. Please wash the burned area with mild soap gently and evade rubbing because it may increase the pain.

After this, apply an ointment on the burnt area to stop the pain and to protect the burned area from germs and bacteria. Please don’t use other lotions without consulting a doctor, apply ointment according to the condition of your infection. The cream and cold water will help to decrease the ache and swelling in the burned wound.

Please don’t use ice cubes or frost water on the burned area as the frost water is hazardous for the burned area. It may damage the skin tissues and may stop the flow of blood in the veins. Therefore, avoid the use of icy water or ice cubes.

Use Aloe Vera on the burned area

The second step for the remedy of skin consumed due to apple cider vinegar is to apply the Aloe Vera on the burned area. People often use aloe Vera for the treatment of burned skin as its essential properties are to remove the bacteria and severe infections. People often give preference to the use of Aloe Vera on the burned area to stop the production of germs and bacteria.

Aloe Vera gives freshness and smoothness to the skin, and it helps in healing the skin burns. First, take the foliage of Aloe Vera and apply Aloe Vera gel on the burnt area. Then, spread the gel gently on the burned area and leave it for few minutes. Please don’t use cold Aloe Vera gel on the burned area. It will stop the flow of blood in veins and may damage the skin tissues.

Please don’t use those products that include alcohol like perfumes, flavors, body spray. The products contain chemicals that may harm the burnt area, may start itching and irritation. After applying Aloe Vera on the burned area, you will feel the relief, and your burned skin will heal correctly.

Use honey to reduce the pain

After using Aloe Vera, you should use honey on the burned area of your skin. Honey is a natural product, and the nectar of flowers produces it and its taste is sweet. The nature of honey is sweet; that’s why it is commonly used to reduce the pain in wounds or the burned area of skin.

Honey also plays an essential role in the healing process of scars or burned skin. The way to apply honey is that first take the honey and slightly apply a layer of honey on the burned skin. Please don’t rub the honey on the burned area, because it may increase the pain in the scar. After applying honey on the burned area of your skin, you will feel relief and less pain.

Please don’t apply cold honey on your wound because cold honey may harm your skin. Honey is considered the most beneficial natural product as it controls the infections, as it is used as a bandage in burn scars.

Use coconut oil to heal the burned area of skin

After applying honey on the burned part of the skin, the next step you should adopt is to apply coconut oil to improve the burned area of skin. The process of using coconut oil is that first take the coconut oil and then apply it at burned part of your skin. Leave the skin for a few minutes. You will feel the reduction of pain, and it will heal the burned wound.

Coconut oil is used for the healing of wounds like skin burns from apple cider vinegar or sunburn. Coconut oil makes the skin moist as it is well known as an excellent moisturizer. Coconut oil is a natural product, and that’s why it has the property to heal the wound. It decreases the itching in the skin and also removes the swelling of the burned area of skin.

Please don’t use cold or scalding coconut oil because it could harm your wound. The cold or boiling coconut oil may cause swelling or inflammation on the burned wound. Use coconut oil twice a day, and you will see the fast healing process of burned skin. Apply the coconut oil daily on the wound; you will observe the healing process of the burned injury.

Avoid the sunlight on the burned area of skin

After applying coconut oil on the burn wound, the last and the most crucial step is that keep your burned area of skin away from the sunlight. If you expose your burned skin in the sunlight, it could cause pain in the wound, redness of the skin, and swelling of the wound. The sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that could burn your already burned skin.

Please don’t sit under the sunlight because rays of sun contain some harmful rays, and these rays could cause skin cancer. Therefore, avoid to sit in the sunlight as the ultraviolet rays enter first in the outer layer of skin and then into the last segment of skin. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful as these rays kill the cells and tissues of the skin and also cause skin cancer.

It is better to clean your burned wound with fresh water and a mild soap without exposing it under the sunlight. Sunlight is useful as well as harmful to the skin of the human body. After avoiding sunlight on the burned area of skin, you will feel the fast healing process of your burned wound.

In a nutshell, these are the home remedies that are discussed in the above steps. If you don’t feel any recovery or if there is a severe burn then I will recommend you to consult a dermatologist. Then take medicine or ointment according to the prescription given by the dermatologist. It is better to take care of your wounds because prevention is better than cure.

So, these are the things that you must do when apple cider vinegar burns your skin. But most importantly, whenever this thing happens with you, you must see a dermatologist for approval of such remedies, because they know better. Otherwise, the dermatologist will prescribe you some gels or medicine which are essential for you to take if you want to cure your skin.

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