Can You Apply Vitamin A Directly to Skin?

Can You Apply Vitamin A Directly to Skin?

Can You Apply Vitamin A Directly to Skin?

Vitamin A is also known as Retinol. It is obtained from the compound carotene that the carotene compound is found most commonly in the yolk of egg, in butter, and cream, etc. that is converted into retinol by the body. The deficiency of vitamin A leads to serious diseases, so it is very important for our body.

Vitamin A is good for skin, and you can apply it directly to the face. It gives you a very smooth look and gives the best appearance that is the dream of everyone. It enhances the production of enzymes that is essential for building up collagen and gives you an extra glowing effect that is very good for your appearance and looks. 

According to Dr. Abraiz Qaisrani, Vitamin A can be directly applied to the skin. However, it is strongly recommended to use moisturizing cream during Vitamin A use. It comes in various beauty products for skin care. You can easily get vitamin A from your diet or a supplement. Vitamin A provides many benefits to health; it is very good for the skin.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that offers a very important role in improving immunity and helps in the production of red blood cells. Vitamin A has great importance when you directly applied it to the skin; it gives you many benefits.

Vitamin A is good for the skin; it provides many positive benefits to the skin. It is essential for the maintenance of a good level of skin health, the appearance of the skin, and its proper functioning.

Can You Apply Vitamin A Directly to Skin?

Skin is the organ that responds to the retinol and helps to absorb vitamin A when it is applied directly to the skin. Retinol is very effective in the production of new skin cells and helps to remove the old one. 

When vitamin A is directly applied to the skin, it provides the best moisturizing to the skin and removes the dryness of the skin. Due to the deficiency of vitamin A, the skin becomes hard and dry. It is also very good to fight against the condition known as hyperkeratosis.

It is the condition in which the keratin quantity is enhanced too much in the follicles of the hair. During this condition, papules are formed on the skin. Vitamin A is good for application in the roots of hairs.

It is very good to fight with the problems of acne and wrinkles in the person of all ages when applied directly to the skin. Retinol is very effective and helpful for exciting the level of collagen production and reduces the level of wrinkles when it is applied directly to the skin.

 Carotenoids have a high level of antioxidants. These antioxidants are very good for the skin because these have the power to stop premature aging of the skin, cell damage, and other diseases related to skin.

The topical application of Vitamin A reduced the age spots and made the skin even and fine. To apply vitamin A directly on the skin is the lifetime remedy for the treatment of skin problems. It has a positive effect on the skin, and it is good during every age of life. 


Applying vitamin A on the skin is very beneficial and effective. It is very good to apply vitamin A directly on the skin. Following are the few of benefits of the application of Vitamin A;


When someone applied vitamin A directly on the skin, his/her skin will have an extra glowing effect. Vitamin A helps to remove dark spots and damaged skin due to which the skin starts glowing. 

It also decreases fine lines wrinkles, and age spots; due to the removal of these spots, the skin becomes clear, and even so, its appearance will be good. The skin tone will also be better when the serum of vitamin A is applied to the skin.

Females, when suffered from sun damage, they use vitamin A for the treatment of this damage.

Vitamin A Helps to TREAT ACNE

It is used very long for the treatment of the acne. It is applied on the skin due to which the pores on the skin will unblock, and the formation of white and blackheads will also be stopped.

When vitamin A is directly applied to the skin, it is very helpful in treating the acne. Vitamin A is full of anti-inflammatory properties due to which formation of acne stopped, and acne formation can be controlled. 

Vitamin A is very helpful in reducing the clogged pores over the skin and make the skin clear and fair.


Vitamin A has excellent antioxidant properties that used to make skin fairer and bright than before. It removes the dead cell layer from the skin and make the spots dull. Its anti-oxidant properties remove the dullness and make the skin fresh and glowing. The antioxidant property of vitamin A makes the skin radical free, and it helps in making the skin tone lighter. 


Vitamin A has great importance in our daily life. It is also very good for the skin, and it has various benefits when applied to the skin directly. It has many properties that affect the skin positively. Its most important quality is that it is used as an anti-aging agent. 

It makes the skin elastic and good looking. It also gives a younger look to the skin and helps to fight with the signs of aging and reduce the dullness of the environment. Due to which the skin will glow better and looks better. It gives a smooth and neat appearance to the skin. 

It reduces the wrinkles very fast; that is the common sign of aging and also reduces the fine lines and dark spots and gives a better look to the skin.

How to Apply Vitamin A Directly to Your Skin?

Vitamin A can be applied directly to the skin by various methods. You must keep your moisturized after using Vitamin A directly to the skin. Following are the few most common methods of direct application of vitamin A on the skin;

Strength of Vitamin A to use

 Start applying vitamin A from the lowest strength and gradually enhance the strength. Initially start from .0025 than leads it to the .1 and then so on. Apply vitamin A from the chin to cheeks in the upward direction and let it absorb in the skin.

Wash your face

Before the application of vitamin A on the skin, firstly wash your skin properly with good face wash. But be careful face wash must not be medicated. Always use regular face wash before applying vitamin A.

Then after the face wash, apply Vitamin A directly on face. But here the point which is to be noted is that almost after half-hour of washing your face you have to apply it.

Apply a very thin layer on your whole face, but you need to be careful near eyes, nose, mouth, and any other cuts or open wounds on the face or any part of the skin.

Apply Vitamin A to your skin

You need to apply it on a daily basis or day after others. If you apply it in the morning timings, it will help you to fight with the damaging rays of the sun.


Here you need to note a point that after the initial use of vitamin A your skin will get worse. Different signs of ugly skin appear like acne, peeling, and many other discomforts. These all occur during the first six weeks of the direct application.

After that, your skin will glow better, and it will become tighter. Other anti-aging signs will also start reducing, and your skin will become smoother and finer.


You can get vitamin A commonly from every place from every good drug store and the store having beauty products. It is available in the form of serum in glass bottles closed with a dropper. You need to open the bottle and put one or two drops as you need on your face and apply it properly over the whole face.

It is also available in the form of capsules. The capsule has some measured quantity of vitamin A. When you have to apply it, you need to cut it and took out the serum and apply it properly and evenly on the face in the upward direction.


Vitamin A is very good for health, for vision and our other body functions. It is found in daily use food products, but when you applied it directly and locally on the skin to make it better and good looking, you have to apply it directly on it for the best results.

One of my patients sent me this email, As I start applying, its use initially makes me depressed, but after the regular use, I found amazing results and greatly impressed by its results. I suggest you if you need to make your surprisingly good looking you need to use vitamin A direct application on the skin on a regular basis you will get results of your own demand.

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