How to Take Care of Face after Laser Treatment?

How to Take Care of Face after Laser Treatment?

How to Take Care of Face after Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment is also known as skin resurfacing. Laser treatment of hair removal is an easy way to remove hairs permanently, especially when you are being tired of shaving, waxing, and tweezing hairs. Laser treatment is a method which helps to remove hairs,  wrinkles, acne, scars, age line, and balance even tone skin. In the laser treatment, the upper surface of dead or damaged skin has removed.

According to Dr. Abraiz Qaisrani, you should take extra care of your face after a laser treatment. It is recommended that you avoid sunlight, avoid exercise and sweating, use a mild cleanser, stop smoking, using sunscreen lotion, and drinking plenty of water.

The laser treatment removes skin by layer, and the new layer of skin will change you’re looking, free of hair, give you a younger, tighter, and clean skin. Before ten days of laser treatment, you must try not to take medicines or tablets such as aspirin, vitamin E, and ibuprofen. If you are an addict to smoking, then you should stop smoking because smoking inhibits healing. You should take antibacterial or antiviral medications before surgery.

How to Take Care of Face after Laser Treatment?

Laser treatment helps to make your skin change dramatically, and after that, skin becomes more sensitive. It’s necessary to take great care after laser treatment because of its a crucial period for your skin. It is challenging to take care after laser treatment, but it is not impossible. There are lots of remedies,  natural tips, and also some medication which helpful after laser treatment.

There is a step by step procedure to take care of your skin after laser resurfacing.

Take care of your diet after a few days of laser treatment

After laser treatment, your skin becomes sensitive, and you should take much care of your diet. It would be best if you used liquids and nourishment regularly after a few days. Try not to take dehydration regularly; try to use kinds of seafood, beans, meats, and eggs daily.

After a few days, it is imperative to make high protein, vitamin c, and high calories. This diet will help to reduce discomfort, give you more strength, and helps to heal quicker.

Avoid direct sunlight

Always try to avoid sunlight on your skin, which is treated. The sunlight will increase your skin’s irritation, will worse the redness, swelling, and may increase discomfort. So you should prevent from sunlight and if you have to go outside under the sun than you should cover the face with cloth. You should avoid direct sunlight until the treated area completely recover, healed, and all redness, irritation, and discomfort remove.

The period to prevent the exposure of sun should about six weeks. Always try to use sunblocks and sunscreen when you are going outside, especially when your skin getting sweat. If you do not avoid direct sunlight, then your face may develop pigmentation, and it may destroy your skin.

Do not use makeup after laser treatment

After laser treatment, face skin becomes sensitive and created wounds on the surface. The makeup can inhibit the healing process, especially those people who feel peeling; it is vital to wait for makeup or apply any cream until the face skin completely recovers from peeling.

It is essential to avoid using any ointment or cream which contains glycolic acid and retinol because it may produce or increase irritation. You can use Cetaphil cleanser on your face after a few days of treatment. You can also use vaseline or Aquaphor on your treated skin after laser and take a shower two times a day. You can use makeup when your skin looks pink and smooth.

After two weeks of your treatment, you can use sunscreen, which is fragrance-free. You can use skin lightening products after three months of your laser treatment to reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. After two months of your laser treatment, you can use oil-free makeup on your face to reduce redness. This is a must to take care of your face after laser treatment.

Moisturize your face

After laser treatment, you have to prevent your face from too much oil, and too much dryness when your face is oily and too dry than most of the skin problems generated, such as acne and skin become rough and dull when your skin getting oily than you should use lotion for moisturizing your skin instead of cream. And when your skin becomes dry, then you should use cream instead of lotions. Never use local and cheap moisturizers, which cause more damage to your skin. You can even use moisturizer with a Retinol Cream.

Always try to use the best moisturizer of well-known companies that give you a guarantee and surety of no discomfort regarding your face. Always use Cetaphil moisturizer on your face after laser treatment. Moisturizers help to remove oil and dryness and also helps to remove acne, scars. It would be best if you moisturized your face several times per day.

Lacking of moisturizing may delay or inhibit the healing process. You should clean your face 4 to 5 times in a day, and after cleaning or washing, you should apply moisturizer on your face to keep your face dry free.

Using ice cubes

After laser treatment on your face, you may be noticed some irritation such as redness, swelling, and sunburn, and skin will get itchy. To avoid this type of irritation, you should use ice cubes or cold compresses after your laser treatment. But you cannot use ice cubes directly because it may increase irritation. You have to pack or wrap ice in a towel, and then you ice your face about 10 minutes.

You should repeat this ice three times a day. More than 10 minutes may damage your skin and may inhibit the blood circulation. Icing helps to minimize irritation, redness, and inflammation.

Stop smoking after laser treatment of your face

Smoking always left side effects on your skin and health. It may delay your healing process after laser treatment. Smoking may cause disease of cardiovascular, which further leads to different types of cancer. If you did not stop smoking after laser treatment, then it may cause more skin difficulties and complications.

Smoking after laser treatment can increase inflammation, redness, and irritation. A dermatologist suggests that you should stop smoking about a minimum of 2 weeks after your skin surgery.

Avoid heat from your face

Always avoid heat from your face or treated area after hair removal laser treatment. Heat may cause your skin more irritated and damage your hair follicles. Avoid heat in the form of steam rooms, hot water, and saunas. It would help if you avoided any heat for about a minimum of 48 hours after laser treatment of hair removal.

Avoid heat helps to recover your treated area faster. It helps to reduce irritation, redness, and inflammation after your procedure. If you do not avoid heat may cause your skin more damaged as earlier from treatment.

Using sunscreen after laser treatment

Your face needs to avoid direct sunlight because it may delay your healing process. According to dermatologists, you should avoid sunlight about six weeks after your laser treatment of the face. It would be best if you used sunscreen, hat, scarf, protective cloth, and sunglasses as well to protect your skin from sunlight. It would be best if you used the best quality sunscreen.

A patient should apply sunscreen several times a day until the skin has completely healed. If you are using any cream before your laser treatment, then you must stop to apply before and after your skin surgery. It would be best if you always did not use any liquid sunscreen.

Stop exercising after laser treatment

You should stop or avoid exercise or any physical activity because exercise helps to intake or consume your daily food and nourishment, which you are using for healing. Exercise may difficult or prolong your healing process.

You should avoid exercise or physical activity about two weeks after surgery. After 14 days of your laser treatment, you can start exercise from mild to moderate exercise, and you can gradually come up at a high level of your exercising.

Using mild cleanser

Try to use gentle cleansing on your face to protect your skin from barriers. Raw milk is the best cleanser for your face, and its a cheap and easy way to cleansing. You should apply milk and give gentle massage on your face. You can be cleansing your face two times a day morning and night in the days of healing.

You can also use milk for cleansing after your healing process of laser treatment. Milk helps to close your open pores and give you shine and neat skin. You can also use products which contain peptides and emollient. These are good for the skin and give you natural beauty.

Using mild soap

After laser treatment, you should use mild soap to wash your face. Do not use hard detergent, which contains chemicals that may maximize irritation and complication regarding healing. Please take care of one thing that you should not rub soap on your face and not use any scrub such as Benzoyl peroxide, Retina-A, and astringent. Your face should always be dry and oil-free. Use mild soap during the healing process.

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