What is Copper Skin Tone?

What is Copper Skin Tone?

Today we will discuss everything about the copper skin tone. We will also tell how to make your copper skin look even healthy and beautiful. And do not miss our makeover and clothing tips that will go perfectly with your rich brown skin.

What is Copper Skin Tone? The copper skin tone is a unique type of skin tone. It can be commonly found in the Middle Eastern and South Asian countries. The copper skin tone can be found on the Fitzpatrick scale for skin types. The copper skin lies in the category of IV skin type. The IV skin type is the light brownish category and the copper undertone is the subtype of the same category.

According to research, almost 60 to 80% of people from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka have a copper skin tone. This copper skin tone is especially helpful for those living in extremely hot areas because it does not burn easily.

What is Copper Skin Tone?

In this article, we have explained ethnicities and makeup ideas to look good with copper skin tone. You may also find this tone in the Philippines and some parts of Africa as research has shown that darker complexions may have the copper skin tone too.

This indicates that though this type of skin can get a tan easily during sun exposure but it shows a great resistance to the sunburns, unlike other skin categories.

So we are going to arrange the details about the copper skin tone into subcategories. The fashion tips are along the way so gather around.

Ethnicities of Copper Skin Tone

As we already discussed, the copper undertone can be found everywhere. The biggest place to find such people with Copper skin would be India. The Indians have gorgeous and rich brown skin which gives them such a sizzling desert look that it conquers the hearts of all.

So we can also learn a thing or two about how these adorable ladies carry themselves, what type of jewels they wear and which makeup looks alluring on them. The fashion line can also be looked upon for inspiration.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper skin color

The biggest advantage of having a copper skin is that it rarely burns which means summers are more excited for copper-skinned people. Moreover, everyone loves a tan in summers and this skin can get that easily so here you got the advantage too.

Now let us dive further into the characteristics of people having copper brown undertones. These traits will give you a more detailed insight into the skin and its related issues.

Hyperpigmentation can occur easily:

Hyperpigmentation is a scenario that occurs on the copper-skinned people. This makes some areas or patches of your skin darker than the regular skin. Hyperpigmentation makes your skin look uneven and discolored.

Usually, there are dark brown spots on the skin which looks like a mess to your beautiful copper skin. Don’t worry there are many ways to get rid of hyperpigmentation and you can also hide it with makeup so don’t be sad. If your skin is getting darker, just follow these guidelines.

Copper skin can develop scars:

A copper brown skin can develop scars too. This is another form of discoloration on the skin which mainly happens when the melanin level inside the skin is disturbed. The disturbance can be due to hormones, sun exposure, pregnancy or any other issue.

Scars can be removed from your skin. You can use home remedies by applying aloe vera gel over your skin or you can try laser treatment if the scars are too big a mess. Always consult your skin specialist for a better advice.

A great foundation can also conceal your scars so make sure to buy quality makeup products if you have such skin conditions.

Risk of vascular diseases:

People with this skin tone tend to have low to moderate chances of being at risk of vascular damage. The damage can be inflicted upon some of the parts of your skin too.

Vascular damage happens when an area stops or clots the supply of blood in the veins, this cause to become a dark clot that can be quite visible on our skin. You will see a purple or dark red scar on the skin which indicated that you have to get treatment as fast as possible.

This issue is commonly found in people who are aged and have this skin tone. So the best way to prevent it is to eat healthy and stay fit as prevention is always better than cure.

Easy Tanning:

This can both be bliss and a mess! The people who are gifted with a copper skin tone have the natural ability to tan faster than other skin tones. Sometimes it is just a matter of a few minutes. If you crave to have a flawless summer body then you just have to spend some time on the beach and your skin will be tanned up.

But if you do not wish to get a tan then the best way is to avoid direct contact with the sunlight and apply a good sunscreen. Now even the sunscreen cannot stop tanning sometimes so it is best if you cover yourself while going out and do not wander under the sun unnecessarily.

Protect from sun-rays

One major difference between white and brown skin and warm and cool skin is the reaction to the exposure to sun. If one’s skin burns easily under the sun then he or she has a cool skin tone and if it rarely burns under sunlight then it is warm skin without a doubt.

Copper skin color comes in the category of warm skin tone and they do not get a sunburn at all in most cases. Now if your skin does not burn easily, it does not mean that you go out wandering in the light without applying the sunscreen. Sunscreen not only saves you from burns but it also protects the UVA and UVB rays to penetrate our skin, thus saving us from skin cancer.

Copper skinned people have black or dark brown hair:

If you take a closer look, you would find that people who have a copper skin undertone has black or dark brown hair. The reason can be the region too because mostly Middle Eastern and Asian countries have dark-haired people and warmer skin tones so it is most likely that people who have dark hair are also copper-skinned.

Copper skinned people have a dark shade of eyes:

Black-eyed peas were not the only ones who had black eyes; people with a copper skin color also have these beautiful dark shades of eyes. This takes us back to Asia and the Middle East where most people have light to dark brown copper shaded skin and their eyes are black, dark and light brown, hazel, ivory, etc. even outside of these regions you would find copper-skinned people having dark eyes.

Makeup tips for copper skin complexion

While going to parties, or hanging out with your buddies to grooming yourself at home, you need makeup. A brown skin is the real definition of beauty and ancient art; it is just like a palette of desert where you can paint it to form an oasis.

Makeover on this skin can be a bit complex if you are new to it. Try not to mess your face up with too many foundations and tones of colors. Keep it clean and simple and look like a pure Diva. You can also wear jewelry to enhance that look. You can read this detailed guide on skin tone names.

Let us start with the basic makeover things to give you better detail on how to use it well.


First of all, you need to find a foundation that matches your complexion. Light shades are not suitable for those having darker complexions. In addition to this, buy only those foundations which match your undertones. Copper skins are warmer undertones mostly so look out for warm shades like peach, yellow, copper, bronze, etc. they will blend better on your skin.

One thing you might consider is that you need to buy products according to your skin type too. If you have oily skin then buying an oily or creamy foundation will create more mess on your face and kill the look. There are certain ways to know what type of skin you have, buy your foundation according to that. Follow the same method if you have a golden skin tone.

People with a copper undertone can have discoloration or different hues of tone on different parts of your face. For example, your nose area can have a lighter tone than the area on the cheeks or the jawline, so in this case, you need to buy two different shades of foundation and concealers that will blend to make your skin look like one shade.

The most important thing is to blend it properly and nicely with the help of a buff or sponge. Darker skins are tougher to blend so you need to be patient about that. Once your foundation is complete, you will be stunned to look at how amazing your copper skin is looking.


First of all, be diverse and creative while choosing your eye shadows. Your eyes would look mesmerizing in every color. An advice to you will be that you must not choose pale or whiter shades as they won’t appeal as much as the darker colors. It can give a drier look to the eyes as well. These also look good on ebony skin complexion.

You can choose bold, nude, or even dreamy shades. Do not hesitate to pick darker shades as they will glitter upon your dark skin just like a starry night. You can apply shades like dark purple, golden, bronze-brown, copper, nude peach or magenta.

Applying shimmer and glitters to the eye shadows would make it look more magical and you would feel like Princess Jasmine. Try finishing off with black or dark brown liners and mascara. The sharpened look would give you an Arabian touch.

Blushes and Lipsticks:

There is a blush called bronzer which looks perfect for people with copper skin. You can use another matte blush with it for a perfect blending. It will help your face define every tiny detail of your rich copper skin.

As for lipsticks, if you have applied a heavier shade on the eyes then is light on the lipstick to balance the makeover. If not, then make your lips the focal point and put on such a shade that will reach a new level of hotness. Use brown, beige, orange, peach, nude pink, copper brown or any other earthly shade which will fit perfectly according to your skin and don’t forget to end it up with a glossy lip gloss.


The copper skin falls into the warm skin tone, we have already explained what type of clothes you should wear if you have this type of skin. You can check it out here.

Famous Celebrities with copper skin tone

Let us have a look at some of the personalities that look charismatic in their copper skin tones:

Priyanka Chopra:

The sensational Queen and former Miss World Priyanka Chopra has established herself well both in the Indian and American film industry. Apart from her jaw-dropping acting skills, and sexy Asian body, her skin is one of the most compelling traits of her. Nick Jonas is lucky to have such a sweet girl beside him. The Baywatch actress is a shining star in the names of new Hollywood talents.

Eva Longoria:

You all know the sizzling and seductive Gabrielle Solis from the Desperate Housewives. She turned the temperature of our rooms quite high with her witty looks. Eva Longoria is one of the most talented and sought-after actresses and her performances in TV shows were truly loved.