Skin Tone Names

Skin Tone Names

In this article, we have explained Skin Tone Names along with a detailed comparison chart. Skin tone is something that is inherited by the parents and the family in which the people born. Skin tone is the color of the skin in which the texture is not involved because the texture is something that is carried by the human on an individual basis.

With their specifications and qualities, these skin tones are present worldwide. Every skin tone has its features and specifications. These skin names are inherited from the family. This also depends on the region and area where the person born.

Skin Tone Names Chart 

Skin Tone Names Features Name of celebrities
Olive This skin tone has a green tint in it. Paz Vega
Porcelain Fair skin. Doll like appearance. Christina Hendricks
Saddle brown Brown color and red undertone Zawe Ashton
Cacao  Dark brown color and red tinge Idris Alba
Teak  Hardwood and brown color Adaptive color
Almond  Color like almonds Mindy Kaling
Pecan Lighter than caramel shade Robert Pattinson
Sable  Dark brown DuckieThot
Mustard  Turmeric color Rare
Espresso  Deep brown shade AdeolaAriyo
Praline Medium brown Shay Mitchell
Umber Brown color Rare
Peaches and cream Pale skin and tinge of pink Julia Roberts
Chestnut Dar tan shade Isa Rae
Mahogany Rusty and reddish-brown Bible characters
Buff  Light brown to orange Rare
Bisque  Lighter than almond shade Americans and American Africans
Bronze  Darker than tanning Jennifer Lopez
Caramel  Light brown to deep brown Meghan good
Honey  Honey brown color Penelope Cruz
Alabaster  Fair and blemish-free Kristen Stewart
Ivory Bit darker than porcelain Isla Fisher
Carotenoid Yellow-brown undertones Rare
Hickory Light to dark brown color Rare
Beige Light brown color with gray tint Kate Hudson
Golden Slight yellow to golden Some Americans.
Copper Medium brown People of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines.

Skin tones and skin colors are inherited from the parents and the other family members but other factors also affect the skin tone. Other factors may include the sunlight and dirt particles in the air, the sunlight may affect the skin most drastically. Because due to sunlight the skin tone changes the color of the skin gets darker and dull. Sunlight has a greater impact on the skin color.

Moreover, the skin color is related to the regions and areas where the people born and live. People who born in a specific area the people have one kind of tone. And people in the other areas have another kind of tones.

According to the coolness and warmth, the skin shade varies. People who live in the warmer areas have dark and dull skin tone. In contrast, people who live in the cooler places they have lighter tones.

The pigmentation of the skin is according to the presence and quantity of melanin. Because melanin is something that determines the skin tone and skin color. If there is more pigmentation this means the skin is darker in color and the vice versa occurs for those skins in which pigmentation is less.

Skin Tone Names

There are so many skin tones and skin colors that are present in the world. Different kinds of skin tones are there in various regions and countries of the world. Every skin shade have their specifications and qualities.

Skin colors vary from individual to individual. People of the same family even do not have the same skin tones. These skin tones are a genetic parameter and this occurs in the families.

There is a different distribution of the ultraviolet radiation throughout the world. The ultraviolet rays in those areas determine the skin tone of the people. It varies according to the intensity of the ultraviolet rays. Other substances and components of the environment also affect the skin of the people.

Types of skin tones

There are various types of skin tones and these are according to the inheritance and region. But the most important thing here is the skin type. The skin type is a thing that determines the skin tone of the individual. For a better comprehension of the skin, people need to understand the skin type of the person.

The skin types are various in number and they have different specifications as well. There are five types of skin. Each of the skin types have their specifications and qualities. These five skin types are numbered and aligned accordingly. These are type one, type two, type three, type four, and type five of the skin types. Each of these skin types is explained as follows.

Type one

The very first type of skin is type one. This skin type is very fair. The skin type includes a skin which is extremely fair and white. This skin type gives the skin a very light tone and those individuals who have the type one of skin.

These people have extremely fair skin. These people are considered as the fair and white toners of the skin types. The skin is so fair and white that is why there are more chances of the exposure and effects to the skin. The sunlight can affect this skin type is an extremely drastic manner.

The ultraviolet rays of the sun make the skin more vulnerable. The ultraviolet rays effects this skin type so much that the skin starts gets burning. This skin type has more chances of the tanning as compared to other skin types.

Type two

The second skin type is a skin type in which the skin is fair. But it is not that much fair as it is in the individuals who have the type one of the skin type. The skin is fair. The complexion of the person who has the type two of the skin have fair complexion which gives a white tone to the person. The fair skin has more chances to get exposed to the sunlight.

The ultraviolet rays affect the type two as well. The ultraviolet rays cause the burning of the skin. If there is continuous exposure of the sunlight to the skin the skin starts getting dull and black. Tanning occurs in these people who have the skin type two. Although these have the fair skin type when they get born.

Type three

The third skin type is a skin type in which the color or tone of the skin is medium. The word medium here describes that the skin is not too far and not too dark. There is a medium skin tone in these individuals who have the third type of skin type. The skin is not much white and fair but there are chances to get exposure to sunlight.

When the exposure occurs the sunlight may affect the skin and burning may occur. But here the burning is not that much severe as that was when the people have type one or type two of the skin type. Tanning is a process that can happen to this kind of skin type very much.

The reason behind that is, the people who are having the type three of the skin type they already have a slightly dull skin and that is why the tanning occurs more intensely and severely.

Type four

The fourth skin type is a type of the skin in which there are least chances of the burning of the this type of skin, the skin is so restraint towards the sunlight and ultraviolet rays that it cannot be affected by the presence or exposure of the sunlight.

So these skin types have the least chances of the burning of the skin with the exposure of the sunlight. But the tanning is a process that can affect the skin more likely as compared to the other skin types.

Type five.

This skin type is moderate in its appearance and nature. This skin type is light in tone. There is a slight brown color appearance in the skin. This skin type is moderate in is nature which directly means that the skin is not too much brown not too much black.

The distribution of the colors is moderate. There is a moderate and medium amount of pigments in the skin of people who have the fifth skin type. Due to the moderation and appearance of the brown-beige, the skin is not affected by the sunlight drastically.

The ultraviolet rays can not affect the skin so much. There are the least chances of the skin burning. But the skin can get tanned due to sunlight exposure. If the exposure to the sunlight is continuous the skin can get the tanning.

Number of skin types Features/Qualities
Type 1 Extremely fair, more chances of suntan and sun burning
Type II Fair, chances of burning and sun tanning
Type III Moderate skin tone, sunlight exposure, and tanning
Type IV Kind of dark skin, least chances of sunburn and tanning.
Type V Slightly brown skin tone, least chances of sunburn or sun tanning.


Olive skin tone is a skin tone in which there is an appearance of a green tinge in it. This greenish color gives the appearance of a green-brown mixture to the skin.  This skin color helps in covering the flaws of the skin. The beautiful green tint makes the skin more amazing and beautiful.

Paz Vega, Kim Kardashian are two celebrities with olive skin tones. Olive ski is one of the most beautiful skin tone with green pigmentation.


Like there are various skin tones there is a skin tone which is known as porcelain skin tone. This skin tone is known as the most beautiful and fair skin tone.  This skin tone is also known as a transparent skin tone. 

The tone of the skin is so amazing and beautiful.  A French actress Eva green and a beautiful actress Christina Hendricks both are having a porcelain skin tone. Both of the actresses considered as most beautiful actresses worldwide. This skin color is one of the most amazing skin tones in the skin tone names chart.

Saddle brown

Saddle brown skin is on the name of the saddle horse who has brown skin and hair color. There is a slight red undertone in the skin. This skin color is known as saddle skin tone having brown tinge and red undertone. Sometimes the red color is not that dominant.

Other than the red color the yellow color appears more likely.  Zawe Ashton is a beautiful lady having the saddle skin tone. The looks of this beautiful female describe what actually saddle skin tone is. We have explained all details in the skin tone names chart.


Cacao skin is a mixture of two shades. When the dark brown color mixes with a slight tinge of red color. Then a skin tone appears and that is known as Cacao skin tone. 

There is a huge amount of melanin in this skin complexion. The people having this skin have a very attractive face and features. The people are with glowing skin and amazing appearance.  Idris Alba is a celebrity with amazing, smooth, and glowing skin.


This skin tone is unique and versatile. Teak skin tone is not a skin tone in its original form and diversity. But the hardwoods which increase the glowing appearance of the skin included in the teak skin tone. These hardwoods are expensive not everyone can afford these.

This quality makes this skin tone more unique and amazing. The color of the skin or the tone of the skin varies from medium or golden brown to white color. There are yellow undertones in this skin tone. The skin tone gives elegance to the skin. People find this attractive and adopt this skin type and skin tone.


The name of the skin tone is derived from the natural almonds. As the color of the almonds exists the skin tone has that almond appearance and color. The shade of this skin is brown. As the almonds vary in their shades of brown and sometimes these almonds have dark or light brown colors.

This is the same rule which implicates on the almond skin tone. The people having almond skin tone have different shades of brown in their skin. Sometimes there are hints of yellow and red colors in the skin tone. This yellow and red color lies in the undertones.


When it comes to pecan skin tone here it means that a shade is lighter than caramel shade. The caramel has more brownish shade but this skin tone is with light brown shade and color in the skin tone. This is like a brown nut that is smooth and it has a brownish undertone as well.

The undertone may be yellowish golden or the undertone can be reddish in color and appearance. This skin shade has more chances of sun tanning as compared to other skin tones but the sunburn has the least chances with having pecan skin.


The word sable defines the dark brown color. That is why people having sable skin tone have a very dark brown color of their skin. The skin color is so dark for some people who are having a sable skin complexion that the skin looks dark brown to blue.

There is a brown undertone in the skin due to which the skin looks like a warm or neutral skin. Sable tone is very dark brown but still is very attractive.

Khoudia Diop has a sable skin. This actress is also known as the goddess of melanin. 


This is referred to as the color of the turmeric. Like the color of the turmeric, the skin tone has a yellowish-brown appearance. Sometimes it looks like people have mustard skin tone have turmeric powder on their skin. This skin tone is rare.

The color of the skin runs from gold to turmeric. This is attractive and amazing in texture. There are some honey shades as well in the skin. Like the colors of honey, there are brown and yellow undertones in the mustard skin tone.


When it comes to deep brown skin tones. It has lighter shades of cocoa and mahogany. It has more of the brown color and tinge as compared to other skin colors like bronze skin.

Some celebrities are having espresso skin tone and these are Oluchi-Orlandi, Adeola Ariyo, and Tikasumpter. 


This skin color is one of the most beautiful and amazing skin tones. The skin color is known as a praline skin tone. It has a medium amount of the brown color in the skin.

This medium amount makes the skin color more attractive and desirable. Many celebrities have praline skin. These celebrities are Camila Cabello, Jessica Alba, Vanessa Hudgens, and Shay Mitchell.


The name umber skin tone is referred to have brown color in the skin. The people having brown skin tone are most likely known as people with umber skin tone. Moreover, there is more tinge of brown color when it comes to the umber skin complexion. There is a tinge of red color and this lies in the undertone.

Peaches and cream

When it comes to the skin which is peach and cream skin tone. This means that the person who is having this skin tone has pale skin with a tinge of pink color n the cheeks. 

One of the most beautiful and well-known examples of a celebrity who is having a peach and cream skin is Julia Roberts. The peach and cream skin color is like a snow-white skin complexion. 


The skin with dark tan shade includes the skin color which is known as chestnut skin complexion. It has a medium brown color and a tanning color mixture in the skin. This skin has a more brownish color and it has a tinge of red color.

There are copper and warm golden undertones in the skin. A perfect example of this skin color is Issa Rae with glowing radiant skin.


Mahogany skin color is described as rusty and reddish-brown skin. Many characters in the bible are designated with this skin color.


The skin tone is light brownish in the color. The color ranges from dark brown to yellow and eventually orange. 


This is slightly lighter than the almond skin tone. There is a range of brown color and it found in American and African Americans.


This skin tone is darker than the tanning tone of the skin and is glowing in nature. Jennifer Lopez is a perfect example of this skin. The glow in the skin is golden in color.


The color ranges from light brown to deep brown. The skin color has beautiful golden undertones.  


When the skin complexion is honey brown this skin is referred to as tan skin. The shades vary from yellow to brown in colors. Salma Hayek is a model who is a good example of Honey skin complexion. 


When the skin is fair and blemish-free. This is known as an alabaster skin tone. This skin color is smooth and fair. The celebrities having alabaster skin are Fanning sisters, Michelle Williams and Kristen Stewart.


This skin color is a bit darker than the porcelain skin. People with this skin have pink and peach undertones. Isla Fisher is a celebrity with an ivory skin complexion.


With a healthy tan, there are yellow and brown undertones in the skin. The skin looks attractive and naturally tanned.


The color varies from light brown to dark brown and has yellowish undertones.


When the skin is light brown but there is a tint of gray color in it. This skin color is called a beige skin. The celebrities having this skin are Kate Hudson and Sofia Vergara.


People who have a slight yellow and golden undertone. These people have golden skin complexion. This is known as a warm skin.


This skin color is a medium brown tone of the skin. The people of Pakistan, the Philippines, and India have this skin color.