What is Umber Skin Tone?

What is Umber Skin Tone?

Even though there are various tones in skin, among people, each color has its beauty. Whether it’s a lighter shade of skin or darker shade, each person is unique and beautiful in their way. Though, tanning lighter tones of skin has been popular for ages now, which has directly increased the popularity of umber skin tone.

What is umber skin tone? Umber skin tone is the beautiful and unique combination of reddish-brown shades in the skin. It tends to give natural tan to the skin, which makes the skin looks youthful and healthy. People with umber skin tone has, no doubt, many advantages over the other skin tones.

Having the natural tan, which people are dying to have, is on the top of the list. It is also the reason; they are the envy of many people. Moreover, many celebrities are famous because of their umber skin tone, which gives them a unique and bold look.

What is Umber Skin Tone?

This unique skin tone is effortless to detect and to know that you have it. But I have seen several people unhappy about it and calling themselves ‘common brown’ or even black. Let me remind you again, having umber skin tone not only gives you many beauty benefits but also health benefits.

You need to remember that people are dying, like literally dying through skin cancer, to tan their skin. When they artificially try to tan their skin, just because they want to give their skin this umber shade. That’s how beautiful umber skin tone is.

Moreover, wearing the right colors and makeup can make anyone look outstanding. So, having an umber skin tone is a plus, and then making yourself look gorgeous beyond the looks is also in your hands. You just have to follow the essential tips to enhance your beauty. So, you can shine among the crowd.

Also, don’t try to hide your natural shade of umber by using a lot of makeup as it will only give you a disadvantage. Trust me; you don’t want to hide this beauty but highlight it. By using foundations opposite to your natural shade will only make it look fake and forced.

So, give yourself and your parents a praise, to be born with this natural umber skin tone. And follow the essential tips given in this article, which will enhance your beauty more. You will know soon that only with the right makeup and clothing, true beauty can be born.

Ethnicities of Umber Skin Tone

This beautiful blend of reddish-brown skin tone is more common among Asians, mainly Indians and Africans. While these ethnicities are also blessed with a darker shade of brown to black color hair. Their eye color also varies between light brown to darker shade to black. They also have naturally tanned skin because of the high amount of melanin present in their skin pigments.

 But, in case you love this umber shade in skin but don’t have it naturally. Then, by no means will I advise you the artificial tanning as I am fully aware of the side effects it provides. And even though I usually say to be confident in your skin, but I am aware of how everyone has their definition of beauty.

And, if your definition of beauty is this beautiful shade of umber and you dream of having it. Then, I will advise you to use the umber shade of foundations that are available, by some brands, in the market. But be mindful of the colors you choose with it, including eyeshades and dresses, you are going to wear.

Celebrities with Umber Skin Tone

Several celebrities have this beautiful shade of umber in their skin. And, no doubt, it has enhanced their beauty to another level. I am going to mention some of these celebrities below. Take a look and keep in mind, the colors they tend to wear more and how it directly affects their looks:

Rutina Wesley

With her beautiful smile and beautiful shade of umber in her skin, she is, no doubt considered a beauty. Her talented and alluring looks have made her quite famous among all ages of groups. And she never forgets to highlight her umber skin tone.

Naomi Campbell

Having the talent of being an actress and producer is not the only thing Naomi Campbell has. Her beautiful shade of umber skin, which is always highlighted with her cute hairstyles, has made her the heartthrob of many people.

Tika Sumpter

An actress, with her bold and confident personality along with being blessed with beautiful shade of umber skin tone. No doubt, she is the envy of many girls. But she loves to wear colors that contrast with her alluring umber skin tone. And, increases her beauty to another level. 

Loren Lott

Rising American idol, with her melodious voice and gorgeous umber skin tone, she has an increasing number of fans. She knows how to look confident and beautiful at the same time. Also, wearing light makeup to accentuate her features and her umber skin never fails to get the attention of people.

Logan Browning

I get stunned every time I look at Loren Lott. No matter, whether it is her alluring looks with her gorgeous umber skin tone or her bold acting. I have been a fan of Loren Lott for a long time, and I don’t plan to change that any time. 

Advantages of having an umber skin tone

Having an umber skin tone, you are naturally born with several benefits. And, these advantages are not only limited to making you look beautiful, but it also affects your health. I have mentioned some of the main advantages below:

Large amount of melanin

One of the benefits of having an umber skin tone is that you have a higher amount of melanin in your skin pigments. And, as you may know, a higher level of melanin prevents not only skin disease but also DNA damage. That’s why people with lighter skin tone are always trying to tan their skin.

Natural tan

Another good news that comes along with having an umber skin tone is that they do not get sunburn. Of course, staying under the sun for a long time, without sunscreen, is still a no. But, usually, people with umber skin tone do not get a sunburn, but their umber skin absorbs UV rays necessary for skin.

Lesser chances of skin cancer

People with umber skin tone have lower chances of skin cancer, as compared to people with lighter skin tones. It is also due to, naturally, having a higher amount of melanin in their skin pigments, which keep them safe from the terminal disease.

Smooth skin

Having an umber tone in your skin also makes it look soft and silky. And, of course, it is after you take proper care of your skin. But, umber skin tone naturally gives this silky and alluring feeling to the skin, which is harder to achieve with other skin tones.

No wrinkles

One of the fantastic benefits of having umber skin tone is the youthful look it gives to the person. As the people with umber skin tone are less likely to have wrinkles, which makes them look younger and gorgeous. And, no lines, is every girl’s dream!

How to take care of your umber skin tone?

You still have to be conscious and take care of your skin, even if you are blessed with umber skin tone. Using sunscreen is necessary, too, as you want to maintain this youthful look. Also, cleansing your skin at least once a day. And moisturizing your skin, at least thrice a day, is a must.

Moreover, exfoliate your skin twice a week too. Be careful of using harsh chemicals, and do not bleach it too much. These chemicals can cause acne and have adverse side effects also. So be mindful and only use high-quality products, which are suitable for your skin.

Also, don’t take your youthful skin for granted. Even if an umber skin tone has a natural youthful look, it is hard to maintain if you do not take proper care of it. And, if you want to look like a celebrity, you have to take care of it like a celebrity too.

What to wear if you have an umber skin tone?

You have to be mindful of what you are going to wear if you want to highlight your beautiful umber skin tone. So, I decided to give some essential tips here, which can help you with your shopping as well as preparation to be a heartthrob in the party.

Clothes: Light colors like cream and brighter shade of green, as well as alluring shade of blue increases the beauty of umber skin tone. Also, I have seen people with umber skin tone in black and grey and Man; they rock this color too. 

Jewelry: Copper and gold make the umber tone of skin shines with their beauty. My advice is to wear copper and gold accordingly to your budget and event. As it is essential to be mindful of your pocket, you want to have enough for your Cappuccino, at least.

Makeup: Use nude tones of makeup, as you do not want to hide the umber tone of your skin. And, as for the basic makeup, look at the following tips. But, remember to opt for the one which complements your looks. Try to find your unique beauty and color. Makeup is different if you have olive skin color.

Foundation: It is essential to use the foundation which matches the umber tone of your skin. So, it is better to find the one which complements your umber skin too. 

Eye make up: While doing the eye make up, remember to darken your eyebrows too. In case you have lighter color eyebrows. Moreover, try to use a darker shade of eyeshades to highlight your eyes and their natural color.

Lipstick: For lipstick, you can go from a lighter shade of peach to the darker shade of red. It mostly depends upon your overall look. But, in case you are feeling indecisive, then go for cranberry shade as it looks alluring with the umber skin tone.

Hair color: From dark brown to black shades in hair, it makes the umber tone in the skin shines. As you would have noticed among the celebrities with umber skin tones. They tend to have their hair mostly in black, as it directly complements with their umber skin tone.


Having said that all, I will tell you to be confident and proud of this gorgeous shade of umber in your skin. This is the reason you can rock black as well as white dress. And as long as you keep in mind the essential makeup tips, you will look pretty even in your casual clothing.

Know what looks good on you and do proper research for that. Work on yourself if you want excellent results. And let me know in the comment section below how it went for you. It always makes me excited to read your comments and answer them.

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