My face is getting darker than my body

My face is getting darker than my body

The darkness of the face is a common problem that occurs among most of the people. The dark skin tone is due to the increase in the production of melanin due to direct exposure. These substances become the cause of face darkness while the body is not getting exposure to the environment due to which it remains lighter than the face.

Your face is getting darker than your body because of the excessive use of makeup products, hormonal issues, genetic disorders, and exposure to sunlight. It is recommended to drink plenty of water and use sunscreen lotion to prevent your face from getting darker

Face is the most prominent part of the body that shows all about your beauty. The features of the face, the color of skin tone, glam, and neatness of the face shows its beauty. The face is the part of the body that has to face direct external exposure to the environment either it is ultraviolet rays from the sun or other harmful radiation coming out from the gadgets or dust or any other microorganism like bacteria etc.

 Most of the peoples face this problem of the dark face. The dark face can be of many reasons. Some of them can be controlled and some need to be treated specially. The treatment that you need is to choose the best makeup for your skin. Your skin will gain its original position by doing that. You can achieve the best skin tone and color by using the best makeup tone.

You can manage the tone of your skin which you like. You can feel good in order to feel good. Your skin can get darker by the wrong use of the makeup for a long time. The false use of makeup can lead to the cause of the major skin problem. The dark face will not give you a good look. You will lose your confidence in your daily routine. 

My face is getting darker than my body

The first thing of the person that is noted, is your face. Your face should look beautiful and charming. The charming look provides you the confidence in your daily life. Daily skincare is needed to glow properly. The daily care prevents you from the harmful diseases of the skin. The skin will give you a good look if you give proper time for the betterment of your skin. 

The dark face will lead you to lose your confidence. You can improve your skin tone by the proper makeup and by taking the proper care of your skin. For the proper care of the skin, you gave to apply good quality creams that give you protection from ultraviolet rays and keep your skin cleansed with some good quality face wash. This proper care helps to keep your face skin at a lighter tone and you can feel confident and bold.

The darkening of the face is the common problem of everyone. That could be due to any reason sometimes the reasons are unclear then you have to visit your dermatologist for the proper treatment and good care.

Your face will become darker due to many reasons. These reasons can be managed by tackling them properly. First, you have to identify the true cause of your dark face. Then you have to treat it according to the cause they have. The cause can vary from person to person. Some of the causes are given here:

Use of makeup

Makeup is not so good for the skin. It has no role to make you beautiful. Yes, it gives you beauty but not completely just on a temporary basis. Makeup gives you temporary glow and freshness. Makeup is not so bad so I can do it on and off at some function or at some party.

If you start applying it on a regular basis it starts destroying your skin internally. Due to the side effect of makeup, your skin can become dark. So try to apply when needed and always apply good quality of makeup so that no side effect could occur.

Your face will become darker because of the wrong collection of makeup. The makeup can vary from the person to person. The makeup of the persons will lead them to the dark face. The dark face because of the makeup can be difficult to treat. Other causes can be managed easily but the dark face due to the excess makeup cannot be easily treated. 

The makeup may contain so deep tones that make your face dark permanently. The dark and deep colors of the makeup can lead you to the blackface. The blackface because of the deep makeup tones become very difficult to remove from the face. The face will be treated with plastic surgery if the problem is too much prolonged. 

If you applied makeup on your skin then it is necessary for you to wash your skin before going to bed. Either the makeup is light or heavy you have to remove it and wash your face. Otherwise, it can cause acne or skin darkness that could be dangerous for you. So need to be cautious while applying makeup and keep in about its side effects.

Continuous exposure to sunlight

Sunlight has very dangerous radiation that can destroy your skin and make it darker. If you get directly under the sun with a naked face. It can increase the production of melanin in the skin due to which the skin become darker than the other body parts. Before going directly under the sun you need to apply some face cream that can mimic the harmful effect of the sun and keep your skin of face glowing.

Due to the exposure to the sun your body color will be fair rather than their face. The face of the person can be treated with the sunscreen and other sun blockers can be used to treat the dark face because of the sunlight. It can be dangerous for the skin cells if not treated properly. This can also change your skin color permanently.

Sunlight can be very harmful to you if you are continuously exposed to them. Sunlight contains very dangerous rays in it that can be very much harmful to the human body. The continuous sunlight also fades the color of the skin. The skin color will be faded and you will lose your confidence. You will start hating your skin. Your skin will be very rude while touching.

All skin tones can be affected by this, you should cover your face when you go out in the sun. Use some sunblock or other cream that blocks the bad effect of ultraviolet radiation or use veil to cover your face. Umbrella is also the best option to remain safe. In those days when you are working directly under the sun, you need to stay hydrated so you need to drink a lot of water. So that no bad effect could occur.

Hormonal causes

Rather than the environmental changes; the changes that occur internally in the body that can also affect your body and skin. The imbalance in the hormones causes the darkness of the skin especially face from the under eyes and patches of darkness on the various sensitive parts of the skin. 

Hormones also create the problem of the dark face. Dark faces cannot be easily treated which is caused by hormones. The hormones create disorder in any type of disease. The disease can very much dangerous for the skin if not treated properly. The disease of the skin is very harmful if not treated at the start of appearance. This can make your face darker than your body.

Hormonal causes are very much dangerous for the health of the person. The diseases that can affect the skin of humans are Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease, and pregnancy. Some other diseases can also be very much dangerous for the health of the patient. An overactive thyroid can also lead to skin diseases. 

The skin disease due to hormones mostly the change of skin color and loss of freshness and glam. So you need to be conscious about the hormonal changes and try to treat them properly if you notice the darkness in the face color.

Genetic disorder

A genetic disorder can also lead to the problem of the dark face. The problem of DNA repair in the human body can be very much harmful and can cause a lot of diseases. The genes transfer diseases from the forefathers to the younger generation also. The genetic disorder can be very much painful because the diseases are transferred without any reason. 

The genetic disorder can be very much problematic to treat the body. Because it has a lot of complications required to treat the genes. The specialist doctor also required to treat the problem of the genes. The most difficult is to treat genetic problems. These can affect all skin tones.


The use of toxic chemicals on the skin also leads to the problem of the skin in the human body. The skin problems can arise by the use of the arsenic. The use of arsenic can also lead to major causes of skin diseases. The skin diseases can also lead to other problems of the skin. The arsenic on the face can be very much dangerous for the skin. 

It contains a lot of toxic materials which can be very much harmful if not treated properly. The treatment of the face suffered from arsenic can be very dangerous. The skin temperature also changed because of the use of unnecessary chemicals. 

What to do when your face is darker than your body?

Treatment of a dark face is not an issue if you started treated it initially. If this condition persists long it can cause a problem for you and difficult to treat. So start its treatment from the first day when you notice it and have chances that due to your tough routine your face can be dark start taking precautions. Following are the treatment and some important precautions that you can take when your face is getting dark: This will also make your skin look better at night.

Regular treatment is the treatment in which you have to treat the skin on a regular basis when going under the sun during hormonal change. Or when going to contact with chemicals. In regular treatment, you can use sunscreen, sunblock, face cream, lotion, mask, or any other product that gives you protection.

Regular treatment occurs after the immediate and basic necessary treatment. This treatment could be the prophylactic treatment of this disease. The darkening of the face can be controlled by applying any of the above-mentioned products on your dermatologist recommendation before the problem initiates.

Hydrafacial treatment gives you glow and removes darkness to maintain the result of facial you need to follow the above-mentioned regular treatment so that the facial results last long.

You need to prevent your skin from the sunlight in order to decrease the effect of the sunlight on the face. The effect of the sun can be lowered by using sun blockers and other types of methods in order to treat the sun rays. Sun rays must be treated properly so that skin diseases will be lowered. Other preventions can be to take care of your skin. 

Final words:

The face expresses the beauty, you need to be cautious about its care and have to take all the necessary steps that make your face beautiful and glowing. Follow carefully the advice of your dermatologist so that your face has a lighter tone than that of your body.