Can you change your skin color permanently?

Can you change your skin color permanently?

In this article, we have explained real facts about changing the skin color permanently. Skin color is the main that elaborates about your beauty and everyone considers it important. The lighter skin tone is liked by everyone. The color of the skin shows all about your personality. If you do not like your skin tone and want to change it you can do that easily and get the skin color of your choice.

Can you change your skin color permanently? Yes, the color of the skin can change permanently. You can change the color of your skin by tanning procedure and by using lotions and bleach, the quantity of melanin, home-based treatment, and use of retinoid and mercury for the long term. The laser treatment is the clinic base treatment that is short treatment and results are sure and immediate.

For this, you have to undergo some procedures that help to change the color of your skin. In most cases, the change of skin color only needs when someone wants to have a lighter skin tone.

The change of skin color can be done for both purposes to make the skin tone light and also to make the skin tone dark. The first one is more common but nowadays the second one is also of great importance. The people having a very light skin tone and in them, there is a deficiency of melanin. To enhance the quantity of melanin to remain safe form skin problems they want so. Because melanin has a great role to give protection against skin problems.

Can you change your skin color permanently?

You can use different things in order to change your skin color. Your skin color can be changed by a lot of things. You can use the mercury and other retinoids to change your skin. Your skin color will be changed by using different types of supplements. The skin color is very easy to change by consulting the dermatologist. The dermatologist will give you the true idea of the point in order to change your skin color.

You need to change your skin color if the deep tone is not looking good at your personality. If your personality is not focused because of the dark tone. Then you can change your skin tone by many factors. Your skin color will be changed by using a lot of makeup tools. You can contain this effect for a long period of time. If you start caring for your skin after the treatment then it will last for a long time.

You can also add some special treatment in order to remove any effects of aging from your face and neck. You need to focus on your skin at any cost. You have to look for the proper makeup which can improve your skin tone. You can treat your skin tone in accordance with the tone you have. The complete black tone will take some time to give the skin some light tone.

Initially the skin color change for the long term but to make it permanent you have to do these procedures and treatments for the long term. The regular use of those products that have the effect of lightening your skin tone can permanently change the color of skin.

You have to put effort into looking at the tone of your skin. You will have to look at your skin and consult the experienced dermatologist. The doctor will give you a specialist statement by properly looking at your skin. If the doctor says that your skin will look good if you change the tone of the skin. Then you can start the proper treatment of changing the skin tone very effectively.

This treatment could only be effective when you use it on a regular basis. Otherwise, it shows a severe side effect on your skin that can damage your skin. So you have to follow all these treatments properly with great precautions just according to the advice of your dermatologist.  

After getting the proper recommendation from the doctor. You will start the treatment to change your skin. The skin treatment can be varied according to the skin tone. The dark skin tone will require a lot of effort while the medium warm tone can be changed by following the simple treatment. The simple treatment can be very much helpful for that type of skin tone.

If you want to tan your fair skin tone. Then you do not need to do any complexities. You can simply tan your skin by making a simple note. But according to the studies about the skin, it is explained that tanning of the skin cannot be made on a permanent basis. You can extend the treatment for some years but it does not extend too long. When you extend it long it starts showing its bad effects on the skin. So after a year or more, you need to be very conscious while using it.

Now we will discuss the various type of treatment in order to change the tone of your skin. These treatments have a positive impact on your skin tone if you undergo them with great care and by following complete safety measures. Following are the few treatments that help to change your skin color permanently:

Tanning procedure

The first one among all is the tanning procedure. If you want to have a fair skin tone then this procedure will help you a lot. For this purpose, you don’t need a lot of complexities. Simply by using the lotions and multiple creams on your face, you can get easily what you want. But this is a long term solution and take years to present its effects. It could only be permanent when using it for years.

You need to perform simple tanning by making a note. There are two ways to perform tanning. The tanning can be done by living in a close system. So that sunlight and UV rays cannot affect your skin tone. This is the long term procedure but the result is guaranteed.

The other way is internal tanning. If you want internal tanning. Then you have to use artificial light in order to tan your skin. You have to expose to your skin in artificial light in order to complete the process of the tanning.

The tanning can also be done naturally with the help of the sun rays. The sun rays are widely used for the process of external tanning. The sun rays will not create any side effects for your body. Your body will feel relaxed after the process of tanning. You should apply sandalwood oil for better results.

Use of lotions and bleach

If you want to change your skin tone from the deep tone to light skin tone. Then you have to apply different types of lotion on your face, these lotions are easily available at the counters of different stores. You can get a proper prescription from the skin specialist. The skin specialist will recommend you some lotions according to the tone of your skin. These lotions will be very beneficial for you to achieve the light tone of the skin.

You can use different types of bleach in order to improve your skin. The different products of the bleach are available in the market in order to gain maximum benefits out of that. The bleaches are present simply anywhere in the market. They are present in every store which contains the cosmetics items. You can use the lotions and bleaches in order to improve your skin tone.

There are other methods are also used in order to improve or tan your skin. Other methods can be used with the proper consultation of the dermatologist. One thing you have remember always that you have to visit that doctor that must know the history of your skin diseases. The constantly changing doctors with respect to skin treatment can be dangerous for your skin.

Use of retinoid and mercury

The use of retinoids and mercury helps a lot to change your skin color permanently. For this purpose, you need to take drugs that have mercury and retinoid. Regular use of these drugs can change your skin color permanently. You can eat those capsules and also apply them to the skin. In this concern, you need to follow the doctor’s advice.

Quantity of melanin

Melanin has the main role in the skin tone. As the tone becomes darker it is due to the reason that the quantity of the melanin is increased in the body. In order to make the skin tone light on a permanent basis the quantity of melanin reduced from the skin.

For this purpose, the pills are taken that reduce the quantity of melanin form the body. To reduce the quantity of melanin various scrubs and creams are available in the market. Castile soap is famous for enhancing skin color.

For this purpose the various facials are available. These facials reduce the quantity of melanin. 

These facials are not like common facials but they have special products that reduce melanin. To reduce melanin avocado pulp facial is of great importance. You need this facial almost every month on the prescribed date to reduce the quantity of melanin.

Home-base treatment

To change the skin color permanently various home-based treatments are of great importance. For this purpose, you need to apply turmeric, aloe vera, yogurt on the skin to change the skin color permanently. These home-based treatments are very good and their result is guaranteed no side effect report.

But the only bad effect of this treatment is that it demands a lot of effort and a long time. This takes almost 4 to 6 months to show a slight change in the color. But the regular use makes its result permanent. This will make your skin look better at night.

Dermatologist treatment for changing skin color

All the above treatments are home base treatment. Some of them just need slight assistance others don’t so. But the treatment described below is completely clinic-based:

In this treatment, the latest technology is used. This removes the old dark and dull layer permanently and gives you a new fresh skin that is lighter tone. This treatment can only be done by an expert and this treatment has a slight side effect so after treatment great care should be demand for almost more than 48 hours. But this treatment is fast and results are sure.

Benefits of changing skin tone

There are many benefits of changing the skin tone. Your look will be improved by changing the tone of your skin. You will feel confident about your skin. You will work with more care without any disturbance from the skin. You will visit all the friends and the family with confidence. The feel of looking inferior to others will have permanently vanished from your heart.

By tanning your fair skin tone, you will get rid of many skin diseases which can apply to the fair skin very easily. The tanned skin has multiple skin benefits according to the medical point of view. The tan skin also improves your look. The tan skin will save you from further tanning due to the exposure of the sunlight.

Risks in changing skin color

There is also a risk factor involved in changing skin color. It can have multiple side effects to use the different types of lotions and bleaches. The lotion and bleaches can be harmful to the skin if they are not properly prescribed by the doctor. This could cause skin burn if the dose extended from the prescribed dose. You can change skin color but with great attention and the care should be critically the best.

The change in color of the skin is common but it demands great care. Recently my friend changes her skin color actually she had a dark skin tone. She does not like it so with the help of a dermatologist she could able to change. That dermatologist prescribed her laser treatment because she wants the immediate result. So undergo this after treatment she followed the completed advice of the dermatologist now her skin color is light and she looks amazing in it.