My skin is getting darker for no reason

My skin is getting darker for no reason

The softness, smoothness, color of skin matters a lot to enhance your personality. If your skin is neat and clean it is very good for your image and reputation. Because good skin gives you extra glam that is enough to enhance your personality. But the skin has to get directly exposed to the outer environment and other harmful radiations that can reduce your personality and makes you dull.

I received a question from Jane, she is a regular reader of our blog, she asked, My skin is getting darker for no reason, what should I do? Your skin can be getting dark because of hyperpigmentation, sunburn, lack of moisturizer, dehydration and by use of chemical products. It is recommended to find the cause and then treat hyper-pigmentation.

Skin tone is an effective factor to look good in your life. Skin tone gives you the confidence to love yourself and feel confident in your daily routine. Your skin tone will be getting due to the hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation can be caused due to many reasons. Pregnancy can also lead to your skin getting darker. Your skin will be darker when it is exposed to the sunlight for most of the times. 

My skin is getting darker for no reason

There are so many reasons that can make your skin dark and dull. These reasons are not only due to external factors these may be due to some internal factors. Both external environments like sun, dust and internal deficiencies like aging, lack of vitamin, minerals and not proper cleansing of skin can cause hyperpigmentation on the skin due to which the skin will get darker.

These reasons are normal and we cannot give them special importance that why we say that our skin is getting darker without any reason.

Your skin will not feel good to you. It will become rough and can lead to many diseases. The skin tone affects a lot in your beauty. You have to manage your skin tone. You have to give daily time to your skin. So that it may not suffer from any harmful diseases. The skin diseases can be very much harmful. The treatment of these diseases is also very harmful and can have more side effects. 

The skin tones can be managed by the variety of makeups available in the market. You have to apply makeup according to the tone of your skin. Your skin will glow and look fresh if you take proper care of your skin. The skin can be treated by a lot of concealers if it is not giving proper look. Your skin will give you confidence and look good.

If you have given proper time for the betterment of your skin daily. Your skin will be managed according to the way you are caring for it. You can remain your skin safe from all these disasters and remain beautiful and glowing. Proper care regularly and proper consultation with your dermatologist at the proper time will give you a beautiful look and glamorous skin with a good skin tone.

Skin tone getting darker

The skin tone can be getting darker for so many reasons. That you are not going to bother until it causes a huge problem. Among these normal reasons, one basic reason is hyperpigmentation that has the main role to make the skin darker.

This hyperpigmentation is a common and normal phenomenon that can occur on your skin and you can treat it by regular cleansing and remain covered when you have to directly expose to the sun and blue light coming out from the electric gadgets. This is common in people with olive skin tone.

Hyperpigmentation causes dark skin

Hyperpigmentation mostly the main cause of the skin dullness. In this condition, the dark patches appear due to the excessive production of melanin on the skin. This production enhance due to the dark spots and acne scars. When due to acne scars the dark spots appear on the skin.

These dark spots reduce the image when they remain on the skin for a long time and this is the main reason for the hyperpigmentation.

This hyperpigmentation reduces the glow and form hard dark patches on the skin that penetrates deep inside the skin. The deep penetration of these spots make you darker for no reason for a very long time. This pigmentation occurs due to an activity that occurs a long time ago; that activity may be pimple, acne or formation of whiteheads or blackheads. The leftover of that activity may form hyperpigmentation make you dull and fade your skin tone.

Causes of hyperpigmentation

There are many causes of hyperpigmentation. Mostly it occurs when your skin is exposed to the sunlight and air for most of the time. The continuous exposure can lead to big problems of the skin. The problem of the skin can be difficult to cure if not identified at the start of the appearance. 

Hyperpigmentation is a state in which the skin gets darker. If it is increased to too much extent. It will be too much pain for the patient of the hyperpigmentation. It can also lead to cancer of the skin if not treated properly. You have to take proper care of the skin to get rid of all the diseases. It occurs in small patches and can be very much dangerous for skin. 

Endocrine disease also leads to the hyperpigmentation in most of the cases. This disease is also classed as Addison’s disease. The patient of this disease are more likely to be affected by hyperpigmentation. The major cause of the hyperpigmentation to the common person is the hyperpigmentation. These causes are very much important to understand to get rid of these diseases.  

If you treat it along with the formation of pimple, acne or any other cause that leads to hyperpigmentation you can remain safe from it. The skin also remains glowing and fresh and you can remain safe from bearing the excessive melanin on your face that harms your skin.

Types of hyperpigmentation

 Many types of hyperpigmentation can affect your skin. Some of them are as follows:


When your skin is too much exposed to the sunlight. The continuous exposure can lead to the problems of the skin. It is also called as the lover spots. The exposure leads to many other diseases of the skin. The exposure of the skin must be managed properly to get rid of these diseases. This is caused by the sunlight. 

This mostly occurs when you get direct exposure to the skin without using any kind of sun protection lotion and sunscreen or sunblock. These spots if not treated immediately they can remain long on your skin for long and cannot treat easily and take more than 20 months to fade away.

So don’t let this procedure go so long treat it immediately by following all the proper instructions of your dermatologist. These spots are common in people with copper skin tone.

Hyperpigmentation after inflammation

This is caused due to acne. It is due to the inflammation in the skin. The inflammation in the skin also leads to hyperpigmentation. The hyperpigmentation is caused due to the acne problems of the skin. The acne problem should be managed properly before it gets worse. All the skin problems must be cured at the start. 


Melasma is the last type of hyperpigmentation. This type of hyperpigmentation is caused by the changes occur in the hormones of the body. The hormonal changes can lead to the melasma of the skin. Most probably it occurs to the females in their pregnancy. It can occur on any part of the body. This is the most common type of hyperpigmentation. 

Symptoms of hyperpigmentation

The most common symptoms on the skin can be darkness in small patches on any part of the skin. It will largely affect your skin tone. Your skin tone will be changed due to this disease. You have to take proper care of the skin. So that it may prevent you from any harmful diseases. These harmful diseases can be difficult to treat if prolonged. 

The dark patches can appear after the inflammatory skin. These patches lead to hyperpigmentation. The hyperpigmentation need to understand properly to get rid of any big problem of the skin. The dark skin without any reason can affect your self-confidence. You will be worried about your skin by doing daily routine work. 

Sun exposure is the major factor to lead to you hyperpigmentation. The heavy wind exposure can also lead you to these types of diseases of the skin. These types of skin diseases can only come when you are not giving time to your skin daily. You have to give proper time to your skin. So that it may not suffer from any big problem. 

Tips to Prevent your skin from getting dark

The treatment of the skin must be planned by understanding the cause of the disease. You can do a biopsy of the skin to find the cause of the skin. The cause of the skin must be properly defined before going to any treatment. These treatments must be begun by the dermatologist who knows the history of your skin. 

The other way to find the cause of the hyperpigmentation by exposing the skin to the wood’s light. This light is used to know the cause of the skin. The cause of the skin can be anything. The dermatologist can see the cause of the diseases by just looking at the skin of the patient. The dermatologist must be consulted before starting the self-treatment of the skin. 

This treatment will be simpler if it is identified at the very start of its appearance. The treatment should be started at the start of the disease appearance. 

Hyperpigmentation is an irritating activity that can make your skin rough and can take your freshness and make you dull and can lose your confidence. So you have to treat it immediately by completely following the advice of your dermatologist. 

Home treatment:

This is the home-based treatment. Once you have to visit the dermatologist for advice further you have to carry on the treatment at home. Following is the treatment that you can do at home:

Face cream and sunblocks:

To treat hyperpigmentation at home you can use the face cream that is available over the counter and has the main role in reducing the hyperpigmentation on the skin. You also can use the cream upon the recommendation of your dermatologist. The other is you can use sunscreen, sunblock that is not its treatment but can have the main role in reducing the occurrence of hyperpigmentation.

Clinic base treatment:

The further clinic base treatment is the treatment that you cannot carry out home. For this treatment, you have to visit the clinic and undergo treatment there. Following treatments can remove hyperpigmentation at home:

Vampire facial:

It is among the best methods to get rid of dark skin. In this procedure, your own blood is used and injected on the skin surface. This can only be done by a certified dermatologist. It is recommended to get a vampire Facial to get rid of dark spots.

Laser treatment and chemical peel mask:

The other way to treat hyperpigmentation is the laser treatment that can remove the dullness and the dark spots from deep inside the skin and make you skin tone light and makes you fresh. If you don’t want laser treatment to remove hyperpigmentation you can use chemical peel that is also the best to remove the hyperpigmentation. In this method, a mask applied to the face that is made up of various chemicals. 

This mask can only be applied by the professional dermatologist because the concentration of chemicals and proper application time is necessary to keep notice. This mask removes all the dark spots and dullness from the skin and makes your skin fresh, glowing and spot-free. Use Jessner chemical peel to get rid of dark skin.

Final words:

Skin tone has a very important role in your personality building. You have to take great care of it and have to remain safe from dark spots and dullness so that it cannot get darker. Always have to follow dermatologist advice for good skin and fresh look.

If you follow the advice of a dermatologist then you can remain safe from the situation that becomes the cause of skin darkness. So follow your dermatologist and enjoy good and clean skin that enhances your personality among all.