How to Prevent Oily Nose?

How to Prevent Oily Nose?

How to Prevent Oily Nose?

Everybody wants a beautiful face and nose is the main focus of the face. Having a beautifully neat and clean face enhances your beauty. If your nose is oily it gives an unpleasant effect.

If you are suffering from the oily skin of the nose, it may make you less confident. This is not a permanent problem you can solve this problem by using tips. We receive many emails daily where readers want to know methods to prevent oily nose.

You should daily moisturize your face, use sunblock, drink plenty of water, exfoliate regularly, apply face masks and avoid fast food to prevent oily nose.

Nose skin becomes clogged due to dust and oil from the environmental factor that makes the nose oily resulting in an unpleasant effect.

How to Prevent Oily Nose?

If you are facing this problem then do not take tension you are not only one who is facing this problem. There is a different way to overcome this problem.

 There are different ways to remove oil from the nose. Follow all the tips mentioned below to prevent oily nose.

Clean your face:

Cleansing your face daily removes the dirt and oil from the skin and makes it clean. If you have oily skin then use a water-based cleanser. Or if you have dry skins then use milk cleanser.

Cleanse your skin gently as it removes all the particles of makeup from the face and makes it clean. If you do not have cleanser then you can use good quality face wash and wash your face twice daily and dry it.

Moisturize your skin:

After cleansing your face dry it with a soft towel. Do not dry it rashly. Softly dry with a cotton towel and now apply moisturizer on the nose. Many people think that moisturizer will make more your skin oily but this concept is wrong.

Applying moisturizer on the skin after cleansing makes it soft sooth. Otherwise, skin becomes over dry that damage the skin. So moisturize your skin lightly with a good quality moisturizer.

Apply sunblock:

If you are going outside in the morning or going to the office then use sunblock in the place of moisturizer. Using a good quality sunblock that is mineral based and contains zinc titanium and dehydrated alcohol.

Scrub the skin:

Scrubbing your face skin removes all kind of dirt particles and pollution from your nose and makes it clean.
Buy a good quality scrubber and apply it on the nose twice in a week.

Make sure that scrubber should not be rough it should be smooth. Exfoliates your skin not more than 2 times it will dry your skin ultimately to the death of skin.

Apply mask:

Mask prevents the skin to build up new oil and also removes extra oil from the nose. You can apply clay mask on the nose for 15 minutes it will give you dry effects it will remove extra oil from the skin. The charcoal mask is also effective against the oil and clogged skin salicylic acid mask will help against the oily nose.

Homemade remedies for oily nose

There are plenty of homemade remedies for the oily nose that will be helpful for you:

Lemon and sugar paste:

Lemon contains antioxidant properties and also antibacterial properties it kills the bacteria on the site of skin and removes excess oil on the oily nose. It gives skin bleaching effect and makes the skin smooth and flawless.

Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of lemon juice and mix a little amount of sugar in it. Apply it on your nose skin and then rub it like a scrubber it will remove dirt from the inner skin.

Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. Try this technique twice daily it will remove oil and also give bleaching effects on the nose.

Honey and Almond:

Honey can be available easily and it is a natural product. You can buy it from any store it has too many properties in skin care routine. It acts as an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent. It removes the dirt particles. Almond is a natural product that gives a beneficial effect on oily skin.

First of all, take 4 to 5 almonds and grind them make them a powder. Now put it into 2 to 3 tablespoons of honey and mix it. It will give you a paste.

Apply this on the oily nose in the manners of scrubbing and gently scrub it. Then leave it for 15 to 20 minutes on the nose then rinse it off. It will remove oil from the skin and will give a soothing effect.

Apple vinegar:

Vinegar contains acidic pH. It helps in absorbing the excess oil from the nose and makes the skin clean. Take half cup of water and add 3 to 4 tablespoons of vinegar in it.

Now soak cotton balls in it and then apply it on your nose. It will be helpful in removing blackheads and oil from the skin. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with cool water and then gently dry it. Vinegar will absorb excess oil from the skin.

Milk and sandalwood paste:

Sandalwood use for the glowing of the skin and it is a natural product that is using from the years. It helps in removing the excess amount of oil from the skin.

Take 2 tablespoon sandalwood in a bowl then add a little amount of milk in it, to make a paste, apply it on your nose for 10 to 15 minutes then wash it with water. It will give you a glowing and youthful effect you can also use it on your all face.

By Applying Yogurt:

Yogurt act as an antioxidant for the skin it removes the dirt from the skin. when it is mixed with other natural agents it gives surprising effects. For today’s question, How to Prevent Oily Nose? Using yogurt is a must.

Yogurt with vinegar absorbs the oil from the nose and makes it clean and gives a pleasant look. Yogurt with mint juice gives you a refreshing look.

Take 2 to 3 tablespoons of yogurt in a bowl and then add 2 drops of mint juice in it. make a paste and then apply it on your face for 15 minutes then wash your face with cold water will remove all the polluted dirt and grease

Layers from the nose and makes it oil free.

By Applying tomato:

Tomato is a natural agent to remove excess oil and dirt from the nose and makes the nose clean.

Take the tomato and cut it into the slice and place it into the refrigerator.

Freeze the slice for more than 1 hour and then apply it on the nose. rub the slice on the nose in a circular motion and then leave it for dry.

When it gets dry wash your face with cool water and dries your skin it will diminish the oil from the nose and also give bleaching effect on the nose. tips to prevent an oily nose:

there are some tips to prevent oily skin:

Keep your face especially nose area neat and clean. Make the habit of cleansing twice a day.

Always use a moisturizer after washing your face. it keeps the balance of the skin and keeps the skin hydrated and prevent the foreign particles to enter into the skin.

makeup products ruin your skin and make the greasy layers in the skin and produce oil in the skin.

Always remove the makeup before going to sleep it will make the layers of grease on your T zone.

Make the habit to exfoliate your skin twice in a week. It removes dead cells and helps in the prevention of dryness.

Do not eat spicy and fried foods.

Drink fresh juices for a good result.

Do not touch your nose or do not pop the blackheads or whiteheads.

These tips reduce the production of sebum in the body and you can easily get rid of this problem of the oily nose.

Symptoms of Oily Nose:

 There are some symptoms of oily skin:

  • Greasy skin of nos.
  • Open pores of the nose.
  • Pimples on the nose.
  • Blackheads or whiteheads on the nose.
  • clogged pores
  • The rough skin of the nose.
  • Stress also causes the production of sebum in the body.

Causes of the oily nose:

 there are different factors affecting the skin of the nose:


 It is a major factor that is causing the oily nose. According to a study men have more oily skin than the women. Because testosterone

hormones levels are more than in men than women. That causes the skin oily. Women sebum enhances during the period of ovulation that indirectly causes the changing’s in the body and makes the skin oily due to sebum.

Weather effects:

Main cause of the oily skin is weather or climate. In hot water, the body excretes more amount of sebum due to sebum skin becomes oily. Same for humid weather that causes the skin oily.


As weather affects the skin, genetics also play the main role in it. People who are inherited with a large pore or oily skin secrets more sebum which ultimately causes the skin oily. 

Skincare routine:

People who do not take care of their skin, do not wash face twice daily and do not removes dirt from the nose ultimately cause the oily nose.

Skin needs moisturizing on a daily base. if you will not moisturize the skin and if you will not drink a lot of water then the skin becomes clogged with dirt and oil. So one should take care of the skin on a daily base.

Popping blackheads:

Popping pimples or blackheads makes the skin dead and skin pores clogged with dirt and oil and make skin oily. One should avoid popping pimples. Over cleansing or over-scrubbing can also cause oily skin.

Lack of exfoliation:

Exfoliation plays an important role in replacing dead cells with new cells. Your skin needs moisturizing on a daily base so if you will not exfoliate your skin daily it will lead to the oily nose.

Sun exposure:

sun rays affect the skin, so if you are an outgoing person then use a sunblock of SPF 15. This prevents the sun rays to damage your skin and use shade areas or use an umbrella when you go outside.

Final Words

An oily nose can make a bad impact on your personality so to get rid of this problem use above homemade remedies and concentrate on the diet. As I have oily skin, a few months ago a layer of blackhead forms on my nose due to oily skin.

Because going out in morning includes in my routine and sun exposure makes my nose greasy and oily. Then I started to take care of my skin and pay attention to my diet to prevent this problem. I started feeling depressed due to my oily nose then I started taking care of my skin with above home remedies.

I started cleaning my nose and exfoliating it. It removes all the dirt from the nose and absorbs the oil from the nose and makes it clean and smooth.

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