Why is Nivea Cream So Good?

Why is Nivea Cream So Good?

Nivea is a well-known skincare brand in the world. It is admired by most of people. As a conservative estimate, Nivea cream is present in almost every home. This cream is used by generations. It is trusted by our grandmothers and mothers. And we also have inherited usage of Nivea cream. Nivea cream is cheap and it perfectly moisturizes the skin especially in winters.

Why is Nivea Cream So Good? Nivea cream is being used by girls for decades. Nivea cream is being used for dry lips, cracked heels, dry skin, as an eye cream, and on baby hair. You can use Nivea cream on a daily basis to keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

Many other creams are also available in the market and people are also buying them. But Nivea is considered as one of the best among them. Apart from applying Nivea on the face only, it is also used in many other effective ways. In this article, our editors have explained a lot of authentic benefits and ways to use Nivea cream. We have searched out the best methods to apply this cream to get the best possible results.

Why is Nivea Cream So Good?

In this article, we have explained 17 best and proven methods of using Nivea cream at home. All these methods are tested and we have seen thousands of females using this cream on a daily basis.

Nivea cream is a multipurpose cream it is used in many ways. It has made our life much easier. It can be used as a moisturizer for dry skin. It is also used as a healer for cracked heels. It can be used as a primer. You can also use it as a remedy for your baby hairs. It can also replace your shaving cream and cuticle cream. In short, it is a very diverse skincare cream.

Protect skin from sun

Nivea day cream contains SPF in it. It helps in protecting the skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun. It is good to use every day in the sun exposure. It uses non-greasy and ultra-light formula. It gives extra sun protection. It is rich in vitamin E and carries an effective moisturizing formula.

Support natural processes of skin

Nivea night cream supports the natural processes of the skin. It supports blood circulation. It also gives nutrients to our skin and supports cell regeneration. Nivea night cream is rich in nourishing ingredients that support the process of natural regeneration. When you apply Nivea night cream overnight, the next day you will get up with supple soft skin.

Nivea cream makes skin firm and enhance its beauty

Your skin is always more receptive to apply products at night. Nighttime is free from harsh environmental elements. The cream gives an anti-aging boost to your skin while you apply it during sleep time. It is also good if you have thick skin on your face.

It uses a cell-activating formula, whose special ingredients minimize the wrinkles and fine lines. And ultimately it enhances the renewal and firmness of your skin. It is ideal if you have ivory skin tone.

Best for cracked heels

If you want to get baby feet this cream is very much helpful to heal the cracked heels. When Nivea is applied on the cracked heels, it moisturizes and softens the heels. It repairs the ruptured skin of heels. The dead skin then easily can be removed from heels. When you use it regularly you can get softer feet.

Nivea cream for dry skin

Dry skin is a very common issue among every age. Dry skin looks scaly. If your hands, legs, arms and face skin are dry, you can smooth it by applying Nivea cream regularly. Nivea cream is best for moistening the dry skin. It makes dry skin softer. 

If the region near your nails gets dry. And you have not enough budget to buy an expensive cuticle cream. Don’t panic you are having a good cuticle cream at home. Nivea cream can be used as a cuticle cream to get rid of painful and dry skin around nails. Before going to bed apply a little amount of Nivea cream around the nails. And surprisingly the next day you have no scaling or dryness around your cuticle area.

Nivea Cream best for chapped and dry lips 

Chapped and dry lips are most common in winters. Sometimes the lips are so much dried that they start to bleed. The ends of the lips become scaly. Dry lips annoy and irritate everyone. Everyone wants to get rid of them as soon as possible. Nivea cream can soften those dry lips and helps us to get rid of scaly lips.

You can also use Nivea cream to heal chapped lips. Apply Nivea cream on lips. Wait for ten to fifteen minutes. Wipe it with a cloth when it is absorbed. Practice it for three to four days. You will feel the difference. It makes your cracked lips smoother. Nivea will recover your fresh lips. 

You can make your lip tint or cheek tint 

Nivea cream is also used as a perfect cheek tint. You can also use it as a lip tint. It makes your lips and cheeks tinted and gives it a bit of color. It works like a lip balm. Your lips look more sheer and creamy. Your cheeks and lips get moisturized as well as you look more attractive by this natural look.

If your ideal cream blush is dried out. You can blend that cream blush with Nivea cream to make it usable. Take a small amount of Nivea cream and blend it with your most-liked blusher. This blusher will give you an extra smooth finish. It will give your cheeks a nourishing and smooth effect. Plus your cheeks look more natural and glowing.

If you have a bunch of matte lipsticks and you want to apply a glossy one. Nivea can make your wish true. Excavate a pea-sized Nivea cream and mix it well with your matte lipstick. And here you have a glossy lipstick to apply. You can also use this cream to cover melasma on upper lip.

Can be used as a makeup remover

There are good makeup removers in the market with expensive prices. ButNivea cream is a wonderful and cheap substance to use as a makeup removal. Nivea lotion is so smooth and is very viscous. It can remove makeup traces from skin more efficiently. The consistency of Nivea cream helps makeup to detach from the skin easily and clearly. It will wipe out all the traces of makeup from the skin.

Take a cotton pad and pour some droplets of Nivea lotion on it. Move that cotton pad on your face in the circular moves. Take a cotton ball and wipe your face with it. You can also use a washcloth for this purpose. Nivea lotion will clean all your makeup easily and without harming your skin.

Use it as a primer 

We can use blue Nivea tin cream as an alternative to a primer. It smoothes the skin surface. It can fill the pores in our skin. It gives a smooth textured skin when it is applied on the face before applying foundation. Your face will not look cakey. But it is not suitable for oily skin.

Use a blue tin of Nivea cream as a primer. Apply it on your face before applying the foundation. It is best for women with dry skin. But women with oily skin cannot use it on all around their face. Instead, they will only apply this cream on the patchy and dry areas of their skin before applying the foundation. 

Good replacement of regular eye cream

It is a good alternative to your eye cream. You can use it regularly. It will smooth and bright the surface under the eye. It is also the best solution for the wrinkles under the eye. It will lift your eye surface and makes the eyes more beautiful and attractive.

As an eye cream, you will take a blue tin of Nivea cream. Mix this cream with some other powerful ingredients like oil or vitamin E capsule. You can also mix it with the pure oil of almond. Put 2 to 3 drops of oil of almond in the cream and mix it. For vitamin E capsule you will squeeze it in the cream. After mixing it well, apply this mixture under the eyes. 

Moisturize and hydrates the skin

Nivea takes care of many skin issues. In winter skin needs constant moisturizing. Skin becomes poor in moisture. It looks boring and lifeless. If the skin is hydrated and moisturized with Nivea, it can get its life back. It is suitable for all skin types. The person of any age can use Nivea cream to keep their skin moisturized. You can use it over-night to hydrate your face.

Alternative for a shaving cream 

If someday you are in a hurry and your shaving creaming is not available to you then you can use Nivea cream as a shaving cream. Only you need you do is mix some ingredients in this cream and use it. Its ingredients are described briefly here:

If you want to shave with a razor and your shaving cream is over. You don’t have to worry about that. You can shave without your shaving cream. Blend some amount of Nivea cream and baby oil. Cover the area which you want to shave with that mixture. And then shave with the razor. You will get softer skin after shaving. This mixture will also put a stop to the scratches and cuts. 

Good alternative for cuticle cream

The area of skin around your nails often becomes very painful and dry with injured cuticles. When you face this problem you will need a cuticle cream. But if you do not have heavy pockets and you do not want to spend more than you can use a blue tin of Neiva cream as a replacement to cure the damaged cuticles.

Good remedy for baby hair

It will be very interesting for you to know that Nivea cream can also be used to style their baby hair. It can refine the frustrated hair from the crown area of women. Just apply a little portion of cream on those baby hair. Then you can style and comb your hair.

Nivea cream helps tackle your baby hair. Baby hair around the crown area is a common problem among women. They destroy all the hairstyling. But you can control that problem with few droplets of Nivea cream. Use a pea-sized cream on your baby hair. Comb them after applying the cream. And now you can go with whatever style you want.

Prevent blisters while wearing your shoes 

If you are enthusiastic about wearing heels then you have definitely experienced the pain you suffer by wearing them. Especially when we buy new heels, wearing them is much painful. They cause nasty pain in feet. But you can get rid of this painful situation with the help of Nivea cream.

Take some droplets of Nivea cream and rub it gently on the sides of your feet. Also, apply it beside your ankle because they are more hurt by new heels. As this cream does not get dry off quickly and makes a thin film around feet. It prevents blisters and you can get rid of the pain caused by new heels. 

Useful in diaper rash

Nivea cream is so gentle on skin. It is suitable for your baby’s skin. It can help you to deal with the diaper rashes. Babies get irritated when they get rashes. Clean baby’s skin with a soft cotton cloth soaked in a germ repellent liquid. Now apply Nivea cream on baby’s rashes. Soon the rashes will disappear. The creams will relieve your baby from rashes. 

Mild and rich texture

This cream is not so harsh. It is very lenient for all skin types. It gives mild and rich texture to the skin. Its different creams are perfect for different skin types. Mild texture gives gentle, natural and defined waves. It gives semi-permanent results on skin. Nivea cream is very dense in texture.

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