Can I use my face cream as an eye cream?

Can I use my face cream as an eye cream?

Can I use my face cream as an eye cream?

All women want to look beautiful or always try to enhance their beauty. Face creams play an important part in the enhancement of our beauty. Women spend a great deal of their money on all these creams. Sometimes they have to use different creams for different purposes and also for different areas.

Face cream is most prominent, which all women cannot skip in their beauty regime. Some women try to save their money and are tired of a bundle of creams they are using for different problems. This could be easy for these women as they do not have to spend a lot, and they need not carry a bunch of creams along with them.

Yes, you can use face cream as an eye cream. It is recommended that you use a gentle face moisturizer on your eyes. Always buy skincare products as per your skin.

Many women are willing to use face cream as an eye cream to fight different eye problems like the fine line and wrinkled under eyes. The eye cream also becomes a necessity for women as they start aging. In this article, we will discuss whether using face cream as an eye cream is the rationale or not? We will decide that face cream can be used under eyes along with face or not.

Can I use my face cream as an eye cream?

Eyes are an important part of our face. The healthy and young eyes are shiny and bright. Such eyes got all the charm to grab anyone’s attention—every woman dream of having such eyes, which will increase their beauty by many folds. But unfortunately, we cannot have such charming eyes throughput our life. As we grow older, our eyes also start to age. The skin around our eyes starts to wrinkle. These wrinkles and fine lines are totally undesirable for all of us.

Eye creams are the solution to these aging signs. Eye creams can fade out all the aging signs around our eyes. As we start to age, we need eye creams to reduce these wrinkles and fine lines.

We must use some eye cream on a regular basis to make our eyes younger looking. These eye creams contain all necessary ingredients necessary for revitalizing skin around the skin.

Reason for having a special eye cream

Face cream is not feasible to use as an eye cream because of the following reasons.

The eye creams are specially formulated for problems regarding eye area like fine line wrinkles puffiness around the eyes or bulgy eye area. The skin around the eyes is delicate and thinner as compared to the skin on other face areas.

The sin around areas usually more susceptible to the appearance of signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. The continuous movement and pressure on the sight of eyes can also cause the early appearance of signs of aging.

Wrinkles and fine lines come due to aging or sun damage because both these factors cause a reduction in the production of collagen in our skin. Retinol and hyaluronic acid can reduce the sign of aging and dark circle around our eyes.

But retinol and hyaluronic acid are potent chemicals which are present in heavy amount in face cream, which can cause damage to eyes. The eye creams contain a minor amount of these ingredients.

Eye creams also should be thicker as compared to face creams because they contain an excess of oil to soothe fine lines and puffiness around eyes.

Eye creams also contain vitamin C ascorbic acid and high molecular weight peptides, which cause the skin around the eyes to become thick. This thickness can hide all the dark circles around the eyes.

Use of face moisturizer as an eye cream

Well, as far as face moisturizers are concerned, they can be used as an eye cream. You can apply whatever moisturizer you are applying on the rest of your face. The skin around our eyes is thinnest and needs special attention.

Keep in mind when you use face moisturizers as an eye cream, and they should be for sensitive skin. Face moisturizers can be applied around eyes because they are somehow similar to eye creams.

The moisturizer should be light in weight. They should be free from fragrances and fragrances. They should be rapidly absorbed in our skin around the eyes. The face moisturizers having these qualities can be easily applied to treat eye problems.

Make sure to apply face moisturizer around the eyes gently. Try not to rub hard. Gently dab and tab moisturizer around eyes.

Difference between face moisturizer and eye creams

Face moisturizers and eye creams are generally the same and are made of the same ingredients, but still, they differ in some aspects.

Eye creams are thicker than face moisturizer and should retain on the area for longer periods. They contain an excess of oils and emollients. These oils and emollients are necessary to soothe the fine lines. Eye creams are formulated to treat a sign of aging which appears around the eyes. They contain more emollients to make the fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

Eye creams should be lightweight so that they can absorb quickly in the skin. The skin around our eyes is extremely thin, and the cream should be light in weight so that it can pass easily into stratum corneum.

Eye creams contain a lesser amount of retinol, which can cause irritation to the skin around the eyes. Face creams contain a heavy amount of retinol.

Eye creams contain caffeine, which causes an improved circulation of blood. The skin around the eyes is thinnest and can show blood, which cause the appearance of dark circles. Caffeine plays an important role in making all dark circles disappear.

Eye creams also contain a sufficient amount of vitamin C and peptides molecules. Peptides and vitamin C are crucial for the production of collagen. Collagen is necessary for treating wrinkles and fine lines. Wrinkles appear because the amount of collagen in our skin becomes less. Eye creams replenish all collage in the skin around the eyes.

Anti-acne creams as an eye cream

Acne cream, which is used to treat pimples on the face, should be avoided around the eyes. These cream contain some harsh chemicals which can cause severe irritation in delicate areas around the eyes.

Anti-aging cream, which is used on the face, also should be avoided in areas around the eyes because of the irritant present in it. They also can cause damage to the skin around the eyes.

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