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Why does my face feel tight after cleaning it?

Why does my face feel tight after cleaning it?

Face is the most important part of our body. The face is the part of our body to whom we pay close attention. The face is the part which becomes the reason for getting everyone’s attention if it is neat and clean. Cleaning our face is very crucial, and it is part of our daily routine. We use different soaps and cleansers to wash our faces.

When we wash our faces, sometimes our face becomes tight. We feel some stretchiness in our face skin. Some people will not feel this tightness in their skin, but some will feel a weird tightness in their faces.

Your face can feel tight after cleaning it if you are frequently washing your face, using harsh chemical soaps, using hot water, and not using a moisturizing cream. If you are repeatedly cleaning your face, it may result in break down of protective skin barrier that can make your face feel tight.

The exact reason of this tightness is not known exactly. But most possible reasons which can cause tightness in our skin are discussed in this article. You will know all the reasons which can cause your skin of the face to become tight.

Why does my face feel tight after cleaning it?

Having tight skin after cleaning is a normal thing is just a myth. If you have a tight face after washing is a sign of some mishap or some problem in your skin, this could be a sign of many mistakes you might be doing to your face.

If you are using the right products and the proper method to wash face, there won’t be any tightness. Tightness in your face might indicate that your skin is not healthy and fresh.

There are many reasons for having a tight face after cleaning, and some of them are described below.

Washing out all-natural oils

Our skin contains natural oils. These oils are produced by sebaceous glands present in our skin. These oils are necessary for moisturizing our skin. These oils also make our face smooth and shiny. When we wash our face with some cleanser or any soap, they deprive our skin of all the necessary oils.

This cleaning of the face also wipes out all the water naturally present in our skin. When our skin loses all the oils which keep its moisturize, it becomes tight and feels dehydrated. The cleanser removes all the oils from our face, and our face feels tights. Some minor cracks also appear on our faces.

Your face will feel tight if you clean it with hot water

Washing face with hot water causes all the water naturally present in our skin to lose. This loss of water makes our skin dehydrated. Dehydrated skin feels tight and sometimes red patchy and irritated. Using too cold water can also do the same to your face.

Too cold water also makes your face deprived of all the water and oils. This face skin deprives of all the necessary water shrinks, and we feel an unnecessary tightness in our face. This tightness, if not treated or ignored, can do severe damage t our face and skin. Hot and cold water also makes our face becomes irritated.

Break down of the protective barrier     

Our skin has a natural protective barrier. This protective barrier comprised of sebum lactic acid various amino acids and water. This protective layer is also called the acid mantle. This protective layer protects our skin from various infectious agents and the external environment.

This protective layer is acidic in nature. This layer secrets some enzymes to break down fatty acids to make oil necessary for our face. When we wash our face, the harsh chemicals present in it can cause this barrier to break. This protective barrier on breakage also causes our skin to become dry and irritated. This skin devoid of any protective barrier feels tight.

Use of harsh products

Different cleanser and soap, which we use in our daily life, contains various harsh chemicals. These chemicals draw out all the water from our skin and cause tightness in our skin. The soaps and cleanser are anionic surfactants having higher PH. This anionic surfactant causes cells in our skin to become swell and then penetrate deep into our stratum corneum.

Then soap in our stratum corneum causes further swelling of our skin cells. The excess water I skin cells on washing evaporates. This unnecessary evaporation of water from skin cells causes our face to become tight and extremely dry. Soaps and cleansers also cause a disturbance in the PH of our skin.

You are not cleaning the face correctly

Washing our faces can be a task for us. Firstly the selection of a suitable cleanser is a tricky thing. Cleanser should be as per your skin type. After these proper hand movements when cleaning our face is another important thing. Move your hands gently on your face to remove all the dirt and oil.

If you are moving your hand too fast or hardly, this can make your face tight or crack your skin. Move your hands while cleaning your face in an upward direction. This movement will prevent the skin moisture to evaporate.

Frequent face washing will make your face feel tight

Over-washing face is an important factor in making our face tight. On average, a person should wash his face twice daily. This frequency of face washing is more than enough to clean your face properly. If you are cleaning your face more than twice, it will make your skin dehydrated.

Over-washing your face also make your skin dry and dull. Over-washing causes our face to lose all the necessary oils. These oils keep our skin moisturizes and hydrated. Washing face too many times a day causes tightness because of loss of water and moisture.

Not applying moisture after cleaning the face

We should apply moisture in our skin soon after cleaning or within 3o minutes of washing. If you are leaving your skin as it is after washing, this could also cause our face to become tight.

Our face is previously dry after cleaning. If we apply moisture in our face, This helps to lock remaining moisture in our skin. Our face devoid of internal moisture and water feels tight.

Tips to avoid face tightening after cleaning

Here I will suggest some useful tips which you can follow to prevent face tightening after cleaning. All these tips will help you avoiding tightness after cleaning the face.

Identify skin type

First most crucial tip to avoid skin tightening is knowing what type of skin you have. The skin is either oily dry or a combination of both. Choose the cleanser according to your skin type. His will help to reduce the incidence of tightness in the face. Cleanse, according to skin type, are easily available in markets.

Read cleanser ingredients carefully

When you are buying cleanser for you, make sure to read all the ingredients present in it carefully. The cleanser should not contain any dehydrating agent. Try to choose cleanser containing glycerin butter sorbitol or other moisturizing agents. These ingredients prevent tightness and dryness on the face.

Washing face properly

Wash face properly with cleanse. Try not to over wash face. Try to massage cleanser on your face. This technique helps to increase circulation in the face making deeper penetration of nutrients and moisture. Use lukewarm water or micellar water to wash your face. Avoid cold or hot water on your face.

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