What is Pink Skin Tone

What is Pink Skin Tone?

Many women want to have a pink skin tone. Pink skin color is the new trend and everyone wants to look beautiful and awesome. Wearing light makeup is better if you have a pink skin tone. As only wearing mascara and lipstick can give you a natural youthful look. But, in case you are feeling bold, using pink or purple is the key, or getting smoky eyes with red lipstick can also enhance your features.

What is Pink Skin Tone? Pink skin tone is the pale skin with small red blots and sometimes, freckles. The people, with pink skin tone, tend to blush easily and are prone to sunburn. It is also referred to as cool as well as English Rose Complexion.

People with pink skin tone, without any doubt, have susceptible skin. Because they are unfortunately prone to skin diseases, including acne, but this is honestly worth it if you take the proper care of your skin. 

What is Pink Skin Tone?

If you have this beautiful skin tone and you are not happy about it, let me remind you there are millions of people dying to have this calm skin tone. Many famous brand foundations are available, that can make a natural blush in your skin tone by using a pink foundation, no matter what your actual skin tone is.

Wearing the right makeup and colors that accentuate your skin tone is essential for you to attain an attractive look. Though I have met some of my clients who do not like having this skin tone, explaining to them usually helps increase their confidence a lot.

The fastest method to know your skin tone, which I usually use on my clients, as a dermatologist, is to look at the veins on your wrist. If the color of the veins on your wrist are blue, you have a pink skin tone. And, if the color of veins is green, you are yellow skin tone.

On the other hand, if you get tan easily instead, then you are a yellow skin tone. And, if you are still not sure, then another way is to apply a stripe of pink foundation on one cheek and yellow stripe on the other cheek and comparing it. Also, make sure to have make up free face while applying a line of foundation. 

Ethnicities of Pink Skin Tone

Usually, these people have blue, grey, or green eye colors. As for hair, blonde, red, or brown hair color are common among them. Even though it is quite a rare skin tone, it is quite common among Irish and English. As most of them naturally have blonde hair too. 

But you don’t have to depend upon your genes if you want to have pink shade in your skin. Using pink tone foundation and proper makeup can give you this look too. But, in case you do have natural pink skin color and you want to cancel it, then you can use a yellow foundation with the mixture of shade you want. 

Celebrities with Pink Skin Tone

If you still don’t feel confident about your skin tone and think this is a lot of work. Then, take a look at this. The number of gorgeous celebrities have this rosy skin tone, which gives them this attractive natural look. And, I have taken the trouble to mention the most beautiful ones below (wink, wink):

Amanda Seyfried

Everyone knows this name because of her bubbly role in Mean Girls. This beautiful actress was ranked as number one in the hotties list in People’s Magazine in 2011, too. And, her pink skin color and matching the right colors with it, is one of the reasons, for her beautiful look.

Elizabeth Hurley

Looking at this gorgeous at this age is like every girl’s dream. And, how does Elizabeth Hurley do this is a question which has been raised many times. The answer which has been given is that it is partly due to her natural rosy skin tone, which makes her look youthful and healthy.

Cameron Diaz

Her young, smiling face and graceful personality isn’t the only reason for Cameron Diaz rising popularity. She is extremely conscious and tends to wear colors that complement her natural complexion, giving her a bold and confident look.

Anne Hathaway

 Anne Hathaway is one of the most famous and highest-paid actresses in the world. Her pink complexion, attractive look, and excellent acting has led her to be among the most beautiful actresses in the world. And, she is, indeed, a beauty.

January Jones

Nominee, for multiple awards, including Grammy, January Jones, also has this beautiful skin tone. And, she is most definitely proud of it. As, she is always careful with the choice of the colors, which can be seen among her beautiful clothing and gorgeous look.

Advantages of having a pink skin tone

This beautiful rosy skin tone has many pros for having it, as well as the small cons, which can be taken care of. I have mentioned some of them below:

Natural look

It gives you a natural look because of which you can look attractive even with less or without makeup. As even only the use of lipstick and mascara is enough to accentuate your features. Making you ready in five minutes for lunch.

Rosy skin

Pink skin tone is also called rosy skin, because of the natural blush; it gives to your skin. And, one of my absolute favorites for having this beautiful skin tone. This is also the reason that people with pink skin looks innocent, and give the natural beauty vibes. 


Rosy skin, with proper makeup, and beautiful colors, make the eyes and hair color quite prominent. If colors are matched, according to occasion and skin complexion, it can make the person looks extremely attractive. This is the reason that celebrities with rosy skin wear colors that highlight their features.

Fresh look

Rosy skin also gives you a healthy look. Even thigh, it is a common belief that brown skin is more youthful but pale skin with pink tints, make a person, undoubtedly, looks healthy too. And I believe a person no matter what skin color is healthy if you take proper care of it.


Even though it is not a must, but many people usually tend to have blemishes. And, these freckles enhance their beauty to a certain extent, without any doubt. And, which girl doesn’t want freckles?! Though there was a time, freckles were considered harmful, but nowadays, freckles are considered a part of beauty. 

Disadvantages of pink skin tone

Even with the number of advantages, this skin color also has some problems, which can not be overlooked. Some of these disadvantages are given below:


It is really easy to get a sunburn, if stayed under the sun for a long time. Hence, it is necessary to avoid the sun, and staying under it for a long time should also be avoided. Plus, wearing sunscreen is a must.

Difficult to tan:

Another disadvantage is that it is tough to get tan, unlike yellow skin tone. And, people often love tan because it makes you look healthy. But, contrary to the belief that only brown skin is healthy. Rosy complexion also gives a healthy look to the face.

Skin problems:

People also have sensitive skin, which is prone to getting acne and other skin problems. This is one of the reasons that they quickly get sunburn.

Less melanin:

Having pale skin, undoubtedly, means that you have a lesser amount of pigment, known as melanin. As this pigment, melanin is in more amount in brown skin tones. Hence, it is strictly advised to use more fresh vegetables and fruits to keep your skin healthy and also to avoid the sun. Lesser melanin is the reason for sunburns. Another example of this is the olive skin tone.

Skin cancer:

According to researches, people with pink skin tone have a higher risk of skin cancer. But it is also due to the reason that people try to get an artificial tan. And, everyone knows that artificial tan, even if it does not give you tan, it does give you skin cancer. So, keep that in mind and take precautions.

How to take care of your pink skin tone?

As mentioned above, taking extra care of a pink skin tone is necessary. Now, the question arises, how do we do it? No worries, I am not going to complicate it at all. Just do the basic but necessary things of taking care of the skin. 

Make sure to wash your face twice a day and exfoliating it from time to time. Also, moisturizing your skin after exfoliation is the key. Plus, never go out under the sun without wearing sunscreen. It is a must! Otherwise, those horrible sunburns, take days to disappear.

What to wear if you have a pink skin tone?

It is necessary to be aware of the colors, which go with this skin complexion. I have briefly explained below about the colors which complement rosy skin tones:


Blue, grey, violet, pink, and purple are your colors if you are pink skin toned. You can look at the celebrities mentioned above and note these are the colors they wear the most. These cool shade colors go natural with your skin while giving you this clean, bold look.


Wearing silver or white gold jewelry make your pink skin tone shine more. It accentuates your eye and hair color as well. That’s why even among celebrities’ silver jewelry is much more popular than gold. Especially among celebrities who have this skin tone. You can even get green skin from wearing jewelry.


Because of the natural pink tone in your skin, it is better to avoid the yellow foundation. Try to use the one, which highlights your rosy cheeks while giving it a natural look. As pink skin tone gives you an innocent natural look. So, try using a foundation, so that it matches with your skin complexion.


Even though it looks like a lot, it is vital to keep in mind that everyone has their unique beauty. So, choosing and wearing the colors which suit you is essential. Being confident about yourself and your skin tone can enhance your beauty to another level, without any doubt.

So, throw out all your worries and get ready for a party. But, if still, you have any questions or concerns about your skin, feel free to leave it in the comment section box. I always try to get back soon. And, finally, I have only one thing to say: 

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