What is Hair Botox and is it Safe?

What is Hair Botox and is it Safe?

For years Botox is commonly used for wrinkles of face to reduce aging sign. You think about botulinum toxin A used by people to smooth wrinkles. Hair botox is something different a non-chemical or organic treatments that are used when your hairs lose elasticity as your age grows like your skin.

What is Hair Botox and is it Safe? Hair botox is a non-invasive treatment that treats or restores the hair quality that is damaged or destroyed by-products, straightening or blow-drying. Hair Botox is a safe procedure that provides you with a younger, healthy and silky hair.

The hair botox ingredients vary depends on the different products but common ingredients of hair botox include important nutrients, proteins, great antioxidants, omega 3, wheat and silk proteins, BONT-L peptide, Vitamins E Vitamins B5, amino acids caviar oil, and collagen complex. 

In different cultures, different things are considered a sign of beauty. Fair color is considered a sign of beauty among all girls and almost all cultures. As shiny silky and strong hairs considered beautiful among men and women. But after growing age or in other conditions such as excessive use of chemicals, products or maybe coming from your parents and by birth, your hairs look frizzy, limp or unhealthy and looking not good.

In this condition botox is the best solution for your hair. The botox treatment promises to give you hairs that are cracks fill, decrease frizz or curls, provide extreme hydration, renew split ends, and also give you a shiny, silky and strong hairs. 

Hair botox does not contain botulinum toxin A as it is contained in the treatment of skin related problems. Hair botox act as filling the hair fibers which helps to restore the fullness and make your hair smooth and strong. 

What is Hair Botox and is it Safe?

Hair Botox is the latest trend and it is here to stay. In this article, we have explained in detail the steps involved in this procedure along with precautions and side effects. We have received many questions about hair botox and we have answered all those in this article. We have also added cost and benefits of hair botox.

How to use hair Botox?

Most of the people prefer botox treatment at the salon but some people want to do at home and get excellent results. It is very simple and easy to apply botox at home. Hair botox is a deep conditioning method that helps you to reduce or eliminate roughness and frizz. There is a step by step procedure to apply botox at home.

Wash your hair:

First of all wash your hair with shampoo to clean or remove any chemicals, and dust. Rinse out your hairs gently with lukewarm water and blow-dry your hairs. 

Comb or brush your hairs: 

Comb throughout your hairs softly as all tangles, knots, and snags ease away.

Prepare hair botox: 

Read the instruction given in the botox box and prepare botox according to that instructions. Make several portions or divide your hair into many sections and apply the botox with the help of a color brush from the hair roots. Apply this mixture from to bottom of the hairs. 

Cover your hair with the thermal cup: 

After applying mixture you should cover your hair with a thermal cup or with a plastic cover to provide heat for 15 minutes. Use a wooden comb to make sure that the mixture is distributed well throughout your hair. Left this botox in your hair for 45 minutes or according to the given instructions and keep one thing in your mind if you have curly hair then curly hair requires more time.

Wash or rinse out your hair: 

After that wash your hair or rinse out with tap water and do not use shampoo because shampoo cause to remove mixture 80% and blow-dry your hair in a style whatever you want.

Benefits of hair botox

Hair botox helps you differently but do not consider botox is a magic that can alter your types of hair. It is the treatment that helps to give you better such as your curly hair do not change magically into straight hair. Botox helps to enhance the quality of your natural hair. Botox helps to fill your hair gaps and make your hair shinier, silky, strong and healthy.

It helps to give you younger look with hair. If you use hair botox treatment then you can easily find the difference between before treatment and after treatment. You will find a noticeable difference between both of them. It also helps to gain volume in hair.

You will notice hair styling becomes much quicker, simplest or easier. If you are using a blow-dry after every hair wash to look better then after botox you will not need blow-drying.

You will find your hair softly and nicely and get ready your hair after shower naturally without blow-drying or any use of a machine. In hair botox, we use acidic nutrients which are chemical, formaldehyde, and parabens free. The hair botox mask contains conditioning which did not cause to damage or hurt your hair. Botox helps to repair tears.

Hair botox gives you beautiful or healthy hair for a long period and it also helps to minimize loss of hairs. Hair botox is such an environmentally friendly and safe hair treatment. The products that we are using for hair botox does not contain vapors, toxin gas mask, and fumes that are harmful for hair. Like other hair treatments such as keratin, botox does not prone to side effects of hair fall, dryness, and breakage.

Hair Botox to treat Dandruff

Most of the people look worried about their extreme dandruff because dandruff makes your hair lifeless and rough. People do many things to get rid of extreme dandruff but they fail to get satisfactory results. This is the best method to get rid of dandruff in adults.

Nowadays you do not need to worry about dandruff because botox becomes a popular treatment nowadays. If you are suffering from dandruff then hair botox treatment helps to eliminate or reduce dandruff. Hair botox helps to fight against dandruff and hair fall.

Hair botox helps to give you straight hair

Hair botox is such a useful treatment that helps the women who have curly hairs and want to have straight hair and they already had tried many remedies and products but they still fail to get straight hair for a long time. Straightening with straightener only helps to give you straight hair temporarily and it also damage or weak your hair roots with heat.

So you should avoid straightener. Botox is the best treatment to give you straight shiny smooth and silky hair for a long time minimum of four months. Botox helps to get ride of brokerage hair bonds and give you straight hair safely. Botox contains nutrients and vitamins which shoot into the shaft cuticles.

Hair botox for frizzy hair

If you are tired with your frizzy and curly hair then use hair botox treatment. Frizzy hair gets more time in styling or managing hair despite getting too much time they still look rough. Having hair botox helps to remove frizz and give you smooth, soft and healthy hairs. After botox, your hair looks frizz-free, healthy and fuller. Hair botox helps to manage or smooth frizz.

Side effects of hair botox

Hair botox is considered a safe treatment because no chemicals or needles are used during treatment. Most of the people get amazing results after botox without skin irritation or side effect. But there is a risk of occurring irritation and an allergic reaction. You should take a test before applying botox on your hair to see the body reaction for this treatment.

Most professionals recommended to do not use hair botox above three to four times per year because it can cause hair thinning, breakage and dullness may experience. You can use this treatment 3 to 4 times in a year more than 4 times cause damage to your hair or this may not give you the best result.

Is hair botox safe?

Hai botox is safe because no dangerous chemicals are used in this treatment but there is a risk of allergic reaction or irritation of the skin. So you should test a low amount of botox on your small portion of hairs to make sure you did not get irritation or an allergic reaction of any ingredients. You do not need to worry about the side effects of hair botox because most of the people do not suffer from any skin problem.

Hair botox is safer than hair keratin treatment because botox is free from formaldehyde. Excessive use of formaldehyde may lead to cancer. The best thing is listening about botox treatment is that its impossible of hair damage, dullness, harshness, hair loss or weaken your hair after treatment.

Hair botox does not include parabens which cause potential risks. Short term exposure of formaldehyde may lead to various side effects such as coughing, skin irritation, coughing, burning nose and eyes, nausea and more.

Types of hair that are suitable for hair botox

Every type of hair are suitable for hair botox such as thick, straight, thin, grey, curly and blonds and hair botox is used by every person who wants to increase the beauty and enhance the condition of hair but hair botox especially use for damaged hair, brittle, split ends, dull curly hairs that you need to straighten, fine or luster hair, and also use for frizzy hair.

Hair botox is also good for long hairs who experience split ends. Some people are also suitable for botox whose hair is damaged by coloring, heat styling. Botox is good for the people whose scalp sweat excessively because excessive sweat cause your hairs unclean and looks stringy. Hair botox is not suitable for pregnant women because doctors recommended them to avoid chemicals.

Hair botox cost

The price of hair botox is different and depends on products and salon but the common price of botox ranges from $180 to $350 or upward. The cost of hair botox vary by using ingredients at home or having treatment at the salon and also depends on the location where you are living. If you are going to treat your hair at the salon then you should ask about the cost of botox before your appointment.

How long does hair botox last?

Hair botox treatment lasts about three to five months because ingredients of botox are absorbed on hairs and give you long-lasting results. After that period you need to take treatment again. It also depends on the care routine or products that you are using. Make sure while using shampoo that your shampoo does not contain sulfate. To get long-lasting results you should follow the instructions of the salon where you have done botox.

Most of the salon recommends you to hot wash your hairs soon after treatment. You should take a break of a few days after treatment because it causes your hair loose proteins. The wait for washing helps the nutrients to absorb well. After botox treatment, you should not use conditioner or shampoo regularly.

Before using your shampoo you should make sure that your shampoo or conditioner is free from sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium chloride, and sodium Laureth sulfate. You should try to use a conditioner which contains natural seed oils, proteins, and hydrolyzed plant. Always remember one thing in your mind the more wash your hairs will quicker fade treatment.

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