How do you clean a makeup spatula?

How do you clean a makeup spatula?

Makeup spatulas are one of the most important and demanding tools in a cosmetic bag. Some people carry different types of spatulas in their bags. These spatulas are known as makeup spatulas because these are used for cosmetic purposes.

How do you clean a makeup spatula? Put the makeup spatula in a small bowl, use a mild shampoo with plain water to clean your makeup spatula at home. It is recommended you wear gloves when cleaning the makeup spatula.

Sometimes a condition arrives in which you want to drag out the required quantity of your cream or foundation from the bottle. You find out that there is some cream and foundation which exists in the bottom or sidelines of the bottle. Despite trying so much harder, you are not able to put that cream or foundation out of the bottle with the help of the pump or vacuum.

But you can see through the eyes that there is some quantity of the foundation left inside the bottle. For taking that foundation out of the bottle you need a spatula. Now you need spatula of your own choice and requirement. You can use spatula of your choice to bring the required and left a quantity of the foundation or the cream from the bottle.

These spatulas help to get the remaining quantities of the creams and foundations. If you will not use the makeup spatula for bringing out the left out quantity from the bottle. It means you are going to throw the left out quantity with the bottle in the trash. This throwing process means you are losing money from your pocket. If you are a good investor and you value money as well. You will never try to throw the bottle in the trash bin without taking out the left out quantity.

A makeup spatula is a tool which is thin in appearance. Makeup spatula is small in size and there is a tip at the end of the spatula. That tip is made up of silicon. Through this trip, you can scratch and remove the remaining quantity of the cream and foundation from the bottle.

Makeup spatulas are very useful. These help as applicators as well. You can drag out the left out the quantity of the beauty products from the bottles and jars. Then you can supply the quantity on your face or skin directly from the spatula. These makeup spatulas are washable. It is very important to wash the makeup spatulas if you are using these spatulas on different people. Then it is essential to wash these makeup spatulas.

These makeup spatulas are small tiny in their size and appearance. Makeup spatulas are not like the other makeup tools which occupy a lot of space. Instead of this, these makeup spatulas are easy to carry in the bags and when you are going outside.

These spatulas which are known as makeup spatulas. These spatulas are not only used for the application of the makeup but these also used for removing the makeup from the skin. Moreover, you can remove the cream from the skin using these spatulas.

One of the most important phenomenon is washing and keeping clean these spatulas. If you are using makeup spatulas for various people. Then it is essential to wash the makeup spatulas. This washing and cleaning of the spatulas will give a sense of hygiene. The proper washing and cleaning will keep the skin clean and it will ensure proper health.

How do you clean a makeup spatula?

There are ways through which you can wash the makeup spatulas. Through this washing and cleaning process, you can keep the spatulas bacteria-free.

The process for washing and keeping the makeup spatulas bacteria-free.The process is as follows.

Wash your hands

Before starting the whole process of cleaning and washing the makeup spatulas. The first step should be washing your hands first. If you were doing a makeup tutorial or was applying makeup on your skin.

Then it is essential to wash your hands first. This is one of the most important and first requirement of the whole process. For washing your hands you can use any kind of soap or hand wash. Wash your hands with plain water. After washing and cleaning the process starts the cleaning of the makeup spatulas.

Clean the makeup spatula in a bowl

The second step is taking a bowl. It is completely your choice whether you are taking a glass bowl or a plastic bowl. Then in this bowl add a small quantity of water which is warm or hot. The warmness or hotness of water depends on the quality and material used in the makeup spatula. In this bowl which contains the hot or warm water. Then add a small quantity of detergent. Mix the detergent in water carefully.

After the complete mixing of the detergent. You can take the makeup spatula and can soak the spatula in that bowl which contains the water and detergent. This soaking will help you to get rid of the excessive amount of foundation or cream left on the spatula. The warm water will help you to get rid of the amount of excess material on the tip of the spatula.

You can soak two to three spatula collectively in a bowl but it is important to note that, these spatulas must contain the same thing on the top of them. If the spatulas contain different materials then you should soak them in different bowls. Then every bowl should contain warm water and detergent. You can use detergent of your own choice. Follow this process of soaking for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. After that, you can take out the spatulas from the bowl.

Washing with plain water

After removing the makeup spatulas from the soaking bowl. There is a need to wash these spatulas. Firstly you need to find out that if there is any amount of the cream or foundation left on the spatula. If there is some amount left then soak the spatula again in the bowl.

Now if you see that there is no quantity left on the tip of the spatula then you can wash the makeup spatulas. It is recommended that wear gloves when cleaning makeup spatulas to prevent dead skin on hands.

Washing of the spatula should be carried out with plain fresh water. You can use your fingers during the washing process. Rub your fingers on the tip of the spatula and the sidelines. Wash the makeup spatula with the help of rubbing fingers and plain fresh water. If there is more than one spatula then wash these spatulas one by one.

Drying of makeup spatula

This step involves the complete drying of the makeup spatulas. After washing the makeup spatulas you just cannot put them back in the kit. For this purpose, you have to dry the make-up spatulas first.

To dry put the makeup spatulas one by one on a soft towel or a paper sheet. Allow the towel to absorb the water which is on the makeup spatulas. Moreover, allow the spatulas to get dry by putting them on the towel or paper sheet for some time. This process of dryness involves time. You need to wait for the process of drying before putting the makeup spatulas back in the makeup kits.

Different types of makeup spatulas available in the market

Various types of makeup spatulas are available in the market. These spatulas are as follows. 

Every drop makeup spatula

These spatulas which are known as every drop spatulas. These spatulas are made up of plastic. These have a tip which is in arrow shape. These arrow shapes make spatulas helps in removing every drop from the jar or bottle. These spatulas are very soft and tiny. These every drop spatulas are affordable. These are comfortable to carry in the makeup kits.

All of these every drop spatulas are washable. You can reuse them after washing them. Sometimes you can use these every drop spatulas as applicators. You can take out the cream or foundation from the jar and can apply it on the skin directly. For washing of these spatulas, you can use water and soap. You can use soap of any kind to wash the arrow or the tip of the spatula. Then allow the every drop spatula to dry and then reuse this spatula.

Flat tip makeup spatula

These are made spatulas which are flat from there tips. These makeup spatulas are the applicators. Due to the shape of the spatula, the application of the cream of makeup becomes easy. These spatulas are of tin plastic and silicon types. These are used in liquid gold facial.

You can use these flat tip spatulas for not only taking out the cream and foundation but you can also apply the foundation on the skin directly. These makeup spatulas are washable. You can wash and clean these spatulas and then can use them again. These makeup spatulas are affordable and tiny in appearance. You can carry these makeup spatulas in your makeup kits. 

Spoon shape spatula

This type of spatulas which have a tip like a spoon. These spatulas are very useful. It is completely up to you that if you buy a spatula made of plastic or made of silicon. The spatulas made of silicon are very beautiful. It requires care to deal with such spatulas. These are used when applying a diamond facial peel.

Through these spatulas, you can bring in the left out of the creams and foundation from the jar and bottle. Moreover, the spoon shape tip contains the left out of the cream. You can use a finger to take this left out from the spoon shape spatula. This is also used for dead sea salt face mask.

These are demanding spatulas in the makeup industries. These are famous for their shapes. Spoon shape spatulas are washable. You can use the soap and warm water to wash and clean these spoon shape spatulas. After washing and drying you can reuse these spatulas. These spatulas are very effective and useful. Spoon shape spatulas are tiny and amazing. These makeup spatulas are easy to carry in makeup bags and kits.

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