Is Microneedling Good for Hair Growth?

Is Microneedling Good for Hair Growth?

Is Microneedling Good for Hair Growth?

Microneedling is a procedure which considered as a cosmetic treatment. Micro-needling for hair growth is a treatment procedure to prevent hair fall. This treatment increases the growth of hair. It is recommended that you visit your Dermatologist for the Microneedling procedure.

Yes, Microneedling is good for your hair growth. The micro-needling hair therapy deals with problems like excessive falling of hair. This treatment is a bit painful and time-consuming, but it is useful. After the process of Microneedling, the hair grows faster — the hair fall rate decreases. Microneedling usually required if you notice an increase in hair fall.

With age, the hair fall becomes significant. Micro-needling plays a vital role in the increase of hair. It increases the growth of hair and removes the problems of hair fall. This procedure is also known as the needling of skin. The treatment is known as skin needling because it can produce collagen in the skin.

Is Microneedling Good for Hair Growth?

The process of micro-needling involves a roller that contains small needles. These needles can cause minor injuries and pain. But the results worth the pain, and results are so amazing that the suffering can ignore for the sake of hair growth.

In all these ways, the pain is bearable. This procedure can treat the loss of hair which is associated. It is a treatment for the age-related problems of hair loss. The therapy can help a special kind of problem regarding hair loss, and that is known as Alopecia Areata.

This method is supposed to generate the hair follicles; the holes with the needles help to produce more hair, and it increases the hair growth in all aspects. This procedure also helps in the thickening of the hair follicles becomes healthy, and they got the strength to reduce the hair fall.

Step-by-step Guide for Performing Microneedling for Hair Growth

There is a proper method that is performed by a Dermatologist. As the process is not from healing to suffering, it is actually from giving wounds to making new hair follicles.

That is why the whole procedure requires expertise and attention. It cannot be done home; it requires the presence of a Dermatologist.

There are specialized centers for the micro-needling of hair. The dermatologist deals with the problems of hair growth and hair loss. So he might be the most responsible person the whole procedure of micro-needling of hair.

There is a stepwise method for the micro-needling procedure — this process required for the growth of hair.

Use of roller for Hair Microneedling

The person who is doing the micro-needling of the hair he or she uses a roller, this roller is the most important, as well as crucial apparatus in the micro-needling of hair. The roller contains multiple needles in it; the size of these needles varies.

The size of these needles, which used for the micro-needling of hair, is minimal. The scale ranges from one millimeter to few millimeters in their length. Due to the small size of needles involved in the process, this procedure is called micro-needling, the device is handy. There is no electrical force applied; the whole system is a manual process.

Topical anesthetic for Micronnedling

In these steps, the dermatologist or the person who is doing the micro-needling. He or she will apply a topical anesthetic to your scalp. This application of a narcotic is for the reduction of the pain during the whole process. The anesthetic duration is forty-five minutes.

During this time, the entire process carried out, and it causes no pain. The topical anesthetic generates a sense of numbness in the whole treatment area so that the city or scalp feels no pain during micro-needling.

Minor Skin injuries

Now dermatologist or person responsible for micro-needling, he or she rolls this roller or the device with needles along the whole area of treatment.

With this running, the needles pierce the space, which is the scalp area, and these needles generate the small holes in the scalp. The holes generate tiny injuries in the head.

Increases hair growth factors

Then this whole procedure provokes the factors which can enhance the growth of hair. These factors are involved in the production of new hair, and these reduce the chances of hair fall. Directly or indirectly, the small injuries are responsible for the growth of the hair.

Application of topical balm

The topical anesthetic takes time of almost forty-five minutes. The time of treatment is dependent on the area of medicine. But the process of micro-needling takes approximately ten minutes.

After the micro-needling, your doctor will apply a topical balm on the whole space, which is under treatment. In some cases, your dermatologist may suggest an injection. The treatment depends on the motive of the micro-needling of hair.

Precautions before the micro-needling for hair growth

There are some precautions that every person must follow who is going to get a micro-needling treatment for the growth of hair. In these precautions, there is an advantage for the person who is going through micro-needling. Otherwise, the person can suffer from extreme hazards.

These precautions are speaking to the Dermatologist, history of acne and eczema, slow healing, diabetes, medication use, pregnancy.

Speaking to the health care provider

You must consult to your healthcare provider if you are going through the process of micro-needling. The person can guide you properly about the whole procedure. The healthcare provider can tell you about the pros and cons of needling.

He will explain the process and anesthetic precautions from pain. It is an essential precautionary measure before the micro-needling of hair for hair growth.

History of acne and eczema

If you have a problem with acne or eczema, then you should tell the health care provider about this. You must understand your dermatologist or healthcare provider about this before undergoing the process of micro-needling. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the consequences.

Slow healing

If you have a problem with slow healing after having a wound, the blood does not stop after the injury, or it stays late. Then you must tell me about this problem with your Dermatologist. It is necessary before undergoing the treatment of micro-needling; otherwise, it will affect you.


If you have a disease like diabetes and you are thinking for the treatment like micro-needling of hair. Then you should meet your health care provider first. Because the process includes small injuries, and patients with diabetes have slow clotting problems after wounds and bruises. If you are a diabetic person, micro-needling will not suit you.

Use of Medication

If you are using some medicines which are blood thinners and you are going to get treatment like micro-needling. Then you need to stop for a moment and consult your dermatologist about this.

Because the medicines, which are blood thinners these will affect the process of healing and injuries after wounds. The measure is an essential precaution for you before the process of micro-needling.


Pregnant women are not allowed to go through the process of micro-needling because the method of micro-needling includes the application of topical anesthesia. Pregnant women are not allowed to have any anesthesia before delivery.

Pregnant women cannot use even tranquilizers. That is why pregnant women need to avoid micro-needling during pregnancy. You can take the treatment after the birth of your baby.

Avoid things

The medications used for the healing of the scalp can cause itching and burning of the skin. That is why it is essential to consult your health care person about this. You should ask him or her about the usage or stop of these medications like Minoxidil.

You must avoid the exposure to the sunlight after the treatment like micro-needling. Another possibility of side effects can be infection; that is why it is essential to cover your head after surgery.

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