What Causes Eyebrows to Turn White?

What Causes Eyebrows to Turn White?

What Causes Eyebrows to Turn White?

Eyebrows are the most important part of our face; it gives beauty and attraction. It is of great importance because it is present just above the eye. In other words, someone can say it is the band of hairs that are present on the upper part of the eye socket of any person.

The main reasons that can turn your eyebrows white are increasing age, hormonal imbalance, or any other stress or environmental pollution, improper diet, lack of vitamins and using low-quality make-up and hair dyes.

Eyebrows normally are of the same color, just like hairs. It is present since birth, but its growth remains continue during the whole life. Normally the eyebrows of natural color look very good and pretty and enhance the beauty. But due to some reasons, its color changes into white. That change of color reduces the beauty of the face and affect the look of the eyebrow.

What Causes Eyebrows to Turn White?

Due to various reasons, the color of the eyebrows turns into white. Following are the few reasons which I am going to discuss briefly with you guys that affect the color of the eyebrows and turn them into white:

Aging causes eyebrows to turn white

Aging is a natural process that occurs with the passage of time in everyone’s life. As the age increasing the natural hair color, start losing its original color and turn into white. 

As time passes and the person gets aged, the accurate amount of nutrients that are required for hair color does not reach towards the hair roots due to which the color of hair starts changing to white. Improper supply of nutrients towards the hair roots affects the proper nourishment of roots of hair due to which it start losing its color. 

The change of color of eyebrow hairs is mainly due to aging. As the aging proceeds body has a lack of vitamins. Due to this less quantity of vitamins in the body, the hair roots do not get proper nourishment, and it becomes white.


There is a pigment that gives color to the eyebrows. That pigment is known as ‘melanin,’ and this is synthesized by our own skin. When there is a disruption in balance among the two definite chemicals that are present among the melanin, the color of the eyebrows started losing their original color and turns into the White color.

Melanin is also the basic reason due to which the eyebrows become white, and its original color will be lost.


Eyebrows become white due to deficiency of diet that is full of nutrients and balanced food items. A poor diet is also the reason for white eyebrows. Because eyebrow hairs do not get proper nourishment and lose their original color.

Due to improper diet, white eyebrows develop. If someone skips meals frequently or misses any part of the meal on a continuous basis, he or she may deficient in some proper nutrients due to which proper color of eyebrows will be lost.  

Eyebrow color lost when the cells are not able to get proper nutrients. Due to improper supply of nutrients, melanin level falls down, and hair will turn into white color.

Food items help to maintain the proper color of eyebrows are easily available. Food products good for this purpose are eggs, tangerines, salmon, and fermented foods and all types of vitamins and minerals.


When the body is deficient in proper vitamins, hair growth, and hair color will disrupted. All vitamins are very necessary for hairs; if the body is deficient of any vitamin, it will cause damage of color. Vitamin A, B (B3, B5, B6, B7, B12), Vitamin C, and Vitamin E all are very necessary for hair color.

If the body is lack of any of those vitamins, its effect will come directly on the hair and its color change into white. Vitamins are essential for everyone, so everyone must need to take care of it and take a proper diet that is full of vitamins, so that hair roots get proper nourishment.


Applying low-quality makeup will here to damage the color of eyebrows and make them white. The makeup products are full of chemicals. 

These chemicals whose quality is not good, will damage your skin and ruin the colors of eyebrows and make them white. 

Makeup chemicals cut the original color and make the eyebrows white. So when you need to use, make always use good quality of it and apply it very carefully. Eyebrows start to turn white, when too many makeup products are applied on the skin on a continuous basis.


Hair dyes also affect the eyebrows color. If you apply low-quality hair dye on the eyebrows to change their original color to some fashion color, it will affect the natural color when the quality of dye is not good. 

Poor quality of hair dye also affects the eyesight and eyebrow color. Hair dye reacts with the melanin and stops the production of the melanin due to which hair loses its proper color and turns into the white color. 


Stress and hormonal imbalance affect the color of the eyebrows. If someone always remains stressed, the color of the eyebrows will turn white. Improper release of hormones from the gland will also affect the original color and turn them to white.

Due to the above mentioned many reasons eyebrows color can turn to white to avoid this situation, you must take great care of yourself properly so that you can avoid this situation.

White hairs reduce when proper melanin produces and perform work properly. Melanin production enhances when taking proper amounts of iodine, copper, eggs, and seafood. You can reverse grey hair in eyebrows by eating healthy and taking good supplements.

Everyone should lead a proper and healthy lifestyle that should stress and pollution-free. So that the body performs its functions properly and actively, the whole body, along with roots of the hair, could get proper nourishment and don’t turn white.

So everyone should take proper care of their food so that every part of the body could get nourishment and perform work properly, and the roots of the eyebrow hairs will not turn white. Food must be enriched with vitamins, minerals, and other necessary ingredients that are good for the root of hairs to maintain their original color.

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