How to Use Azelaic Acid for Rosacea?

How to Use Azelaic Acid for Rosacea?

Azelaic acid is available in different forms, such as cream, gel/jelly, or foam. It is considered to be the best medicine to cure rosacea.

How to Use Azelaic Acid for Rosacea? Yes, you can use Azelaic acid to treat Rosacea by cleaning the affected area and daily applying azelaic acid cream. Azelaic acid not only cures rosacea but also makes your skin tone even. It removes all your dead skin cells and makes your skin brighter. It consists of antibacterial properties and helps in treating acne.

Rosacea is a skin disease that is mainly caused by the disorder of veins, nerves, or arteries. It mainly affects the skin of your face. It results in the redness of your forehead, chin, nose, and cheeks. If you do not take its treatment seriously, it will result in a ruddy appearance. Your blood vessels would become visible. It also affects your eyes sometimes. Rosacea is as dangerous as cancer disease.

You can treat rosacea depending upon the symptoms and the signs. Different drugs can cure rosacea, but using azelaic acid for its treatment can provide better results. Azelaic acid foam, cream, and gel can be used to clear the swelling on your skin caused by rosacea. You should use it according to the prescriptions of your desired doctor.

How to Use Azelaic Acid for Rosacea?

You can apply it on the pimples on your face. It not only decreases the swelling but also the redness on your skin. You should apply it at least twice a day. As the excess of everything is bad, the use of azelaic acid in excess amount and more than two times a day can affect your skin badly. 

Instead of curing, it can damage your skin. So, you should use it according to the prescriptions on the label or your pharmacist. Before applying azelaic acid cream, clean your skin by using a mild soap or a cleanser. After using cleansing lotion, dry your face by using a soft towel. 

Before using azelaic acid cream, shake it well and then apply a thin layer of it on your skin. You can also apply makeup after using this medication. The makeup would not affect your skin. At last, wash your hands with soap and water.

Things required:

  • Azelaic cream, gel or foam
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Mild soap
  • Towel
  • Cleansing lotion

Clean the Affected Area

The first step is to clean your rosacea affected skin by using a cleansing lotion or a mild soap. Make sure the cleanser is not alcoholic because it would damage your skin. Avoid using abrasives, peeling agents, and tinctures when you are suffering from rosacea. Take a small amount of cleansing lotion and massage your affected skin gently.

After applying the cleanser, use a soft towel to dry your skin. Do not use a hard cloth or tissue paper to dry your skin. Make sure the towel is not wet before using it. Do not wash your face after applying the cleanser. You should use a cleanser which is recommended to you by your doctor.

Apply the Azelaic Acid to your skin

Azelaic acid can be in different forms, such as gel, cream, or foam. You should shake it well before applying it to your skin. Take a small amount of cream or gel on the palm of your hand and apply a thin layer of it on your affected skin. Massage it gently on your face, including nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead. Massaging your face kills the bacteria that infect the pores of your skin.

You should apply it twice a day on your rosacea infected skin. Do not forget to get the instructions from your pharmacist or doctor. You should apply it in the morning and evening. Do remember to use it daily at the same time. While massaging your face, do not massage it near your eyes. It can affect your eyes and mouth. Wash your face with water if you get it in your eyes.

Avoid using Bandages

We know that bandages are used to treat minor scrapes, wounds, cuts, etc. When your skin is affected by rosacea, do not cover it with wrappings, dressings or bandages. It is because your skin becomes so sensitive when it is affected by rosacea. The redness is all over your face and is swallowed.

Using bandages on your affected skin will result in swelling of your face. It may also destroy your skin cells when applied and removed. Bandages can also make your blood vessels visible. Another side effect of using a bandage is burning. It can also cause mild irritation, dryness, and redness to your skin and can also damage it more than before.

If you use a bandage or dressing on your infected skin, especially on the face, there are more chances of getting an infection. It can also result in an increase of this skin disease. It causes itching to your face. Instead of healing, it will increase the risk of getting harsh and damaged skin. It will also increase the scaling of your skin. You can apply mint leaves paste for better results.

Regular use

If you forget a dose to apply it at the same time you apply it daily, apply this azelaic acid cream immediately when you remember it. But if you remember to apply it when it is almost the time to apply the next dose, skip this one and continue the next dose. You should not apply a double dose if you miss one. You can use homemade methods to clam Rosacea flare-up.

You should not use it for a long time; otherwise, it will irritate. If you miss more than one dose, the treatment would be incomplete and will not cure this disease in time. The dose of azelaic acid cream is different for different rosacea patients. You should not increase or decrease the amount of the dose without your doctor’s order.

If you are using azelaic acid cream, foam, or gel, and you are an adult, you should apply it twice a day. If you have to apply this cream to a child, you should ask your doctor for its dose. It is because the skin of the children is so sensitive that excess amount can damage their skin. We prefer you to use azelaic acid gel or foam for rosacea. You should use skincare products containing bisabolol.

Keep it at a Moderate Temperature

Do not keep this cream at a hot temperature as it is flammable. You should avoid using it near fire or smoke. You should not eat anything while applying the gel, especially thermally hot foods. Avoid eating spicy food and drinks like tea, hot coffee while applying the gel or foam. You should also not smoke while applying it.

Keep this medicine at a moderate temperature, and do not let it get hot. You can also store it in your refrigerator. You must keep this medicine away from children. You should avoid using expired medicine. You should store it in a container at room temperature, moisture, away from heat, and direct light. Do not let it get frozen.

You should throw the gel pump away after using it for at least eight weeks. We advise you not to store the foam at the temperature above 49oC. You should avoid poking holes in the foam can. Do not throw the can away even if it is empty. You should throw away the medicine which is outdated or unused after eight weeks even if you have used it only one time.


First of all, when you face a problem with rosacea, visit your doctor. You should visit your doctor regularly when you are using this medicine. If your skin is not getting better or it is getting worse, you should visit your pharmacist. You may also have to face hypopigmentation while using this medicine. If your skin is dark and the treated areas of your skin are getting lighter, do visit your doctor.

It is flammable, so keep it away from the fire as well as hot temperatures. If you are facing difficulty in breathing, your skin is itching and burning; you should visit your doctor immediately. You should keep this gel away from your tongue, lips, eyes, and throat.

You should stop using this gel and visit your doctor if it is causing irritation, dryness, peeling, and redness to your skin. This can cause itching in old stretch marks if applied daily.

If you are allergic to any medicine, you should ask your doctor before using this gel. If you are taking other medicines for some other purposes, you should consult your doctor about the dose of this gel.

It is because the interaction of different drugs can also damage your skin. If you have asthma, do let your doctor know about it. You should avoid the use of alcohol or tobacco in the duration of using this azelaic gel. You can also use it to treat itching caused by false eyelashes.

Is Azelaic Acid harmful to skin?

As we know that excess of everything is bad. Excess use of azelaic acid cream or gel can result in burning your skin. Even the extra dose of it can cause redness to your skin. Its excess use can cause different problems such as dryness, redness, peeling, itching, burning, tingling, and stinging to your skin. Fast heartbeat is another side effect of its excess use.

You may also have to suffer from fever, irritation, swelling of eyes, hoarseness, joint pains, trouble in breathing, and tightness in the chest if you miss any dose or use this cream more than two times a day. If you face such problems, do visit your pharmacist or doctor immediately.

There may be other side effects that you have to face that do not require any medical attention. These problems can be changed in skin color in the infected areas. The excess dose of this medicine can also result in blurred vision, redness in the eye, pain in eyes, and tears falling from eyes. So it is advised to use this medicine according to the precautions of your doctor or pharmacist.

Benefits of using Azelaic acid for your skin

There are many benefits of using azelaic acid for treating different skin problems such as acne or rosacea. It is a naturally occurring acid that can be found in rye, barley, or wheat. You can also use it for skin lightening. Azelaic acid reduces inflammation that helps in the treatment of rosacea. This cream helps you to remove red bumps, which has been caused by inflammation.

It also helps you to remove the dark spots on your face. You can also use it to remove the pimple marks. As we know that the human skin is so sensitive, so azelaic acid cream or gel is the best less irritating option which can be used for the treatment of rosacea.

It is very helpful with pore-clogging. It does not get absorbed into your skin to trigger any reaction. If you are facing the problem of hair loss, you can also use it to deal with this problem. You can also use it for the treatment of pigmentation.


You should wash your hands and clean your infected skin before applying the azelaic acid gel. Apply this gel twice a day to your infected skin. You should massage it gently in a circular motion. Do not forget to use it daily until this disease has been cured. If you forget a dose and remember it near the time of applying another dose, do not overdose your skin.

You should apply a thin layer of it instead of a thick one. You must use a soft towel to dry your face. You should avoid eating spicy food while applying this gel to your face. You should not smoke while applying it. You must contain the gel in a container and the foam in a can.

You should check the expiry date of this medicine before using it. Plus, shake it well before applying it to your face. You should not use soap to wash your face after applying it to your face; otherwise, it will cause redness and will damage your skin. Keep your skin away from sunlight after using azelaic acid cream on your skin.