How to treat bruising after Botox?

How to treat bruising after Botox?

Botox injections are in tremendous demand among ladies nowadays. Botox injection is usually used to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines present on the face. Botox work by blocking nerve messages that cause our facial muscles to contract.

The Botox injection block this contraction and cause the wrinkles and fine lines to relax. Botox treatment lasts for approximately six months. After this, you will need that treatment again to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

How to treat bruising after Botox? You should apply ice cubes, avoid drinking alcohol, avoid exercise and stay protected from sun-rays to prevent and treat bruising after botox treatment. It is recommended that you maintain proper hygiene for early recovery from botox.

During this Botox procedure which is done by injections, the needle of injection pricks some delicate veins and capillaries. This causes the blood to leak out from the capillaries. This blood makes that area reddish and somehow swollen. These reddish and swollen area is called bruises.

How to treat bruising after Botox?

Bruises are a common problem regarding Botox injections. Bruises usually fade out after three to seven days of treatment. But the healing of these bruises varies among people. The bruises can be treated and prevented in various ways.

There are various things you can do to prevent these bruises. Following are some of the prevention you can follow to prevent bruises. You can follow these simple tips to prevent bruises after Botox.

Apply ice cubes to treat bruising after botox

Bruises after Botox injections can be prevented by using ice cubes. The ice cubes play an important role in the leaking of blood from blood vessels. The application of ice compression causes the vessels to constrict. This constriction stops bleeding from vessels.

To apply ice on the affected area take a small piece of ice and wrap it in some cloth. Then rub it gently on all the bruises. You can apply ice directly on bruises. Apply ice on all bruises for two to three days. For better results rub ice on bruises twice daily.

When all the bruises are healed completely you can switch from cold to heat treatment. This heat treatment causes the blood to flush all the damaged cells from the skin. To prevent these bruises from occurring you can also apply ice before treatment. Keeping your head at an elevated position during ice compression is also effective in reducing bruises and swelling. This increases the blood flow to facial skin.

Avoid medicines

Various medicines that we use in our daily life for various complaints can increase the risk of bruises during Botox injections. These medicines include Aspirin Clopidogrel warfarin heparin rivaroxaban. All these medicines are anticoagulants.

These medicines have a blood-thinning effect. These medicines act as a blood thinner and are used on a regular basis in heat patients. These medicines increase the chance of bleeding and bruises even with minor damage to vessels. If a patient is taking these medicines she should consult his doctor before Botox treatment. These medicines should not be discontinued for a cosmetic surgery.

Other medicines include Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Vitamin k corticosteroids and various herbal medicines like Gingko Biloba flaxseed omega 3 fatty acids. All these medicines also make skin fragile and increase the risk of bleeding even with a slight prick. You should tell your aesthetics that you are taking these medicines for some reason. All these medicines should be discontinued one week prior to your appointment.

Do not drink alcohol after botox treatment

Drinking alcohol is assumed to be relaxing but it can worsen your bruises after Botox. Alcohol consumption can lead to severe swelling and bruises after botox injection. The reason is that alcohol temporarily expands and relaxes our blood vessels.

This causes an increased blood flow to blood vessels. This leads to bleeding even with some minor injury to vessels. This reaction is only temporary and does not require any extra precautions. You just need to skip alcohol one day before and after botox treatment. This will prevent bruises and redness after Botox treatment.

Professional injector for botox injection

If you need to get botox treatment firstly you should know the experienced and professional practitioner. The practitioner experience is the most important factor in reducing the incidence of bruises. The practitioner should have all the necessary knowledge and skills to perform Botox treatment. The practitioner should have knowledge of arteries and veins.

This basic knowledge is necessary otherwise the practitioner can also harm large veins and arteries. The injector should have all the knowledge of injectable and tools which are to be used in this treatment. The proper positioning of the patient and placing injector hands while injecting botox is essential in preventing bruises after Botox. You should be extra careful when using botox for hyperhidrosis.

Large needle can cause more bruising

Proper injectable are of ultimate concern when doing botox treatment. The injectable should be such that they should have minimal risk of bruises. Some injectable have more risk of bruises and swelling. You should consult your practitioner about the injectable that suits you best and have a rare incidence of bruises.

Large needle gauges cause increased risk of bruises in patients after Botox treatment. Instead of injections use cannula which has fewer entry points, therefore, minimizing the risk of bruises after Botox. Proper area for injecting the injectable is also important to prevent bruises after Botox.

Proper setup for botox treatment is crucial for preventing bruises. All the injectable used should be sterile and clean. Proper lighting of the room is necessary to easily visualize the veins and arteries. The room should not be overheated because heat cause vasodilation. The dilated vessels have increased risk of bruises after Botox treatment. The use of magnifying glass is also necessary for preventing bruises after Botox. The magnifying glass magnifies vessels and capillaries and reduce bruises.

Avoid exercise for quick recovery from bruising

When you are intended to go through a Botox treatment avoid exercise before and after Botox. You are not allowed to do exercise for approximately 24 to 48 hours. Exercising can increase the heart rate and increase blood flow in vessels. This increased blood flow in vessels and capillaries especially damaged vessels can make the bruises worse.

Avoid gym and yoga for at least two days after Botox. Try not to squeeze or massage the bruised area this can further complicate the bruises. Do not touch the bruises at least for six hours after Botox treatment. This will prevent the bruises to get worse.

Use supplements

There are various supplements that you can use to treat bruises after Botox. These supplements are naturally present in various vegetables and fruits. You can get these supplements over the counter to treat bruises after botox.

One of the extensively used supplements is Arnica Montana. This supplement is a herb that is used to treat swelling and bruises. This herb contains many constituents that have anti-inflammatory action. The Arnica herb is available in various forms like pills gels and cream. You can take it orally or apply it directly on bruises after Botox. The practitioner recommends its use for six days after botox treatment.

Bromelin is another supplement that is naturally present in pineapple. Bromelain is an enzyme that is known to have anti-inflammatory action. This supplement is also available over the counter in various forms. Gel or cream forms are recommended to avoid side effects related to oral use. You can also use Olay natural products.

Vitamin k is also beneficial in treating bruises. Vitamin k helps in blood clotting which then initiates the healing process. Vitamin k supplements are also available in gel or creams. You can apply this cream three to four days after Botox treatment.

You can use pineapples citrus fruits and other vegetables which naturally contain these supplements to treat bruises.

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