How to make skin lightening serum at home?

How to make skin lightening serum at home?

How to make skin lightening serum at home?

Every girl wants a glowing skin. The problem starts when you have money and time but do not have the right knowledge to get the best for your skin. You may go to the beauty salon where makeup artists try different types of skin whitening creams or some cleansers, which only make it worse for you. Sometimes, they work, but sometimes they get you into the worst conditions.

Treating your skin with natural remedies is always the best way to make your skin look glowing and attractive. But for that, you must know what ingredients and what type of things you must use to make your skin look better. So, if you want to enlighten your skin to look bright and shiny, then you must make a serum at home with natural ingredients.

5 steps for making skin lightening serum at home:

  • Take a bowl and pour Aloe Vera in it
  •  Put two capsules of Vitamin E Oil
  •  Put one tablespoon of Glycerin
  •  Add three drops of almond oil
  •  Mix them well with rose water

Apply this homemade skin lightening serum at your skin.

But, you must choose those ingredients which are not harmful to you. Your skin might be allergic to some ingredients, and because of that, you avoid using creams and makeup. But every girl wants to look bright and attractive. So, they still want to make better things to apply on their face that are better for their skin.

How to make skin lightening serum at home?

This is a step-by-step guide that explains best and proven methods for making skin whitening serum at home.

We have a list of those ingredients that will help you make a skin lightening serum at home, you will not be allergic. Also, this serum is specialized to enlighten your skin no matter what type of skin you have. It gives tremendous results on oily, dry, hard, soft, and every other kind of skin.

So, if you still have any allergy with any of the following ingredients, then you must no follow or make a serum like that. But if you are making this serum for someone who has no allergies to any of the following ingredients, then you are good to go.

Items required:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Bowl
  • Vitamin E Oil Capsules
  • Glycerin
  • Almond oil
  • Tablespoon

Now, let’s see how it goes:

Step 1: Take a bowl and pour Aloe Vera in it

Aloe Vera gel is the essential thing in this serum because Aloe Vera contains enzymes and vitamins that are the best agents to give a refreshing look to the skin. If you do not want to use Aloe Vera gel, then there is no need to worry, you can use the pulp of Aloe Vera plant if it can be readily available to you.

To take Aloe Vera pulp from the plant, you will have to cut it open and cut the gel out of it. It is a tricky task, and you can do it quickly. Take almost 1 to 2 tablespoons of Aloe Vera in the bowl. So, when you are taking the pulp from the plant, make sure that you have enough amount of paste to fulfill your need.

Step 2: Put two capsules of Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil is an active agent that works on the skin to make it shiny and gives the skin its glow that it has been missing. It is necessary in the ingredients because it will complete the deficiency of Vitamin E in your skin, which will ultimately increase the glow on your face.

If you cannot find Vitamin E Oil capsules, then you can also use skin whitening capsules in your serum. They also serve the same purpose. When you have your pill, you will have to squish it with your fingers and let the liquid get into the bowl. Repeat the same for both capsules, and you are good to go.

Another thing to keep in mind that if your skin is not very dry, then you can use only one capsule of Vitamin E Oil. If you have dry skin, then you should use two capsules in your serum.

Step 3: Add one tablespoon of glycerin to make skin lightening serum at home

Glycerin is also an essential ingredient in the serum. It will serve as a moisturizer and make your skin soft and moist. So, it is vital to use glycerin in the serum. You will have to use one tablespoon of glycerin in the mixture, and it will change the nature of the serum.

Glycerin is beneficial for oily skin as well. This is why we discussed earlier that the serum would be used for all types of skin because of its properties.

Step 4: Add three drops of almond oil

You can use almonds oil in the serum. You will only have to pour three drops of almond oil to make it a refreshing serum. The almond oil will increase the amount of Vitamin E in the serum and will strengthen the cells of your skin.

Almond oil in the serum will keep your skin moisturized for a longer time. It has Vitamin A that can help you to reduce acne on your skin. It will make your skin soft, and it will make your skin look free from lines. It has many benefits. You can also add one teaspoon of goat milk in this mixture.

One of the essential benefits of almond oil in the serum is that it will help your skin regain its strength to fight with ultraviolet rays coming from sunlight. The almond oil will also reduce irritation that comes from the dust and pollution in the environment when you travel outside. So, it is a must for your skin.

Step 5: Mix them well with rose water

Now, as you have all the ingredients in one place, you will see that the mixture looks more like a gel and not like a serum because it is thick. You cannot use it until you make it a little liquid. Now, you cannot add water to it. Otherwise, it will completely change the nature of your lightning serum.

So, you will have to add rose water in your serum. Add a little amount of rose water in the mixture to lessen its density. If you add rose water instead of regular water, it will maintain the pH balance of your skin. That means, if you use this serum regularly, it will not let your skin to dry out. It is also good to prevent dull skin.

So, if you have a skin that is dry and rough, this serum is very beneficial for you. So, you should add a specific amount of rose water in the serum or gel and mix it thoroughly. If you have a home-made rose water, then it is the best. But if you do not have home-made rose water, then you can buy it from the market.

Mix the serum well, and it is ready.

When and how to use homemade skin whitening serum?

When your serum is ready to use, you can use it anywhere on your skin, where you think it is necessary. You can use the serum on those parts of your body that are exposed to sunlight, dust, and pollution in the air.

The main reason for using it on exposed parts is; the color of that part of the skin, which is covered with clothes, is different from that part, which is always exposed. The color of the exposed parts becomes dull due to ultraviolet rays coming from the sun, whereas the unexposed regions are still in better shape.

So, it is better to use the serum on hands, face, neck, feet, and arms. In this way, you can match and maintain the color of your body with each other. You should take some quantity of serum in your hands and massage with it on your face softly. It is also helpful to prevent black spots.

Now, the question is, when is the right time to use it? Well, the answer is, you may think that you can use the serum before going outside in daylight, but if you do this, you will eventually hurt yourself. The serum contains glycerin, which gives a strong reaction on your skin when exposed to the sunlight.

If you apply the serum on your face and after some time get yourself exposed to the sunlight anyhow, your skin will become duller than before. So, it is recommended to use lightening serum before going to sleep so that the serum works to enlighten your skin during night. And when you wake up, you look charming.

Difference between home-made lightening serum vs. market sold serum

The main difference between the home-made and market sold serum is that you cannot say if the market sold serum is entirely natural or it is being made with the artificial chemicals. As you will use natural aloe Vera, rose water, and all other ingredients in the serum while making your serum at home.

Market serums may contain chemicals that may cause any allergic reaction to your skin if your skin is sensitive. But home-made serum is not like that. They will benefit your skin and make your skin glow. You will be amazed to see the results.

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