How to make natural sunscreen with carrot seed oil?

How to make natural sunscreen with carrot seed oil?

How to make natural sunscreen with carrot seed oil?

Carrot seed oil is a natural sunscreen that has been used over the years in substituting the chemical-based sunscreens. This is highly considered since most people want to avoid chemical sunscreens. Over the years, people have been using chemical-based sunscreens, which have brought about some harsh consequences on people since the rise of skin cancer has been on the rise.

This oil is made from the extraction of the seed of the Daucus carota plant, where the essential oil is used to makes the best carrot seed oil sunscreen.

Recipe for making natural sunscreen at home with carrot seed oil is:

  • Put three drops of carrot seed oil.
  • Two drops of black pepper
  • Add lavender 4drops
  • Bergamot oil take three drops 

This works very well for the skin; it enables us to keep skin moisturized, protecting the skin, and act as a natural sunscreen.

Most of this homemade recipe of making sunscreens they rely on a physical mineral barrier. These mineral barriers are expected to stay on the surface on the screen, and they should not penetrate through the skin as most of the sunscreens do.

How to make natural sunscreen with carrot seed oil?

This oil is also considered to be a golden yellowish oil that is just steamed distilled to obtain the oil. It is also used for aromatherapy; this is done by adding a few drops of oils on a piece of cloth. This oil is sold in 2 ounces to 10 ounce tinted bottles.

In aromatherapy carrot, the seed oil is often combined with many other therapeutic available oils. Examples of these oils include cedar, cinnamon, grape oil, or the one geranium essential oils.

It is advisable to use just a few drops but does not add more drops than 12 of the tears of this oil that makes it to 1 fluid ounce. This is approximately 30 millimeters of either you use any oils such as carrier oil, vegetable butter, lotion, or even the moisturizing cream.

This you can use specific recipes to make carrot seed oil with other oils. You must use sunscreen if you have Olive skin color.

Add Jojoba oil with aloe vera to make sunscreen with carrot seed oil

Body gel made from carrot seed oil mixture

  • Carrot seed oil three drops
  • Jojoba oil a tablespoon
  • Two tablespoons of aloe Vera
  • A few drops of lavender

Make sure it is refrigerated for a cooling sensation. it has the soothing ability for skin problems like inflammation on the skin also an excellent antibacterial 

Why carrot seed oil is not good to be used as a sunscreen?

The specialist has not fully approved natural sunscreen oils. Most specialists say that it is not only enough to use sunscreen since most of them cause skin cancer. They recommend people to eat food that helps in building body tissues and as well as applying sunscreen oils that have been preparing commercially and tested to protect you adequately.

Studies and research have been done, and they show that this oil does not contain any known sun protection factor. This is the main reason why it cannot be used for sunscreen protection. This is because the SPF is the one that guides us to know how long we can stand under the sun before the UVB and UVA rays burn our skin. This oil is a carrier oil and not an essential oil; therefore, it is not effective in protecting against the sun rays.

But even if this oil is not a sunscreen protector and it is advisable to purchase manufactured and tested sunscreen protection oil, you must look at the ingredients before buying any bottle. All sun protection factors are created to help people, and they all have the same strength, but it would be wrong to say that they work the same for everyone because this is not true. We all have different skin tones, and not all skin protectors are strong enough to take care of everyone.

When going to purchase sunscreen oil, the ingredients used should-contain titanium dioxide. Titanium Dioxide is commonly used in most sunscreen oils since it is found as a mineral. The best thing about the metal used to protect against sun rays since they do not dissolve in the skin. These essential fatty acids and antioxidants in this oil are beneficial since they have other skin healing qualities, and it also protects against UVA and UVB rays from the sun.

Studies continue to be done up to date since most scientists and specialist is skeptical about naturally made sunscreens. This is because there are a lot of factors to consider for typically made sunscreens to work. Since this oil lacks the ingredients required for a sunscreen to work, then it is not good to be used as a sunscreen.

Does carrot seed oil affect hormones?

For something to affect your hormones should access your body first. Although This oil is applied to the skin as a sunscreen, it is also used for aromatherapy. Carrot seed oil affects the hormones, and it should not be used when one is pregnant. This is because it causes some contractions in the uterine, and medical attention should be given really fast since it could lead to miscarriage on rare occasions.

It is advisable not to perform aromatherapy without the prescription or help of a specialist since when taken in high doses, it can cause severe kidney problems. This is not only the problems or the side effects that the oil can cause. It also causes nausea effects, could lead to vomiting, abdominal cramps; you could also see diarrhea and have convulsions.

From medics, the most preferred method to protect you from harmful sun rays is to use tested manufactured sunscreen oils that are proven to work. But it is not only enough that we use these products, but we should also eat foods that are good and contain the needed minerals that help to build up skin tissues and protect against skin diseases.

When using natural homemade products, we should ensure that the ingredients used have been properly mixed and that the product is well applied to your skin to provide for adequate and even sunscreen protection. When not evenly spread, it could lead to patches on the surface.

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