How to cover cholesterol spots on eyes with makeup?

How to cover cholesterol spots on eyes with makeup?

Cholesterol spots on eyes make your skin look dull and unhealthy. In this article, we have added 12 best and proven methods to cover these spots around the eyes.

Eyes are the very sensitive part of the body and the skin around the eyes is also very sensitive. If a person has always a high level of cholesterol it starts depositing around the eyes and form small outgrowths. That has a very bad impact on the look and also on the eyes sight. It occurs when the skin around the eyes has poor resistance capability and cholesterol start accumulating there and form small outgrowths.

How to cover cholesterol spots on eyes with makeup? You can cover the cholesterol spots on eyes with makeup you have to use a concealer that is purple in color and a cover cream in the light areas. Then use powder to present a smooth look. Purple color is the best to cover yellow spots of cholesterol on the eyes.

The spots of cholesterol around the eyes can be cover with the help of makeup. Makeup has solved all our skin problems very easily. Because all other treatments require time to cover the cholesterol spots but the makeup is the only treatment that can cover it very urgently. The makeup covers all and presents a fresh and smooth look if you apply it properly in an accurate way. 

How to cover cholesterol spots on eyes with makeup?

These spots look very bad so to move in your daily life you have to cover these spots. So that they cannot able to destroy your look. If these spots form you look aged and unclean. The glow and freshness of your face lost somewhere. So it is very important to cover them on a priority basis.

To cover these spots many types of treatments are available. All are very expensive that everyone cannot afford them another reason not to take these treatments is the eye. If slight carelessness or side effect occurs the eyesight would be at risk. So the easiest and comfortable way to cover these spots is makeup. 

You can do it on your own and once you buy products you can use them again and again until they finish. No chance of side effects so you can apply it with great confidence. Makeup is easy to apply and easier to carry if you are traveling you can carry it along with you and apply it when you needed.

These spots can easily be covered in this way but you need to be very conscious and selective when buying makeup. Always select good quality makeup. The color of the foundation and concealer must match to your skin tone. Always buy warranted products and never compromise on quality.

Wash your face

Before the application of any makeup, you need to wash your face properly so that no dust and germs remain on the face. Your skin will become neat, fresh, and cleaned properly and be ready for the proper application of makeup. 

Apply moisturizer or primer

After washing the face slightly moisturize your skin so that it will become soft. If you don’t want to apply moisturizer you can also use a primer. That is also a good initiative before the application of makeup. Primer prepares the skin to absorb makeup and look glowing and fresh.

Application of special concealer

After preparing the skin to absorb makeup you have to apply a concealer that is specially prepared to cover cholesterol spots. It is different in shade as compared to other concealers that are used to cover dark spots or dark circles.

The color of this concealer is purple that is good to cover yellow spots. It is applied around the spots and over it. After proper application, you need to absorb it with the help of a sponge. So that it can easily cover the whole spot.

If you feel that spot still not hide properly you apply its one more coat and let it absorb. Notice it for few minutes. If it covers properly and no more spots or dark circles around the eyes apply foundation. If the color of the concealer and other spots are still the cause of the problem for you use another concealer.

Use common concealer

This is the concealer that is most commonly available in the market. You should have this also when you are going to apply makeup. This concealer should exactly match with your skin tone and also with the color of the foundation. It is recommended to use skincare products that contain Bisabolol.

Apply that concealer over it and also at dark circles around the eyes or other dark spots. After its proper application, you need to leave it for proper absorption. Use a sponge for good results and to clear all spots and marks.

Concealer covers the cholesterol spots around the eyes properly and makes them clear and neat. But make eyes different so to balance the eyes with the whole face you need to apply it the foundation of the same color over the whole face. If you are wearing a bikini, you can also use this method to hide boil on your buttocks.

Use foundation to cover cholesterol spots on eyes

The foundation makes the skin clear and neat and it is very good to cover all the imbalance makeup patches on the skin. The foundation application should be with the sponge so that it can penetrate deep in the skin and makes you fresh and glowing. 

Always apply the foundation that has an exact match with your skin color. Otherwise, you look bad and over. Always apply the thin layer of the foundation because it helps in better absorption and enhance its stay for long on the skin. You can also apply this on the face to cover broken capillaries.

Use face powder

After the application of all the beauty products, you need to apply face powder all over the face. This helps to stay all makeup products on the skin for long. It also makes the look smooth and glowing. Powder prevents from excessive sweating and covers all the makeup patches with great neatness. 

Apply powder with the help of a sponge and use soft hands to apply it so that if you use this forcefully it would remove the makeup layer and produce patches on the skin. Apply powder with great care and always use powder of the same color as that of your foundation. You can spray mint leaves juice for enhanced skin tone.

Due to the use of powder, the eyes having three types of makeup products would remain fresh and spotless and remain safe from separating into separate layers. Powder gives a smooth and clear look to the eyes and covers all the spots. You can change the shape of your face with makeup.

By application of all the makeup items in such a way makes your eyes clear and neat and perfect to give you a glamorous look. But to make the eyes beautiful you have to apply a few following products that will turn your personality positive and makes you beautiful among all. The application of the following products are good to cover your eyes properly so that no one could notice these spots:


Apply the eyeshade of good and decent that has a good match with your dress. It makes you bold and confident. You need to be very conscious about the selection of the colors of eye shades. Because they play the main role in your personality. Apply them properly and carefully.


Then apply mascara to make your eyelashes beautiful and long. The application of concealer, foundation, etc. has damaged its color and shape. So have to mascara to convert them in their original color and make them long and beautiful.


Eyeliner makes the shape of the eye and makes them beautiful and attractive. It is applied at both eyelashes under and above the eye. Sometimes at just upward eyelashes or sometimes on both. It makes the eyes beautiful and large.

The application of eyeliner is completely your choice you can apply it according to your own choice in which color and shape you want. But the main point is the application it should be neat and smooth.

Eyebrow shaping

The use of makeup has also destroyed the shape eyebrow. Also, the patch of cholesterol would be near the eyebrow. So it is possible that it completely loses its shape. So to reshape it use a black pencil or eyeliner brush and adjust its shape according to your choice.

After completing all the eyes makeup fix it with the help of makeup fixer so that it can sustain for long. By using these simple tricks you can easily cover these spots on the eyes.

The spots on the eyes due to cholesterol can easily be covered by makeup but you should be very selective and conscious when you are buying and selecting it. Because in the market there is a vast variety of makeup it can be difficult for you to purchase what is good for you. So for good result follow your dermatologist advice and buy according to her suggestions.

 If you select the makeup of good quality and that has a match with your skin tone and fulfill your all skin demand. Then it is best to change your look and makes you beautiful. For more good results try to purchase all the makeup products of the same brand.

Why cholesterol spots appear on eyes?

Cholesterol form yellow lump under the eyes that is the sign of the presence of excessive cholesterol in the body. It appears mainly on eyes because the skin of the eyes is more sensitive than any other part of the body. The reason for excessive cholesterol is mainly due to a high LDL or HDL level. It means both good and bad cholesterol excess is very dangerous for you.

It may be due to family history. Intake of food that is rich in fats. Obesity is also the reason due to which the cholesterol spots appear under the eyes. In old age, these spots are very common but they completely destroy the look. Because at this age the level of cholesterol remains enhanced. So need to be very careful about the level of cholesterol it destroys you both internally and externally.


While applying the makeup you need to be very conscious. Because few makeup products whose quality is poor could cause allergy at your face. If your skin is sensitive always use makeup that is recommended by the dermatologist.

Cholesterol covering makeup would have a very negative impact on eyesight if you choose this of low quality. So be alert and active while selecting and applying. In case of any problem immediately consult your dermatologist. 

Final words:

Makeup has the ability to cover all skin problems very easily on an urgent basis including cholesterol spots and many other on eyes. It is the best way to remove these spots on the eyes. With the help of makeup, you can easily hide all the bad marks and look fresh, active, and young. So apply it and select it with an active mind.