How to treat a boil on bum cheek?

How to treat a boil on bum cheek?

Boils on the bum cheek can make your skin red, itchy, and painful. This infection occurs most commonly due to bacteria or in a few cases, it may be due to fungi. Bum cheek has a very sensitive and soft skin that can get exposed to diseases and infections more commonly than other body parts.

How to treat a boil on bum cheek? You can treat a boil on the bum cheek by cleaning the boil, draining, warm compress, and the use of antibiotics. There are many natural and homemade methods to treat boils that include the use of needle and nutmeg. Boil treatment lasts for around 12 to 14 days.

Boil occurs due to staphylococcus bacteria. The main reason for its occurrence is excessive exposure to the dust. So it is common among all the players and those who work in the dust. At the initial stage, it causes slight irritation on the skin but in the extreme stage, it causes fever and pain that would severe if infection sustains for long.

The treatment of bum cheeks is very easy you can do it at home. But if the infections persist and it gets pus in it. So you need to visit a dermatologist. No need to take this casual and leave it untreated because it can cause infection at the whole body.

How to treat a boil on bum cheek?

The treatment of boil is very easy if you start treating it at the initial stage but if the situation wired it is very difficult for it to treat at home. The treatment of boil needs great care and attention. It takes almost 13 to 15 days to treat it properly. You can treat it at home and you need to visit the doctor. 

Boils on bum cheeks are very common the main reason for its occurrence is an unhygienic condition of the skin. When the bum cheek exposes to dust and remains uncleaned for so many hours it can cause severe infection. The bacteria start growing rapidly because this skin is very soft.

The infection spread through the hair follicles because the bacteria move inward through them and start damaging the skin. If you take all this non-serious then the bacteria also move in the tissues through which it moves in the bloodstream then it can create a severe problem for you.


The boil on the bum cheek could be recognized initially as it starts its infection. It is recognized through its appearance. Because initially the infection start itching then the whole area become red. After the redness the bum the area will become painful and swollen. Then you start feeling pain in the body along with fever and severe pain in the whole bum.

It is very difficult for you to sit. If it gets pus in it the appearance of it would become yellow or white due to pus and your whole muscles stretched so tight in this condition. You feel inactive and disturbed.

Identification of boil on the bum

This is the first and basic step it needs great importance because proper identification leads to proper treatment. If the identification is improper you are not able to provide good treatment. When you notice any of the above-mentioned symptoms you need to check it.

For identification, you have to check your bum skin under clear light so that you can clearly notice all the conditions. Then you have to observe what is the condition of the boil? If it is not serious you can treat it at home or if not before any complication must-visit dermatologist. 

Give warm compress

After identification, you need to boil a tub full of water and take a clean towel or cloth. Dip this towel in warm water. Then through this, you have to give warm compress to the boil. For a warm compress, you need to put that towel that is dipped in the warm water on the boil then until it cools downs. 

With the help of this towel, you need to compress it slowly and gradually. Do this for almost 20 to 30 minutes. Try the same method for almost 3 to 4 times a day. In this way, the pus removed from the boil and the cyst break.

Another method to give warm compress is easy if you are not trained enough to do this with a towel. You need to soak the area having boil in the warm water it will become soft and pus starts coming out. This method is also used to treat broken capillaries on the skin.

Clean the boil

When the pus removed you have to clean the boil with the help of cotton. In this step, you need to be careful because pus is full of germs you need to clean it properly so that it may not affect the other part. When the pus is coming out then let it and start cleaning it with the help of clean cotton otherwise it would cause infection. Never use any used piece of cotton or cloth to clean it.

When the pus is coming out no need to press this because in this way it can go in the bloodstream and cause a severe problem. When the pus completely comes out clean it properly then apply some antiseptic solution or cream over it.

In some cases whole pus could not come out at once it comes on a daily basis for almost 2 to 3 days. This all depends upon the severity. Bisabolol is good for sensitive skin, you can also apply on the boil after cleaning the skin.

As the pus comes out the pain is reduced to a very low level and itching also reduced. You feel relax. Because all the pain and itching is due to swelling and swelling remove with pus.

Use of needle to remove a cyst at home

If the cyst around the pus removed with pus then it is good but if the cyst does not remove cut it other it starts filling with pus again. To remove the cyst you need a clean and sterilized scissor and great perfection. The removing of cyst is very important. Until the whole boil dried apply anti-septic solution regularly for 3 to 4 days.

When you are treating your boil at home. Never use the needle to break it. First, you are not expert enough to do this, and second, it can increase the chance of infection and your needle is not sterilized. You only use the warm compress to remove it. 

Effect of nutmeg on the boil

The use of nutmeg is very good to remove the boil. It has great antiseptic properties. It can treat the boil very easily and fast. The use of nutmeg is also very easy. For this purpose, you need to take ground nutmeg. Add two tablespoons in the warm water.

It is very effective in ancient times the powder of nutmeg is used to cover the infected and damaged parts of the body to stop the spreading of infection. When the whole pus and cyst are removed you can also use it in powder form to heal the wound.

This whole process will take 10 to 12 days to complete and after that, in 2 to 3 days the wound heals and the complete process will occur within 13 to 15 days. If you need to go out these days and this boil reduces your personality you can cover it with the help of makeup and take a painkiller to reduce pain. The concealer covers the whole boil and powder makes the skin balance so go can out confidently. Many women also apply algae face masks on their bum for better results.

Dermatologist treatment

When you think you are not able enough to deal with the whole process then you need to immediately visit the clinic and take the help of your dermatologist. In the clinic the same procedure is done but all with high-quality apparatus and with the help of professionals. So no chance of carelessness.

The clinic-based treatment is knowns as lancing and draining. In lancing, the warm compress is given and in draining the whole pus drained out and the use of antiseptic lotion to remove germs. Anti-biotic are also prescribed to kill the germs internally and stop them causing infection again.

Laser treatment for boils on the bum cheek

Either it is a clinic or home treatment it takes several days but in a busy no one has so much time. So now modern technology introduces laser treatment to remove the boil. In this only in one treatment the whole boil its cyst, pus removed away and use of anti-biotic helps to kill the germs. Through laser treatment, the whole infection would complete within a few hours and you feel completely well within 48 hours. 

This treatment made life easy and solve the problem. But for this treatment, the only expert is required and other than expert no one could tackle this technology because those who have complete knowledge about it could deal it. 

The mark of the boil lasts long either it is treated at home or at the clinic so to remove you have to use any anti-marks cream or makeup to cover it. You can also this method to cover cholesterol spots on eyes.


There is a great chance that an infection can spread from one cheek to others or at a different place on the same cheek. It occurs in most of the cases only if you did not treat the previous infection serious. But it is common and occurs so in many cases. So to stop its spread deal the previous one with great care and proper treatment.

To remain safe from all this pain and treatment you need to remain careful about your health. If you are exposed to dust or any place where there is a chance of infection you need to immediately clean yourself by taking a bath or it can cause the appearance of broken capillaries on your skin.

For taking bath use 4 to 5 drops of anti-septic solution in it so that all germs can be removed away. If you are infected once take proper treatment and care more about yourself to remain safe from infection. As you care about your hygiene you remain safe from these types of infections.

Final words

The boil on the bum cheek is very irritating and causes a disturbance. But if you feel its initial signs treat them so that you can remain safe from such a long and terrible pain. Because only spread when you show carelessness towards it so take it seriously and treat it at a priority basis with cream and wash it with an antiseptic solution so that you can remain safe and healthy.